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  1. Adam what do you feel the unrest that is going on with the people now and the 50 protestors being killed ? Will it help to spur on the RV?
  2. http://Breitling and Adam are the only people that I believe in and don't hype the rv but put realistic progections on it .I listen to all of his posts and I don't recall him ever saying that his work is done and he's gone. You must be watching too much of that liberal crap from the left.
  3. I was totally amazed and very pleasantly surprised that after 26 months of requesting a renewal for my password , I mean at least once a week I received an email from Mr Issa and Mr Ameir with my new password. Hip Hip Hooreay So just hang in there and persist fellow Dinarens. and good luck
  4. Wowwy if I hadn't retired 11 years ago I would be giving my notice today. Ha Ha
  5. If not the best most certainly the most moving message I've read here. Thanks for shareing
  6. global warming : now lets see if we change the data from the north pole with the data from the Sahara dessert we can show a definite warming trend . Yea lets go with that and all us global scientists will get another year of subsidies to live on. Yea that's what our plan has got to be. That and falsify over 1200 data points that showed there wasn't any global warming. Now we can get all those evil industrial nations to destroy their economy and give us poor nations a lot of money.
  7. Does anyone have any idea as to how we can exchange the 50 dinar notes? I've got a bunch of them.
  8. The reason they didn't deflate all 12 balls is that they used the 12th ball for kick-offs
  9. I after many many weeks received a renewed password from them this morning so there is hope
  10. probably because he (Obama) and his cast of incompetent fools usualy involved in one way or another. Remember their motto if it turns out to be good I did that if it doesn't turn out to be good I had nothing to do with it.
  11. They have a right to protect themselves If only hamas didn't use woemen and children as shields COWARDS
  12. Just saw on fox a new presedent has been elected and he's a Kurd that's known to be an individual who gets all three factions to cooperate. Hey Hey off we go.
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