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  1. Very good update Adam!!
  2. I agree with you TG 100%
  3. Here's the thing guys, we can't micro-manage this forum. We never have and most likely never will... If someone is breaking the rules then hit the report button, I can't ask someone to stop posting unless it is abuse,profanity,bulling etc..... If we stopped everyone that has a different opinion then we might as well shut the site down. I'M SORRY that this is troubling a lot of you good members but we Mods/Admin have to walk a fine line and make sure we are as fair to everyone of this site as possible!!! We have had this discussion many times in the Mod forum of this site and have have yet to come up with the perfect answer to this problem that is fair to all!!!
  4. Just a fyi: we have many different countries viewing this site I think Markinsa has given the best advise about placing certain people on ignore so you don't see their post!!
  5. Your welcome buddy and I agree with you!! If you don't like this site and the good people on it DON'T LOGIN I'm sure we will most likely see him again, his name on here may change but his crappy attitude will give him away!!!!
  6. Thanks Adam, come on HCL!!!!!! Go RV!!!!!!
  7. Guess what, I got you again!! Banned!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Hey Davis411 Password change, Send me a Private Message with the password you want and I will see if I can get it changed for you!!
  9. Lots of people will be looking for something to do with their kids this winter and may I suggest 1:24 scale Slot Car Drag Racing I have been racing with my grandson for the past few months and we have a GREAT time. It can be a pretty cheap hobby as long as you don't go crazy buying a bunch of super fast cars to race. If you find a local track around your area most racers will be willing to sell you a car or two on the cheap to help you get started. These cars can go anywhere from 20 MPH to 100+ MPH on a 1/24 scale equivalent 1/4 mile track (55 feet long). Most Race Tracks Shops have cars and controllers to rent (like $5 for a couple hours) that way you can see if you are going to like the racing before you purchase cars of your own. Anyway, this is just for ideals as winter is approaching quickly!! Have fun and race hard! BTW: It's a lot of fun for adults also!!! Here are a few pictures of some really cool cars!!! You can also find really good YouTube video's showing some races!!
  10. You better check the e-mail before it get's acid washed LMAO!!