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  1. Oh boy the loppers have come back bring the ignorance of demise of the Iraq dinar lopping. Brace yourself for the impact. The sky is falling the sky is falling just like the 000 off the notes. Nevermind Iraq saying that they will delete the 000 off the exchange rate “based on how the articles are written” have two currencies at the same time and increase the buying power of the dinar. That **** makes no since to the lopper. Why would Iraq spend a lot of money to create a bill with so much security “which cost money” to just piss it away with a lop?
  2. Who said anything about saving my life. I am fine if it goes now or later. Stop projection your feelings on me. I am frustrated with government how long have these people in Iraq been waiting to get back to their way of life before governments have messed it all up for them. Iraq has always been a wealthy country except during this long stay after the war. I have distant relatives there in Iraq. We will meet again when this happens. Q.
  3. Molasses running uphill at the North Pole in the middle of a blizzard works faster than governments do. Animals have better organization than governments do. It’s like a lottery put your number in and when it is drawn guess what you are the new governor. Don’t worry about knowing your job. Don’t worry about macro and micro economics. Here are the keys, good luck.
  4. No one knows anything. Not even the government knows anything. Sure the gurus don’t know anything. This is one big game. Supposedly we are at the end of the ride and still after what 12 years no one knows what is going on. Here is the thing, if we don’t stay informed we may miss the opportunity to trade in our dinars. However what are we staying informed for, no one knows what the hell is going on. You can watch all the info coming out of Iraq. Listen to all the intel from all the gurus that will not release the names of the people that are giving it. We can listen to key words from the president. To what avail? This ride is worse that a bumpy ride in a car with no suspension and 2 flat tires traveling down a dirt road with pot holes going 90 mph. Just Ridiculous! Only sorrys and claims of glitches and corruption.
  5. From my understanding Iraq is going to print 50k and 100k to reduce the note count, like the CBi said they were going to do. So they are going to take the 5k, 10k and 25k out of circulation to reduce the note count even more to make room for the rv. They need to be around 1billion notes in circulation to get ready for a rv, like the CBI has said before. So look for the note count, nothing more. That is the key to the RV. Research it.
  6. Ron Paul won the debate. It is a miracle and he was not even there. Whoo hoo. RP2012.
  7. On the contrary, voting for the choices that are given to us is not fixing anything either. If you are voting or not voting the same result will come. The system is broken and can not be fixed. I guarantee that if everyone stays home on voting day, there will still be a president elected. It is not the government that u think is running this country. It is a corporation based out of Washington DC. Obama is the president of the Company, The US Corporation. What make u think that voting will have a favorable outcome?
  8. Still here WorkerBee. Thank you for noticing. lol. Just took a little time off from this site. Still waiting on Dinars to RV. Still waiting for people to wake up. Just preparing.
  9. Thank you Butifidrm. Well i see it like this. You know that the system is broken and still vote. That is not change, that is participating in the broken system. Nothing will change because by you voting, you show support for the broken system. Even though you know that it is broken. How will anything change if one continues to participate in something that needs to change?
  10. NO, what is absurd is everyone does not due dilligence and vote for who is given to them. What else is absurd is Romney and Obama are different. You people protect the ones who are going to destroy you, now that is absurd.
  11. Oh i bet everyone is so happy now that Ron Paul is out. Dont get too excited and wet your pants.
  12. I have been saying this the whole time. Good post Divemaster. There still going to vote for Romney. It is like Basken Robins 31 flavors, Mitt is the flavor for the year of elections. Damn shame.
  13. Well first of all it is not about the president. He is a puppet for the international bankers. Why do you think RP supporters are saying that Romney and Obama are the same. Moreover Bush, Clinton, Bush Sr. are all the same too. Because they listen to the same people who run our country. When will you all wake up and smell what is going on. We the people have lost control of this country and some of us have a head on our shoulders to realize that Ron Paul was the only choice for America and its people.
  14. No matter the new president, America will not rebound like all is hoping. No one does the research to figure out that these candidates are the same. It is all in black and white. All the top trends research companies are saying that the US will go thru a depression. Yet most people accept that NDAA was passed and rules and laws are being put in place to declare martial law. Yep, and all we hear is Ron Paul lost get over it. Woo hoo Romney. Like i have said before wait and see now great Romney will be. Obama took a dump on the US and Romney will flush the toilet. I am done with all the retards that think nothing is wrong when life is screaming at them and telling everything is wrong. Oh but i choose not to live in fear, it is not about fear. It is about surviving then next 30 years or more. You really think that life will continue to be the same as now and before? Think again. There has been many world wide life changing events caused both by mother nature and by man. Guess whos turn it is, Mans. You can dump on me and my beliefs and it will not change anything but to make your little head bigger than it needs to be. Call me what ever you want, anything that helps you sleep at night. The cold hard truth will show up on everyones doorstep and YOU BETTER BE READY. SCRUM OUT. Good luck to all.
  15. You must not believe that the people have changed their views. So Ross is irrelevant.
  16. I will write in Ron Paul. Thank you.
  17. Ok whatever. Know it all.
  18. I know what i have done, You dont even know me. See here on this site one decides to label someone and you, yes DiveDeepSix are a stupid follower. You have no clue who i am, what i stand for, or what i have done. Oh but you claim you do. People like you are idiots. THERE YOU GO AGAIN JUDGE AND JURY. And also. I conditionally accept your offer on proof of claim. Oh and you idiot that was not the senerio that was described on my first comment. You bait and switch and attack. I know what u are doing and i dont like it. ****** Mod Review for 2 days for calling members idiots***************
  19. Prove it then put the bullet in his head. See you are just as bad as the government. You think that you are judge and jury.
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