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  1. Iranian Rial

    Would never do that MIT !! I think when we get together and let our hair down we will then be known as the " party animals !! " pp
  2. Iranian Rial

    No worries FW, I have the entire plan in place to make sure no time is wasted when anyone comes to Canada for cash in. pp
  3. Been happening for while I guess. Anyways here is a Green one for you my friend. pp

    Not sure why but I found that exceptionally funny lol, +1 for the giggle. pp
  5. I concur my friend, that is always the case...... a snails pace, except when passing a law for a new holiday. pp

    That is all Guru talk, no such thing. When one group cashes in, then we all cash in. No incountry cash in, No big screens or green banking screens, no Trump with a Billion $ in Dinars Plain and simple, the CBI will deciede when to pull the trigger. pp
  7. I will feel bad for them when they deciede to head back to their own home countries because of this.................. NOT !!! pp
  8. His first Interview to negotiate would be with Mattis, second meeting pp
  9. Um, nor ? Donald Trump is president, not bush.... lol pp
  10. PM Media Office‏Verified account @IraqiPMO 12h12 hours ago الدكتور حيدر العبادي يصل الى مخمور للاشراف والاطلاع على تحشيد القوات والخطط لتطهير مناطق شرق دجلة و غرب كركوك والحويجة. Translated from Arabic by Bing Haydar Abadi arrives drunk to oversee and manage the troops and plans to disinfect areas east of the Tigris and hweejah West of Kirkuk. 0 replies 4 retweets 14 likes LOL, gotta love Arabic translators pp

    David Caradine, in Kung Fu pp

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