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  1. Iraq has been dealing with a corrupt banking system since 2003. In  2003 J.P. Morgan Chase was chosen by the Coalition Provisional Authority [CPA] to ‘set up’ the NEW Central Bank of Iraq [specifically, the Trade Bank of Iraq ]. They have been suppressing the value of the IQD since day one via derivatives and unneeded loans. Though this can all change fairly quickly if the DS is unseated in the region [by the people or the reset] - but for now Iraq is in the cross hairs of The Greater Israel Plan at least ideally or by full conquest. I personally think the DS have seen their days and the change is on the way.. Did you also notice China/Russia/Iran will be doing land/air/naval war games in the Straits of Hormuz and the Northern Indian Ocean? Interestingly its codenamed "Naval Security Belt". The State of Israel is neutered and the US would have to step in if a need arose ~ but I believe the U.S. would never do so. To me things are looking good like Adam has stated ~ plus the USD will be going 'way' down and the IQD should be going up. 👍
  2. ‘Buying US Treasuries’ ? While The World dumps US Treasuries? Iraq is under tight monetary control with an iron hand by J.P. Morgan since August 30, 2003. The grip of the West’s deep state control of Iraq is growing much much weaker. USD is being pumped to the breaking point ‘melt up’ in an attempt to inflict as much damage upon emerging markets via interest rates for borrowing the fist USD in the first place. It is massively fraudulent thus the massive dumping of the USD by The World. The SHTF ‘USD’ to crash soon enough - Then watch the suppression of currency valuations in emerging markets climb in relation to USD. Those that have less US treasuries will shine much more than those who have too much.
  3. Electric cars will not stem global demand for oil, says BP
  4. Experts: Iraq Will Supply Half Of The Global Market Demand For Crude Oil ~ Abiotic Oil Very Strong For Next 100 Years!
  5. Most Kurds are anti-West but the US deep state does have a hold inside the Kurdistan region of Iraq. That said, its a house of cards but never the less it must be addressed. Kurdistan region is part of the Iraqi Constitution of 2005, but its also in the plans by the deep state to orchestrate their "Greater Israel' scheme to control all oil in the M.E. Iraq is going to claim hold of the Kirkuk oil and bypass Kurdistan region transferring the oil via Turkey to Ceyhan port ~ so the deep state again is left floundering ~ this is a very good move for Iraq. Iraq has just increased its supply of Oil to China by 30% and to India 23%. The financial measuring stick is transferring from fiat derivatives to finite gold/silver. China, India, Russia are all about gold/silver backing the exchanges in yuan/ruble/rupee. JP Morgan at the CBI is in a sweat box ~ there are clouds on the horizon for corrupt bankers. Soon Iraq will be free.
  6. "Truckers, from the president's perspective, are really the lifeblood of our economy," the official said. "When the trucks are moving, that means that our economy is moving; the economy is growing." ==================================================================== The first thing I thought of when I read this, was that the banking holiday is about to occur and the grocery shelves must stay stocked via the truckers. Not only will a reset/reval occur in the U.S. {down} but also Iraq {up} ~ JP Morgan has been one of the main players gaming both countries for the deep state. It is also no coincidence that the last remaining ISIS surrendered to Iraqi authorities yesterday. U.S. & Israel have lost their goal to control Syria/Iraq but the CBI is still an area of concern under JP Morgan. Iraq is basically debt free though and outside of the financial global system that is about to collapse. Though politically U.S. Israel are toast in the M.E. the cabal's diamond in the ruff may still very well be Iraq via JP Morgan It is still mind blowing to me that the dominoes are aligned this way.
  7. Iraq Being Suicided By Rothschild’s IMF & J.P. Morgan Its like they are printing to make an excuse albeit w/o any credence to LOP. Iraq is in very sad shape with the west & imf doing everything they can to stifle oil. This does however play out to their advantage to have Iraq financially quashed so as to attempt to suppress capitalism and induce keynesianisn for M.E. control for a petrodollar. It is my opinion that the sunnis will win in the end against the west & imf and will control their own country, but until then we will see these schizophrenic attempts to sidetrack Iraq by the west & imf.
  8. Check out the seats of this 2004 Financial Panel For Iraq: Blood Sucker -> Rothschild Middle East OECD panelists: H.E. Dr. Sinan Al Shabibi, Governor, Central Bank of Iraq; Mr. Paul Reynolds, Chairman, Middle East Investor Relations Society; Senior Partner, Rothschild’s Middle East see OECD and possibly related people Khodor Mattar, Guillaume Basini Director, Investment Banking at Rothschild, Christopher Hawley Director at Rothschild, Raphael de Ricaud Head of Islamic Finance at Rothschild, Alex Carre de Malberg Global Head Investment and Merchant at CommercialBank... Nikhil SenGupta, Majed al Mesmari Director- Financing Advisory at Rothschild,Mian Zaheen Managing Director at Rothschild. Fractional Reserve Banking Is Pure Fraud: Indebting Iraq Financial System By Rothschild & J.P. Morgan. US & Israeli Zionism Interfering With Iraqi Politicians To Disintegrate Iraq.
  9. Its true that they can't raise the value, because the IQD has not been released from the 'tight monetary control' regime. The very act of releasing the IQD to the GNP/GDP can be considered a 'type' of revalue it is not ~ it is a 'release' to the underlying GNP/GDP value. From this point after the release the IQD can then enter the supply/demand regimes of either a float up or down or instantaneous revalue. But these guys should be addressing the release [pegging the IQD to the Iraqi GNP FIRST] before talking about raising IQD value against the USD while under 'tight monetary control' which is impossible. While under 'tight monetary control regime' which was instituted since 2003 the GOI and not the CBI will dictate manual increment fluctuations for the auctions ~ these are not valuations as it is all artificial. Its the CON that has been played against the Iraqis since the inception by J.P. Morgan who was granted the rights to establish the CBI as an independent functionary apart from the GOI. The Sunnis who are a majority will have no part of this. Of course this was done so the NWO banking cartel can manipulate the Iraqi Market. The CBI must answer to the GOI ~ the USA has the same problem with the Cabal's Fed Reserve. In both countries the cabal is loosing but it also means that there are setbacks in both countries also. I place little credibility in the above article ~ even though yes they cannot raise the value ~ he acts as though the IQD is representative of the Iraq GNP presently of which it is not.\ ~ it is still in an artificial pre-release state. Couple articles that address the corruption.
  10. Iraq tells Turkey to withdraw troops 12/5/2015 Abadi standing up against the B.S.? I Believe Iraq if they [RI to GNP/GDP then RV via float] will come out of necessity to curtail this orchestrated destruction and not by normal supply/demand when after the PTB drench the country by currency debt aka "increasing M2 by derivative fraud". The PTB miscalculated Russia's resolve now the oil thievery has been unplugged from Iraq & Syria to Turkey then to Israel. Its payback time so either Abadi keeps standing up our we will see that he's another orchestrated puppet for the PTB. This stolen wealth must be disgorged from Erdogan & Netanyahu and I believe Russia means to see so so Abadi just may do so as well before his head is on the chopping block!
  11. The Americans are not told that it would be illegal unless Assad asked them. Assad has only asked Russia to intervene, Russia has a no fly zone over Syria and the U.S., Brits, & France and or whomever cannot fly sorties unless cleared with Russia. So far Abadi has blocked the U.K. & U.S. from sending troops to Iraq unilaterally. We have MSP 'Main Stream Propaganda' not MSM News.
  12. When it comes to zionism Hillarious & Donald are the same. Congressional Bill Introduced To Stop Obama Committing Our Troops In An Illegal War In Syria & CIA Collusion With ISIS
  13. Kurdistan is going to pay when Turkey & Israel have not? Turkey’s Erdogan Owes Syria $100Bn For Stolen Oil: Turkey & Israel Owes Iraq $1.5 Trillion For Stolen Kirkuk Oil.
  14. Over the last two weeks, Russia has been destroying the “living pipeline” that has allowed Turkey to steal tens of millions of barrels of Syrian crude oil, much of it at peak market prices, while only paying their ISIS allies a pittance. This process isn’t new. Turkey did this all during the Bush era, having cut a deal with US “manager” Paul Bremmer, a deal VT insiders helped manage for Bremmer and that I was witness to personally. The game involved playing [baghdad, Iraq] against [E(I)rbil, Iraq In The Kurdistan Region] and bleeding off oil revenues from the Kirkuk Oil Fields, largest oil reserves in the world, as they moved by pipeline through Kurdistan and into Turkey. PoliticalVel Craft
  15. Alsumaria News / Baghdad The source said in an interview to the Sumerian News, "The Federal Court decision cold suit vice president of the republic to return to their positions confirms that the reforms launched by the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi based on the Constitution and the law, despite some interference that practiced against the reforms." ------------------ We must remember that fractional digital banking is NOT based upon the Constitution or Law it is based upon the J.P. Moran usurpers of a Nation State. J.P. Morgan was ‘granted’ the rights to, effectively, set up the Central Bank of Iraq in Dec. 2003: Further the M0 has grown to 39T and the fractional reserves have grown to 90T aka; M2 thus slowing down the money velocity [page 122 IMF Central Bank of Iraq Delete Zeros Monetary Statement] towards stagnation. If the 50k is used in the context of reducing the existing three zero [000] units from 4B into presumably 1B units x 50k IQD, it could effectually equal 50T IQD M0. They can say they reduced the 000 as 'units' while increasing the IQD ~ which is dilution and a continuation of lower M2 velocity aka stagnation.
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