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Prayer request for direction

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It's pretty easy to post when asking for help in someone else's behalf, but this one is for me.


I just found out Thursday the lease for my business will not be renewed.


This is after a couple months of negotiations and a verbal agreement, a 3rd party came from "left field" and changed the terms.


Then, they pulled the rug out from under my feet, and now I have around 30 days find a new location and occupy.


I'm not going to bother wasting time and energy on who is at fault or finding a lawyer for breech of contact or even waste any more time on the what if's.


It's time to move on, I have definitely outgrown the current situation. 


Been here almost 7 years.


It's not as simple as moving two blocks down, and far too involved to get into.


I know this is what is supposed to be. I've known for several months,(even before the whole lease issue began to manifest) I was supposed to leave this place, and I just chose to ignore that for as long as I could.


I know this is the beginning of a new and exciting chapter, one geared more towards fulfillment,(my role in Gods plan), rather than potential or posture.


I just don't know WHERE I'm going. Weeding out  personal preference from destiny can become difficult, ESPECIALLY with a type A like me.




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God has a way of humbling a person or persons to a point to allow him to show us how he works.  Dive we may not have always seen eye to eye but i know what you are going through.  A year ago i was out of job and bills up to my ears.  I prayed for direction and after suffering not knowing which way to turn i turned to him.  Now a year later i am caught up with bills, have a great job and a boss to boot.  God answer's prayers.  All i can say sir is this.  Be patient and do not be dismayed.  God answers prayers not when you want him to but on his time table.  Keeping you and your family in my prayers.

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I will pray and ask God to open the 

door that you are to walk through, to

make it clear, to allow you see just the

next step in His plan and then allow

God to guide you through.

And yes, I agree this can be a very

exciting time for you. When God allows

a chapter to close, He has something

so special waiting in the new chapter.

 I pray for increase in your business,

that whatever you put your hand to do,

will prosper.

 Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean

not on your own understanding. In all your

ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your


Praying Blessings over you, friend.

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Funny is'nt it when the universe decides that a change needs to take place... even when it's against our will.  This is something that always baffles us. We want what we think works for us . The hard part is understanding that God has other plans for you. Whether you like or not even if you're not ready at this moment . He says yes it's time for a change. You are a very smart man just slow down enough so you can listen to what he's gonna say and where he's going to guide you towards.

I will keep you in my prayers........But I know you are going to be ok. Because I trust that He is going to show you what to do.

Blessings to you.


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Dear Lord, I ask your divine guidance and help for my friend. He is in crisis and needs a supporting hand to help him on the right  path. His heart is troubled and I ask you in your infinite wisdom to show him the way to a resolution. Thank you for hearing my prayer and for staying by his side. Amen.

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Dive, I was laid of 3 years ago when the housing market took a dive.  I have since found a very good job with much better pay and benefits.  I was unemployed for 3-4 months and during that time I never missed a payment on any of my bills.  IE God was in Control.


Depending on your business, location can be very important. Location, Location, Location.  I pray Our Lord will give you Wisdom in which direction you should take.  Stay Strong In Your Faith, and God Will Reward You For It.



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DM I feel for you.


I'm never shocked when people let me down nowadays (seems that you weren't taken by surprise either). I just hate the fact that I put myself in a position to be let down in the first place. Sometimes it is hard to recognise the intuition and thoughts that are meant to guide us at that time. It is far easier to use hindsight. However, one door has been firmly shut and it is now time to move on. Wait on the Lord for his still small voice to illuminate your path and especially the next destination. Don't be in a rush to take the first option..... God has a way of taking care of your needs until His perfect solution comes into view.


I heard someone quote that the problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence....


Doubt and uncertainty are your welcome friends at this time of soul searching and seeking God's answers. 


Please understand you are in my prayers too along with countless other here on DV.

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When we read your post, we realized you already knew the answers.


Whatever evil or ignorance prompted those who turned against you is their burden,

not yours any longer. 


Turn away from that and walk into your future without the burden of their hate.


We wish you great success in your new location and much peace in your heart.

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Divemaster, one thing is for certain—there is a perfect will of God in your situation. I'm praying that you'll be the recipient of his wonderful blessings and that he will guide you in every decision as you make this transition. May there be much fruit for his glory in the direction he takes you.

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Out of pluses. I'll catch the one I wasn't able to tomorrow.


Thanks to everyone. 


Just as I know Jesus is Lord, I also believe in not just the power of prayer, but the effectiveness of DV people prayer.


No where else can a more diverse group of believers be reached on a very personal level than right here.


The compassion, empathy, and faith from you guys carry more influence than you may realize.


Be Blessed

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Sometimes God closes the door because He has a better thing for us. So I pray God will show you the place you supposed to be and that His favor will be upon you in the new place.  It's a new season and a new beginning for something better and bigger for you. I pray He will direct your path and lead you the right place and give you wisdom and revelation to what you suppose to do.  Change is coming for ya :)

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