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  1. Well at least Bank stories help pass the time. Thxs Handy +1 for ya sticking your neck out there. pp
  2. Thanks for sharing Handy. It's a better story than lots we have seen here. pp
  3. I knew there was a reason this article stuck in my head. If Vietnam wants this kind of trading to take place then they may need to address there dismal rate of the VND as well. Just a hunch and nothing more, but it did get me thinking. Thxs SB, great find. pp
  4. Never mess with USAF or you may go home with your tail between your legs !! pp
  5. Seems legit, my kids would love that school !! pp
  6. They will need all them planes to carry Riel's as payment if they don't drop those zeros right away ! Come on Iran ! Step up to the plate and just " DO IT " pp
  7. LOL, that was so dumb it was actually funny !!! Thxs Muleslayer for the laugh. +1 pp
  8. When I was that age my science fair project was what popcorn left the least amount of kernels once popping was done Good for him, These are the kids that hold our future in their hands. pp
  9. Uggg !! missed the word killed in my post !! pp
  10. With fingers crossed Mr Finley I hope Spring is here !! pp
  11. The articles spelling out the the number of Daesh members are my favorite !! Thxs Tiger. as usual +1 all day long and twice on Sunday pp
  12. MODS can we lock this thread please ? I think its usefulness is over. Don't want to see good posters make a poor choice in a comment and get in trouble. Thxs, pp
  13. No worries, we love new members in our club !! See you and numbers in the next draw !! pp
  14. Hey Brob, we welcome you on board our small PB club. You will need to repost your numbers when the new thread is started as this current one is over. Cheers, and welcome... pp