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  1. It's all good brother - just remember that the Rumor section is an "enter at your own risk" section of the forum
  2. I'm still here every night, I just don't spend the multiple hours at a time here each day like I use too!! I'm always lurking about the site somewhere and will always have the mods back when needed
  3. The easiest solution for this Luigi issue is that if you find his articles to be entertaining then read them, if you totally find the post irritating and total BS then please just skip his/her stuff!!! I totally agree with Markinsa with as hard as the post are to read it is also educational for others to be able to read the debunking post that the members of DV are able to provide!!!! Remember to Play Nice
  4. Great post as always Adam , your a first class guy in my book!!!!
  5. Let's all play nice in this thread!! Just a friendly verbal warning!!
  6. TG is one of the best!! We can't lose her again
  7. Very good update Adam!!
  8. I agree with you TG 100%
  9. Here's the thing guys, we can't micro-manage this forum. We never have and most likely never will... If someone is breaking the rules then hit the report button, I can't ask someone to stop posting unless it is abuse,profanity,bulling etc..... If we stopped everyone that has a different opinion then we might as well shut the site down. I'M SORRY that this is troubling a lot of you good members but we Mods/Admin have to walk a fine line and make sure we are as fair to everyone of this site as possible!!! We have had this discussion many times in the Mod forum of this site and have have yet to come up with the perfect answer to this problem that is fair to all!!!