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  1. Machine - thanks for the post - I read the article, and since ZCB discontinued the ZWD, the residents are pretty lucky they are getting anything.
  2. Love to get my hands on one legitimate $100,000 USD note; they sell to collectors for about $1,250,000 ...
  3. Nelg...good post. Going in for Oil was the propaganda media reason, your assessment on the geo-political/military strategy is more accurate...thanks
  4. Thanks Adam...appreciate all you do...and the Mod's as well...great staff!!
  5. Agreed Umbertino: An Art as much as a science
  6. I hope the find the Ark of the Covenant hidden away somewhere, and try touching it...all of them...just once...
  7. Thanks for the post Woody, and great that Buzzy is buzzin' ... lol ...
  8. Sandfly...thanks...for your service and good heart...goes without saying brother...keep your head down... :salute: :salute: To Sarge's Gals...thanks for your posts on this thread and others, here's to you for running threads off the rails then, now and in the future :salute:
  9. Taking Dinar in country out of circulation by getting citizens to grab dollars...if the citizens do that, if it RV's, they would be losers on the exchange from Dollars back to Dinar...hmmmm...makes my head hurt...need beer :cheesehead: :cheesehead: Someone negged you I evened you out...weird...
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