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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

Adam Montana weekly - Dec 10 2014

Adam Montana

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My 3 month VIP subscription ran out last week. Am I able to join for another 3 months since I was already VIP ?


Unfortunately I don't have the manpower to research who was or was not VIP at what time or not what time... I did my best to inform everyone that VIP was closing.


It's possible that I'll offer a limited window to rejoin in the future, but that depends on the situation.


If it opens again, my advice is "don't dilly-dally".



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The bigwigs have elected to take a pay cut, most likely understanding 

that doing so will free up cash and budget to help the CBI increase the 

value of the dinar, so in reality they aren't taking a "cut" - they are taking 

a STAND for the increase of the value!

Totally agree!! They wouldn't have agreed to the cut if the RV wasn't imminent!!

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:rocking-chair: I got to rockin' so fast I threw myself on the floor and had to start rollin'. Thanks Adam :peace:

Quick call our very own looks like we have a "Rockin Roller" in da house and we gotta see how our DJ is gonna spin this newly I discovered talent!!! ;o)

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