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  1. Let's PLAY NICE boys and girls!!
  2. Selling my dinar

    Well said PP
  3. Adam Montana Weekly 16 November 2017

    I'm ready for the info Adam, deal the cards
  4. ZAP Recieves Intel Directly From China?

    Luigi1, If you wish to stay on this site and continue posting I would suggest you take the time and go through your post and REMOVE ALL links and names to other sites before you submit your post. You have been warned many times about this same problem and if this still continues you will be removed from DV and we don't want that!! Please follow the rules of this site Bump
  5. The Deity of Jesus Christ

    Hey Botzwana, don't get hung up on a few negative marks as you are at a +1,985 in the green so you are good so far!! Anytime religion is discussed on a forum you will have a wide verity of people that will both agree with you and disagree with your statements so you kinda need to accept that part . Like Markinsa stated to you earlier in this thread, being a Non-believer in this Investment and spewing negativity will get you put in the tank not talking about religion..... two different topics Carry On Bump
  6. Disappointed

    Wizard1, I'm REALLY sorry to hear about the passing of your wife!! Sending prayers your way and may God give you and your family comfort during these rough times Bump
  7. The employee should get his job back and the team/league should fire all these bozo's!!!! I for one am sick and tired of all these rich athletes crying about inequality, why don't they get out there and use their fame and fortune to get these kids to stop killing one another and instead focus on getting an education and doing the best they can to better themselves!!
  8. Let's talk about Harvey...

    Awesome @Adam Montana your a good man!!
  9. Adam Montana Weekly 23 August 2017

    I totally agree
  10. He has always been one of my favorites!!! R.I.P
  11. rumor I heard

    It's all good brother - just remember that the Rumor section is an "enter at your own risk" section of the forum
  12. rumor I heard

  13. rumor I heard

    I'm still here every night, I just don't spend the multiple hours at a time here each day like I use too!! I'm always lurking about the site somewhere and will always have the mods back when needed

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