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  1. Just stumbled on it while looking for something else. Here's hoping !! pp
  2. And it is greatly appreciated SB, more than you can Imagine. pp
  3. Maybe something, maybe nothing. The numbers show Arabic on the site but seem to automatically change after a cut and paste. pp Selling price / $ 100 = 126.350 Iraqi Dinar Purchase price / $ 100 = 126.300 Iraqi Dinar Erbil Selling price / $ 100 = 126.750 Iraqi Dinar Purchase price / $ 100 = 126.700 Iraqi Dinar
  4. Yes I saw that only posted it because of the similarities. pp
  5. Screwball, whats your take on today's announcement regarding the switch to the Toman? pp
  6. Thxs Jax ! I was originally going to pose this question to you as I trust your rational posts but just left it open. Took a load off my mind !! Was worried if I did'nt have one and the group "hit" I would be SOL. Thxs for the quick reply my good friend !! pp
  7. Did I miss something here ? Do I need to buy a Mega ticket to be included in a win ? pp
  8. {{{ pp being afraid to slam the klintons }}} Oh Bill and Hillarious ? Oh very nice people. Love to have them out for a BBQ. {{{ please don't kill me }}} They love orphan dogs and KFC and orange pop. pp
  9. Not sure DWitte but my bet is he is polishing up the wording on the text were all going to get that and verifying news from his contacts.yup yup yup that what it is !! pp
  10. Thats what I did. The Arabic words were in English the words directly to the left of them. pp
  11. Fuzz, translation never transferred...sorry pp The Arabic words are the English words to the left of them. Not sure why ? pp
  12. Last I heard it was 4 but there changing to the Toman so I'm not really sure what it all means so far. pp
  13. Its a start !! $$$$$ pp
  14. Apparently it's starting now. Now sure of much more than you read here so far but I'm all over it trying to find out more. Stay tuned Gypsygirl11 if you have any as I will keep you posted. pp
  15. And your point is ????????? That is a women's job, and were darn good at it !!! pp