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  1. what site did you use to get in to your account?
  2. I would hope that when we discuss this kind of rate most of you are smart enough to realize that the people stating this are in a fantasy world. There is a lot of great things going on be patient and hopefully we will all be sharing in this coming prosperity. Happy holidays to all and good night.
  3. Paperboy I have to disagree with your statement. I think they do understand and that is the reason they are trying to get rid of the electoral college so they can from a few states control the whole nation. Thank God we had founding fathers who had more than half a brain. Without the stability of the constitution we as a nation would not survive very long and we would be another Cuba or third world country
  4. as far as election goes it's very distressing that they stopped the count in Pennsylvania and took the uncounted ballots away to a different facility and ruled that the ballots don't have to have signatures and those that do the signatures that don't match should still be counted. Thievery in the works by one way or another Biden will win this election or they will burn this nation down. It's getting kind of scary out there. hope for the best and God's help cause we really need it.
  5. Just gets belter and batterer can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. after 11plus years and a couple of health crisis I can't wait!!! thanks for all the great news
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