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  1. Whats a reasonable amount of time to tie up your money and to wait for an RV? Key word is reasonable. 1 year? 2 years? 5 years? 10 years? Inflation is a beatch. Just figuring US inflation ...If you bought $1000.00 USD worth of dinar in 2007 it is only worth $844.00 today. That's just inflationary losses. Same goes for that jar of coins sitting in the laundry room. It's losing value every day. Your buying power is dropping because your Government keeps debasing the Dollar. So whats reasonable? At some point every one needs to decide for themselves but losing money every day doe
  2. For sale on Amazon. Another way to make money of the dinar The Iraqi Dinar Scam: Why Buying the Dinar is for Dummies Kindle Edition by John Jagerson (Author) 3.8 out of 5 stars 16 customer reviews The Iraqi dinar “investment” scam has been around for a few years. Its popularity ebbs and flows, but it has been remarkably long-lived for a scam of this type. The opportunity is pitched as a way to profit from a nearly worthless dinar (at least when compared to the U.S. dollar) that is “sure” to appre
  3. Revaluing can also mean the lowering of a currencies value. HCL is a pipe dream. Things are way worse now than 5 and 10 years ago. Broke and going deeper in debt every day now.
  4. There is no logical answer Rock. One has to evade these questions regarding this so called investment. But truthfully I believe Caz knows that a RV is not possible .He might have believed in it at one time but I don't think so anymore. He obviously is not a dummy so he dodges the questions regarding an RV. No big deal. Eventually everyone figures it out on their own. Most likely even Yota does not have that warm fuzzy feeling anymore. Its hard to admit when we make mistakes. That I do understand.
  5. Well Yota has over 71,000 posts Most of these are articles. Lets say we go on the conservative side and say it takes him on average 5 minutes to read and post each article. Thats a total of 355,000 minutes. Thats over 5,916 hours of digging up news articles on Iraq . Thats over 246 days 24 hours a day. Gotta be better ways to spend your life don't ya think?
  6. And truth is i get it. I bought some powerball tickets last week at 270 million to one odds. Buy One or 100 tickets its the same odds.!!! We all get caught up in the moment. Does not make it smart but we just do. But if you have a chance to make some real money and need to liquidate some dinar......; do it!! No monkeys on your back.
  7. No discussion needed JAXIN. If he sees this great. If he thinks I should mind my own business great, Ill keep it to myself. JMHO and not trying to start something. Oh and by the way this is hardly a pro dinar site. This site has helped more people quit on this currency speculation investment than any other site out there. I have seen them come and go by the hundreds here at DV. Why? Because it shows the truth and not just pumper crud. A lot of people got into this with a knee jerk reaction and their greed. Of course not all , a lot of people did. Then many after buying read up
  8. Does anyone else think it odd for a person to be posting pictures of his pregnant wife and his daughter on a website that anyone can access ? Seems to me you are putting your family at risk. Especially when one tells the world what he does for a living and people know he could be gone for extended periods of time.. However proud he may be of his family the internet is not a place to share these pictures. I am not trying to be mean here. Really I'm not... and I understand if you say F O A D but i felt the need to say this. This advice is from someone that has lived through an internet horr
  9. I'm by no means an expert and I guess they could RV but I just have never understood the reasoning why they would. I do believe in certain conspiracies and most would think I'm nuts because of this, but the cost to reprint a new currency to get on par with the dollar would cost sooooooo much less than revaluing the current dinar. Even if the M1 was incorrect by 1000% it would be a liability of $ 7 Trillion US Dollars. Thats a lot of burden on a country of 30 Million people .Dont get me wrong because i know that the US lies to us regarding inflation rates and the Fed is the worlds largest P
  10. Maybe but the Fed will just print more. Further debasing the 1 that already exists
  11. If there is only 1 dollar in existence and i lend you that dollar with the promise that you will pay it back with interest.... Where does the interest come from?
  12. Been out of touch with this for a while now is my 25K dinar note worth $75,000.00 yet? I sure could use a new car
  13. And some think and state as fact that the Market rate ( which is not looking good at 1300) is a ploy to get people to sell their dinar.
  14. Here is the link to the CBIs financial pages Botzwana Go to key financial indicators ( Excel spreadsheet ) and scroll down. Still a few months behind updating as usual. The Central Shows M2 at 86.692 trillion Iraqi dinar/Electronic or currency does not matter. Every dinar is a liability for the Central. I dont see why it would make a difference. A dinar is a dinar right? Why did they print so much? IMO.... Well why not.... Same ponzi scheme as the Federal reserve. And as long as people are willing to trade their greenbacks for dollars they will keep on
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