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  1. I thought he was out of Asea, but found a bottle in the storage room. It expired in May, does that matter? I'm going to give him both starting today, but have to build back up to the 1/2 cup he was on before. Just an ounce at a time, I guess. Thanks for your prayers!
  2. KK's back! Well, I've been back, but just lurking and reading, no time to comment much any more. Mr. KK had several strokes in March and life is different now than it was before. He is, fortunately, able to walk and talk, etc... he just struggles now. He's not 100% and may never be, but I thank God every day he's still here. I'm here as his full time caregiver, and he's on disability, so an RV any time now would sure be nice... I'm told that there is a vitamin supplement (Military Micronutrient Formulation or MMF) that was developed and distributed to our men and women who served in the sandbox since 9/11 to help overcome and possibly combat the illnesses that they were exposed to there. Any truth to this claim? It's 2 capsules given in the morning and 2 in the evening in it's current form. My friend started taking them (nonmilitary) and suggested them to me... I've been taking them but wanted to verify the sales claim. I did start a thread in the Wealth Opportunity forum with more details... I'm not pushing it, just wondered about the claim that it was developed for and by the military... KK
  3. There's a fairly new supplement available now called Military Micronutrient Formulation, or MMF. It was, apparently, developed for our military to use after September 2001. Since I don't have anyone in the military who can verify that claim, all I can do is pass on what I've read. However, I have taken the supplement and can tell you it works. I had such bad arthritis in my hands, I was nearly in tears some days. After less than a week taking MMF, the pain was almost entirely gone. I've been sleeping on the couch since April and would wake up in the morning with a horrible back ache, muscles so swollen I couldn't lean back against a hard-backed chair. The day after I started taking MMF, the swelling was reduced so much that I could lean back again! (Why have I been sleeping on the couch? Mr. KK had several strokes in March and we spent 6 weeks in the hospital/rehab. Since we've been home, he isn't able to get into our bed yet, so I have a day bed set up in the living room for him and I sleep on the couch so I can be here if he needs me. He is walking and talking, but has some deficits. If you want details, I don't have a problem sharing, just don't want to make this post a book...) I started Mr. KK on them a week ago. He's had some relief of his back pain that he's had for several years as well as relief from the stomach pain that the doctors weren't able to diagnose. He's not pain free, but he is feeling much better. I don't think he can put an accurate description on his relief at this point. I don't know if it'll help with his stroke recovery, but if it only helps with the pre-existing conditions, I'm ok with that. He was in so much pain. It's a vitamin formulation that is broken down to the cellular level that easily gets into your cells and helps strengthen your dna... that's the claim. If you'd like more info, the website is I'd be happy to try to answer questions. In order to get them at a discount for us, I had to sign up to be a distributer, which is fine. It was free to do and saves me $79 a month. It's $106 a month for 2 people, plus they send you a free week to share with a friend or family member who might like to try it out. I actually got a full month of free samples by going to a meeting 2 weeks ago. I took one week myself, set 2 weeks aside for Mr. KK and gave the 4th week to our son who is struggling with ADHD. He doesn't take them like he's supposed to, so he's not getting the results I'd hoped. (I ran out of my week's worth and my arthritis is coming back, but my back is still ok. I took my last dose last Wed morning. I've ordered my first month but it's not been delivered yet. Hopefully it'll come Monday, but if not, my friend has an extra week she'll front me and I'll pay her back. Worst case scenario, I'll go to another meeting Wed and get more for free. Might do that anyway so I have some more to share with my other kids.) (Yes, Tankdude, he was taking his water and it didn't stop the strokes from happening, and he never really got any benefit from it. Not to say others won't, but he didn't.) KK
  4. Thanks for the update, Barb... we've already got the dvr set for Sunday, been watching reruns just for kicks and giggles. Our son, the Squatch lover, is super excited to see the season opener. <3 KK
  5. I haven't watched the video because I'm falling asleep at the keyboard, but just wanted to add that I read a newspaper article earlier this year about polygamy and the main commenter at the end was a polygamist. He said he had 3 wives and 2 of them were also commenting. One man was verbally abusing them and kept telling them to get off the welfare rolls and they repeatedly said that they were not on the welfare rolls. None of the wives. I don't remember if they had any children. Anyway, further on into the comments, another polygamist started commenting and she was also confronted by this angry man. At one point, all of the polygamists stated that they were not FLDS, but a Christian sect that was nation-wide and believed in biblical marriage which supported polygamy. They said they were not really familiar with the FLDS beliefs but that their Christian sect was happily practicing God's plan for marriage. No, they didn't mention young girls marrying old farts and no, they also didn't mention the particular religion they practiced. I just thought it interesting that they were not associated in any way with the FLDS (nor LDS, which no longer practices this) church and were pro-polygamy. Man, I'm so tired. I hope my rambling makes sense... KK
  6. I'm so sorry to read this, Patty. Prayers for your family until they are no longer needed. KK
  7. Thank you all for the well wishes and congratulations! Baby boy had a bout of jaundice and had to sleep under the bili light for 3 days but he's doing much better now. All is well and we are enjoying every second of him! Our other two grandsons came in today to meet him (they brought their Daddy, our #2 son) and so we had all 3 boys here today, it was so fun... and SO exhausting! They're only here for 3 days, so we're gonna try to pack in as much quality time as we can. My best to each of you! Hugs! KK
  8. Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes, our sweet little grandson was delivered yesterday and Mom and baby are doing terrific! She did have a few problems, tho. Her placenta partially abrupted, which means it detached from the wall of the uterus (10%). She lost quite a bit of blood... well, she and baby both lost quite a bit of blood. Her blood pressure at one point was 105/49! I nearly passed out when I saw that, but it progressively got better. She was on oxygen all thru labor, had an epidural as soon as possible. Total labor was about 30 hours, but they don't really count when the pains first started, just the last part, so I'm not sure what the official time was. Her contractions were 2 minutes apart for the entire 30 hours! Baby boy doesn't want to nurse still, but that's expected because he swallowed a lot of meconium and bloody amniotic fluid. Overall, he's doing great. No symptoms from the strep, which is such a relief! They are coming home in the morning, thankfully! We appreciate everything y'all did in their behalf and just wanted to leave an update. Hugs, love and prayers! KK
  9. Thank you all so much. Mom has a check-up at 9 am, we'll see if she's progressing at all. She's been dilated to 1 cm for 2 weeks. (If you aren't up to snuff on that stuff, she could be at 1 for the rest of her term, or farther... she's due 9/11.) I'm hoping she will deliver soon, but it's in God's time. I just hope she doesn't deliver on Saturday, my sweet Heather's second angelversary in our Heavenly home. Then again, if she is, it will give me more cause for celebration on that date instead of the deep dark sadness that prevails. God's blessings be upon each of us and our families as we seek to know and do his will. KK
  10. Thank you so much, Boggle... she was told that she would be barren because of her female issues, just the fact that she is pregnant after 11 years of trying is a miracle from God... and the promises that all will be well truly bring peace to my soul. I think we sometimes overlook the Old Testament because we have the New, which we should all repent of, because there are truths in ALL scripture! Thank you everyone for your prayers, I am humbled by your willingness to bless our family with your faithfulness! {{{group hug}}} KK
  11. As some of you may remember, we are expecting grandson #3 some time in the next couple weeks. (Betty, he didn't come 8/23!) Mom found out she is positive for Group B Strep. That means that when she checks in to deliver, they will immediately start a penicillin iv and as long as she has it on board for 4 hour, baby boy should be fine. There is always a chance for complications, so he will be in the NICU for 48 hours to watch him as a precaution. Please remember Mom and Dad and Baby boy in your prayers, they are so scared. Thanks KK
  12. I'll be praying for the family of Laura as well as you, Patty, as you try to help them however you are led to. Hugs KK
  13. Add me to the list of people praying for you, Divemaster! Keep the faith, He will guide you! KK
  14. Yep, they do make peach jello, not sure when I'll try it, but it's on my list of recipes to try! KK
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