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  1. Thxs CL. I am in fact increasing my stake as the shares are now at "fire sale" prices. pp
  2. Hey welcome back 101 !! Heard you had some issues with ransom ware. Dirty dogs eh !! Well glad your back and posting. pp
  3. Its almost a day late and a dollar short but it will now show what a "rascal" he and his wife actually are. pp
  4. Sorry you feel that way murd11. He is only doing what countless others do as well, that is bring over rumors. I suggest you just pass his posts by if you feel so strongly about it. He gets hammered with rubies when no one else does. Don't ever recollect him passing them out when people bash him. ??? Just saying, pp
  5. The woman is a 1st class loser and suspected murderer or at least suspected of ordering them erased. I would bet she is in fact being investigated over many issues, most we may not even be aware of. pp
  6. B- after Ramadan but by end of July . Pp
  7. That was funny Rod !! Thxs !! pp
  8. Gee Whiz tiger, I just love a good bed time story with a happy ending !! pp
  9. I agree, but if Abadi is not then there must be a reason, be it good or bad. Maybe it is only us that see him as a threat and he may just be an annoyance to their political system. Granted just my , and could be wrong. If I am then yes .50 cents worth of lead can soon correct this issue. pp
  10. No, but there is a funny rumor floating around that your running for USA Prez. Yuk Yuk, funny rumor huh ? pp
  11. I dread to think how tough it will be for the Yazidi females after enduring capture by those cockroaches. Life as a Muslum female is tough enough even before this atrosity. I just hope their families and communities will show them the support they need. pp
  12. Were are they getting those darn things ? They look pretty sophisticated to me. Those countries supplying them are just as guilty as Daesh in my mind. pp
  13. Now THAT !! is what I need !! LOL Thxs ! pp
  14. Good call SB, but I sure was hoping !! pp