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  1. Right on! Ladies always look better in bathing suits then they do in snow suits!!
  2. Nice Buddy! He also said, "Man who go thru airport turnstyle sideways is going to ..............................Bangkok!!!"
  3. What a bunch of BS! typical liberal anti-gun propaganda. Gun clerk, "ya this one was used to kill so and so!" Dive, "Ok better give me two of those so some ****** doesn't try and kill me then!" The fact that Chicago has the strictest gun laws and the most violent crimes using guns should prove to these idiots gun control doesn't work. Yep you libs stay unarmed, I'll choose the opposite, just don't come crying to me when some thug kicks your door in and wipes out your family. Maybe we should make a spoon shop and try and outlaw spoons since obviously they make people fat!!! The idea that they want to take our guns away so badly only reinforces the reasons we should have them in the first place. Gotta run gang duty calls! Great post WHN!
  4. Ok, since I'm here anyway in tropical Minnesota Viking land! What does Aaron Rodgers from the Packers and Monica have in common? They both take a knee when they see a purple helmet coming!!!
  5. Just had a few minutes of free time, and since nobody has informed me that we have an RV yet, I figured I'd better stop in and see why! Same waiting on a different day it seems! All is well Mr. Bourne, hopefully in your world too! Gotta run brother!
  6. Nice, I've considered them a good fire starting tool in an emergency for years if you don't have other methods, rub some steel wool on them or a thin wire between posts will heat right up in an emergency!
  7. Not shocked either, some here I'm sure will jump on to defend the father, pathetic.
  8. Keep sympathizing for those who hate America and everything it stands for Maggie you need to wake up! Islam is a religion which has one stated goal, to convert, enslave, or kill the rest of the world, don't be so surprised that the rest of the world doesn't agree with the islamic goal. You as a woman should be one of the first to cry foul towards islam, look how your kind gets treated in every muslim crap hole around the world, while you sit and spew your sympathizing BS from the safety of your computer. Islam is a cult and it was started by a pedophile, it is a cancer that needs to be cut from a forward thinking world. Unless you call stoning, acid attacks, rapes, mutilations, torture, murder, pedophilia and on and on progress. "You people" Sir our country is going thru a very difficult time right now! Sorry buddy couldn't resist my favorite "Anger Management" movie quote!
  9. I get such a kick out of some of the liberals that scream Christmas isn't a religious holiday (even though it is specifically a celebration of the birth of Christ, whether you like it or not) or Easter (celebration of Christ rising from the dead) I for one could give a rat's rear if the dates are exact or not, it's irrelevant! We are celebrating what we believe. It doesn't make a difference if Jesus wanted his birthday celebrated or ever told us to celebrate it on Christmas in the Bible, what matters, and the only thing that matters is, those of us who believe in him and follow his ways, come together with friends and family to celebrate the fact that we believe in him, and we believe this day (whether exact or not) was the day of his birth and are giving thanks, praise, and remembrance on this HOLY day, not to mention the good deeds, giving, and caring for others that goes on during this time period in his honor, so why is this such a bad thing for all the haters out there? Why is this such a threat? You have the crowd that wants to call it Happy Holiday or Spring Festival, blah, blah, blah, all complete BS!!! If you don't believe and celebrate them for what they are supposed to be, then go back to work on those days. No holiday pay, no days off work, and no whining! Can't have it both ways, sorry. If our government wants to take GOD out of our lives, they can all get their @$$es back to work during these holidays! Jesus is the reason for the season! Merry Christmas Gang!!!
  10. Cool video from across the pond!! My only concern is how many times did they just charge me for the same case of condoms!!! J/K Merry Christmas Gang!!
  11. Thanks buddy! Love it or freeze it!!!
  12. Yes, he also say, "Man who goes thru airport turnstyle sideways is going to Bangkok!"
  13. NYK and Shabs, agree 100%! The public knows what is going on in the back of their minds, but they won't acknowledge it, and it's for the best. Most couldn't handle what goes on behind the scenes to keep us safe, and they don't want to know. Whenever something like this comes out the FAKE outcry is pathetic! I agree the public has no business messing with the CIA or it's operations to protect the security of the US. Everyone of these people calling for justice sleeps better at night knowing the CIA is out there getting their hands dirty so they don't have to and can deny knowing about it, while the fact is they sanctioned it all along.
  14. We've been thru this before Maggie, they weren't there for jaywalking, other articles and facts have pointed out that some were innocent on SOME charges, not all charges. I've said it before but here it comes again because I know it takes time for you to grasp certain concepts on occasion, not ALL muslims are bad, however, the few nutjobs are making them ALL look bad. They know this and they don't care, because if they did there are more then enough of them to clean up their own mess and wipe out the bad ones. I'd say the majority of muslims are closet terrorists, yep that's right, opportunists who will switch sides at the drop of a hat to which ever team they feel is winning at the time or benefits themselves. If that were not the case, why do they cheer their @$$es off whenever something bad happens to the USA or our allies? But you know what better safe then sorry I don't care if they had collateral damage, maybe they should have cleaned up their own house so we wouldn't have to. Maggie do you know who was completely innocent? These folks, men, women, and children (not soldiers) people who were just going to work to try and feed themselves and their families, how soon you forget! I don't care what the CIA does to these goat herding bomb builders as long as I never see THIS happen to my people ever again!!!
  15. Spot on brother. The majority doesn't need to know and they do NOT want to know, they just want to live believing they are safe. This report just makes us look like a bunch of Aholes to the world, yet other countries torture prisoners using far worse methods then us for no reason at all, (unless you consider accidentally crossing a border a major crime, but that's only if it's NOT the US, here you cross and get a free ride) yet we are the only ones getting crap about it? Wake up world, like it or not with out us you would all be speaking Russian or German right now. Great quote and 100% true!!
  16. I understand where you are coming from with our CIA and I don't disagree, other then the fact that 99% of Americans have no idea what goes on with black ops, CIA, etc. Most couldn't handle what's going on in the background to keep us safe, supposedly. Do they cross the line? Yes, without a doubt, however in my mind, terrorists lost any rights to even be considered human after the crap they pulled on us, I don't care what happens to them as long as eventually they are DEAD so they can't kill again, from now until then the CIA is I'm sure being much kinder to them then I would be. As far as sympathizing with muslims I wasn't talking about you, I don't know where you stand on them. Obviously by saying what you did about islam, I'd say we are close to being on the same page in that respect, as far as religion in general, probably not. I believe in God and so do my kids, as for what you believe that is totally your prerogative and not my business.
  17. LOL, of course the guy from Montana would think about the horses!! They left them for the rest of the villagers, not to far into the clip you can clearly see what looks like a woman and certainly a kid running into a tent or hut or whatever they are, and the guns pass right over them. They also picked off those two guys right next to a hut, awesome shooting. Right around 2:58 or just prior!
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