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  1. The bible was never meant to be "literalized" and "historicized"
  2. Down through Christian history as well as today it is not hard to find strong Christian admonitions against astrology which are based upon hysteria and fear more than fact. Also this hidden fact mentioned above is one of the major reasons why the Roman Church down through history opposed science and astronomy so much as seen in the Church's opposition to Galileo and Copernicus as well as others. Ironically to those to decry one who studies astrology or astronomy we find that right in the opening of the "Jesus Story" t
  3. screw that snow, she should make it a point to go to the bathroom designated for women and when a tranny walks in just scream "stranger danger"
  4. i was just thrown off that we were not allowed to say v-a-g-i-n-a...what else do we call it?!
  5. oh, i used to work accounting in the air force i should have known, sep 31 we would be at work till 11:59 putting in orders then the wing king would show up and we would pop champaigne... i hope we have a smooth transition, i def don't want depression, but what is the actual plan to save the US cuz i see hyperinflation with countries bypassing the petrodollar...i guess im just hopeful for a smooth transition... i don't know how its going to happen unless the US joins BRICS.
  6. no this is not derogatory at all. people we have been attaching ourselves to material worldview since our conception... let go of the beliefs that are draining your energy...the Souls job is to balance the material animal aspect of our nature with our divine mind...if you are having a difficult time then maybe accept that its because you are going down the "wrong path... WOOT WOOT. The Greatest Light casts the Darkest Shadow.
  7. look at it like this, spirit descends into matter at the very beginning of our lives (first into a physical body which is a serious bummer) and then immediately we are programmed by our parents and societies beliefs which we "attach" to us, and for a long time we just "attach" ourselves to all kinds of things...but midway through our lives or earlier we have a "coming to jesus" moment when we ask what the heck is happening? why am i here... great read guys great read
  8. Alvin Boyd Kuhn...this read was exceptional... So we are the fallen angels. Spirits descended into Matter. Three aspects of consciousness, the animal (matter, mother nature) soul (the tightrope walker) and Spirti (divine mind, Father) great read if you light a candle and read before bed So basically the first part of our lives is spent attaching to material things...but at some point our soul is like omg this cant be right...and enters Spirit, which has been buried all along in our psyche, because we weigh it down with beliefs and all kinds of attachments...if you want to know why
  9. Easy... there is no other way around it. since we are fiat the only other way is "backed"...why do you say october?
  10. well we don't have to listen to karen but we can listen to russia and china, and they are giving the finger to the petrodollar... so in so many ways i hope karen is right cuz the alternative means hyperinflation in the US...
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