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  1. It really bugs me when they ask for The World's Advice, Guidance and Support then ignore it.
  2. Gas companies like to go up on the price immediately. But when they have to lower the price, well they sure take there time don't they. That goes for groceries as well. Blame the increase on transportation costs.
  3. BS They know exactly what the situation is. They don't need a study, A loan, China, Obama.... ya de ya de ya They have more reasons to do the RV and make things right for all Iraqis. The Greedy ones don't want to share is all.
  4. Floodgates... ha. I can't think of what would be fascinating to see in Iraq. Paris definitly, but Iran, No Way.
  5. Can't seem to make cut and paste work. For the entire month however; the amt sold is decreasing
  6. Market Price Auction Price Volume (000 USD) Cash Remittances and Credits 2016 01-Jan NO AUCTION NO AUCTION NO AUCTION NO AUCTION NO AUCTION 02-Jan NO AUCTION NO AUCTION NO AUCTION NO AUCTION NO AUCTION 3107 03-Jan 1,224 1,182 153,336,000 16,020,000 137,316,000 3108 04-Jan 1,224 1,182 160,116,046 23,990,
  7. WRONG!!!! The article is an opinion piece. Cutting off communications will never happen. It is a vital source of information for the Military to track down ISIS and ISIS contacts throughout the world. Even encrypted emails, and documents can be unencrypted and tracked back to the originator(s). Cellular calls and messaging are easily tracked. The NSA has many tools to recover and track any and all forms of communications. Ask Hillarious Clinton. lol Filters and alerts have been set in place for terrorists and sympathizers and alerts posted. No fly lists, passport control, etc. So the compu
  8. I haven't had my coffee yet... I must be dreaming... Oh no not luigi and possum on the same day! I'm going back to bed and try to wake up again. lol
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