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  1. Just saw them in concert, they were at Sea World, Orlando, they were awesome!
  2. Dear Lord, Hear our prayer! We need him to resign!!!! He gets my vote as the WORST president, EVER!!!
  3. Thanks for posting, friend. I happen to love NYC and find it very sad that such a landmark is in such trouble. Seems hard to believe
  4. Jon, I pray that God shows you mercy and favor where ever you decide to go. That new doors of opportunity open up for you, that what ever you put your hand to do, prospers. I ask that blessings begin to overtake you, that you see the Hand of God on your life in every way. I ask for abundance to replace lack, for peace to replace anxiety, for this new hope you have to replace all forms of discouragement and doubt. I ask that God give you a new beginning, a fresh start, and that you find friends that will be like family. I pray for boldness and the assurance that God is directing your path, I pray this in the Name of Jesus. I know that I know, that He hears us and He answers. ~ believing for God's best for you, friend ~
  5. I love this! Yes, it is a good day to just believe! Thank you! Big hugs to you, friend
  6. Thanks for sharing, Heavy ~ such a great reminder to give Thanks in every situation because God is always there!
  7. Are you announcing an RV, my Italian friend?
  8. Currency Exchange International 888-998-3948 Just called and Dinar is selling for $1002 (plus $10 fee) for 1M IQD. They have kiosks all over the US, mostly in malls. I bought most of my dinar from the Florida Mall. I believe they have the best price. Just called SafeDinar & they are selling 1M IQD for $1034, shipping included.
  9. Patty, just read this, husband and I will pray now and continue to pray daily for total healing. We serve a Miracle working God, capable of healing all forms of disease.. the same God that raised Jesus from the dead, and Jesus who called forth Lazarus from the dead, is the same God we are praying to now.. A pastor's wife was in the final stages of cancer, both breasts removed, her sight gone, she had only hours to live, she was at home in her bed and the congregation was in the living room of her home praying, when God spoke to her and said "You shall live and not die"... within hours she was up and eating, managed to take a shower, and was AT CHURCH the next morning sitting right next to her husband on the platform! That's the God that we serve ~ A miracle working God.. Believing for a miracle for your brother-in-law, sweet friend.
  10. Thanks Markinsa for the thread... I did read it and see the error in my thinking, which I actually knew, so that means I'm an idiot for putting it out that way (won't be the first or last time, I get passage into the idiot club) So to reframe.... Rayzur, my friend, YOU are far from an idiot!!! Thank you for taking the time to post, much appreciated!!
  11. Just voted ~ Thank you so much for posting this. I also liked the facebook page. Will vote daily for this precious couple.
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