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  1. I just posted something on face book a couple of minutes ago, there were 3 headlines all from today: 1. CBS NEWS: Florida governor: "hurricane will be devastating" 2. DAILY MAIL: Fears of "the big one" rise as researchers find SECOND fault line that runs parallel to San Andreas 3. DAILY MAIL: Russia warns that 'schizophrenics from America are sharpening atomic weapons for Moscow
  2. I see that things are happening behind the curtain. It is my wish that all is for the good of Iraq and it's people, and the people invested in this country.
  3. i do recall Abadi making a statement to the effect that he will stand by his duties even if it meant his death. this article is just wishful thinking on the part of his adversaries.
  4. Hey Umbertino, How about some music from "The greatest Female Vocalist of Our Time", as quoted from Sir Elton John. Karen Carpenter.
  5. I wish I could write to Abadi and tell him that think he is a real true hero in every sense of the word. A man of uncommon valor and bravery.
  6. I have a lump of hope in my throat. I want to say I have always been a believer that all things are connected in the grand scheme of things, having said that, last night I watched a documentary called Four Blood Moons. (you can catch it on Netflix) It was basically about the occurrence of the blood moons occurrence through out history and the events that have taken place , also GOD's miraculous intervention in the 6 day war against Israel. The next occurrence for the blood moon is this Sept 28th. GOD works through people so I'm wondering if there is going to be something going down having to do with ISIS, whom are enemies if Israel and whom are also bad news for Iraq and the rest of the world. If Isis was out of the picture I think Iraq would be in a much better state for great things to happen. sorry About my ramblings, It probably sounds foolish to some people here but I just wanted to put it out there.
  7. seems like this post was meant for me. Thank you for letting GOD work through you .
  8. I think the guy has mental issues. Delusional, Extreme arrogance in all it's glory
  9. Abadi didn't steal his militias he won them by vote. LGD don't. Take my comment as critical in any way. I'm a big supporter of your posts. I just wanted to chime in.
  10. That's a given. Trying to undermine Abadi. They need to arrest his sorry arse.
  11. My concern is that milaki will put a hit order on Abadi. I hope Abadi tightens his personal security.
  12. HOLY POOP A DOOP!!!! I don't think I will be able to get much sleep tonight.
  13. i'm looking for someone to let me know wheather or not my 3 month vip renewal was processed . i acc idently hit a button on my pc right after i entered my bank info. i went to my bank account to see if the transaction for 49.99 was taken out of my account and it was. so i went back to the "get vip" link and it said my subscription was expired from a while ago. when will it show that my subscription is current y
  14. O boy,is this very telling or what. Yes it does make one stop and pause as to the reasoning behind this. As mentioned in the postings from above, I can only think of one other reason and that would be that the government/ country of Iraq is indeed in dire financial straits. I fervently hope this is what everyone else is thinking. Preparation before a change in the rate.
  15. Why is this twerp not arrested by now if there is a warrant out on him. Arrest his happy behind and you rid of him.
  16. It seems to me that we are seeing more "action" as opposed to talk, talk, talk. I'm feeling really positive about the way things are shaping up.
  17. Thank you for the info. I live in the U.S. I did some snooping and there is a investment company based in New York- I forgot the name but the bottom line is that you have to have a min investment of 200,000 shares, and well I don't have that kind of money.
  18. Can you tell me how or where I need to go. as I am very interested in investing in some good iraqi oil companies. I am aware of the isx, but I have alaways been leery of putting my money in warka. Are there any U.S. investment companies that handle the sale of oil company shares ?
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