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  1. Just gets belter and batterer can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. after 11plus years and a couple of health crisis I can't wait!!! thanks for all the great news
  3. after listening to Bob Adams on the Breitling site he said that he has had communication with an official from Warka and states that there will be No communication with ANYONE outside of country until after the first of next year and they are redoing all their software and that all funds are safe and guaranteed so don't worry. He (Bob has complete confidence with this conversation and I have confidence with Breitling so that's where it stands now.
  4. get the fat lady ready it will not be long now I Hope
  5. I've heard the only branch open is Bagdad but they will not communicate til after the first of the year.
  6. There will be no out of country correspondence till after the first of the year. They are making major upgrades to their system. Got this from a Breitling and Bob Adams conference call from an official at Warka.
  7. there will be NO correspondence with Warka exchanged till after the first of the year according to an official of Warka but know that OUR accounts are safe and insured. They are upgrading all their electronic capabilities which will good for all of us. That communication suspension is only for out of country business as usual in country. I was very relieved when I herd this as I've tried to contact Mr. ISSA for months. ALLS GOOD rest assured . The captn out.
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