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    Playing FULL OUT and making people wonder whether I'm workin' or playin'! Lovin' fun, music, life, light, joy, laughter, sushi, great wine and dirty martini's!!!! Go RV!!!

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  1. Thanks, Adam. Happy NOvember. Patiently looking forward to Dinar December!
  2. Lol, ikr Four Wheel!?!, I guess that's all we got! But, a girl can hope, right?
  3. This made me giddy! I'm posting it here because I'm not certain about the source. Hadn't heard much news lately but got a feeling that something is moving. I knew it had been rumored quite a while back that Joe Biden has invested in dinar so in an effort to follow the money movers I decided to check to see who else in the know might have put their money where there mouth is and opted in on this investment. If this article is true It may mean there could be accompanying legislation and tax advantages that could be beneficial to those invested. WooooHoooo!!! I didn't see this posted anywhere else, but if it's a duplicate I apologize: James A. Smith Senior Financial Officer Trump Big Buy Into Dinar United States real estate mogul Donald J. Trump has been diversifying and moving East with his properties and it now appears he is in the Far East buying Dinars, $30 Million U. S. Dollars. Donald J. Trump “It’s time for all of us to diversify our assets and take back the American dream” . the Donald trump list of investments grows as we speak; Trump Casino, Trump International Hotel, Trump Marina Hotel and Casino, Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort and Trump Tower, TV Shows, properties in New York, Las Vegas; Chicago; Miami; Los Angeles; the Caribbean; Hawaii; New Jersey; Scotland; Dubai; Dominican east region, Reality Dating the Trump University, vitamin and health products and now the New Iraqi Dinar. “It’s time for all of us to diversify our assets and take back the American dream”. Donald J. Trump It appears now Trump Big Buy into Dinar is confirmed. There has been a rumor about this for a while but it has remained unconfirmed for the most part until very recently. In the past week the source of the sale a dealer involved and a person in the hi-raise industry have confirmed the Big Buy. Donald Trump - synonymous with luxury high-rises, his TV show and a distinctive hair style - is now putting his money into the Dinar investment / speculation arena. It is not for resale but as a hedge and as with many in anticipation of the revalue of the New Iraqi Dinar. Many believe that the Dinar will return to its historic value of $3.20 as opposed to it value today of less then one cent. The source lives in Bagdad and has been involved in the Dinar business for the past 5 years and sells to 21 dealers in North and South America and has confirmed a stepped delivery schedule of $30 million dollars US. They have all been delivered at this point. The dealer lives in the mid west United States and stated that he was contacted by an agent who was looking for a source to obtain the 30 million dollars of Dinars about a year ago. He was unable to put the deal together by himself and set up the original teleconference between the source and the agent for a finders fee. The agent never revealed who he was representing but the source did the day the deal was put together. Final confirmation was made last week in a unrelated interview. The interview was about the New Trump Network that just launched with a person who has been close to the Trump Empire, and the Trump / Dinar rumor came up.
  4. HAPPY DANCE, happy dance, happy dance in effect!!!!! :D
  5. Yendor, Don't mess up the vibe! It is flowing! Receive it. Believe it. Achieve it. I've got a feelin'...Tonight's gonna be a good good night! (or whenever) It IS happening! Don't stress and feel like you have to control it the how or when. Just surrender to the happy that you will feel when it is here You'll actually find that is helped it appear instead of hindered it. Oh, and hug it out with Reinman too, if that helps
  6. Lolololololol! I love it! Lolololololol! I love it!
  7. Precious Lord, may Freedom ring in every sense as you reign througout the entirety of this world that you have created. May it bring about all of the beauty and abundance that your wonderful presence is. Cause all of the land to prosper as we are humbled and strengthened in your name and renown. Allow the blessings that come about enable our hands farther reach for your kingdom here and now. Lord, be glorified! In Jesus Name, Amen
  8. Guys, thanks for the silver answers. What would be an equivalent answer to direct me to what , how and where to go about the purchase gold holdings?
  9. I'm guessing $156,644,000 ...but I'm hoping "O"
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