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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

Who wants in Platinum?!

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49 minutes ago, Adam Montana said:

Hey hey everyone,


Good afternoon!


I'm not going to beat around the bush - this is going to be a QUICK post.


And it's not about any dinar news (at least not yet), it's just an opportunity for you to save some money now... 


... and make a whole lot more in the future.






I'm dropping the price for you to get in VIP!" rel="">VIP,


just for this weekend,


and then the price will go back up on Monday.


And then, on Monday, I'm releasing a few things into the VIP!" rel="">VIP section.


You won't get it if you're not in VIP!" rel="">VIP, so I wanted to make VIP!" rel="">VIP a little easier to access for you.


That's it.


No fluff, no bull, no hype, just a no-nonsense post designed to give you an opportunity to save some money and put yourself in the BEST POSSIBLE POSITION.


There's some great stuff floating around out in the dinar world right now, and I'm pretty excited about it.


A LOT of people are fired up about this stuff, actually... and for good reason.


This is going to pop eventually. That's a given.


But there's also the chance that it could happen quickly... and when it happens,


you should be ready.


The BEST way to be ready is to be in VIP!" rel="">VIP.


I'm giving you a no B.S. guarantee that if I don't make you at least the cost of your VIP!" rel="">VIP membership when you cash in, I will refund every penny.


Everything you profit and benefit beyond that is all part of the package. 


And you WILL benefit a heck of a lot more than just the cost of VIP!" rel="">VIP!!!!


We've got some great content coming in the VIP!" rel="">VIP section shortly, and as you probably know - the only way to get in the VIP!" rel="">VIP section now is as a Lifetime VIP!" rel="">VIP member.


Current cost of VIP!" rel="">VIP - $479.


For THIS WEEKEND ONLY, I'm dropping the price from the current $499 back to the earlier $299 price.


That's it!


Click here, join us in VIP!" rel="">VIP, and I'll have more for you shortly. 


In VIP!" rel="">VIP only.




- Adam




Does Platinum send you a paper certificate or is it emailed?

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@Adam Montana Thanks so much for offering this! I've been on this site for a decade and could never go beyond lower VIP level of membership. I'd renew it here and there but just couldn't squeeze it into my budget. This year so far has been amazing for me business wise and personally, and this week in particular I was looking to invest into something just for me, just to enjoy... So I've officially pulled the trigger and have become a lifetime platinum VIP. I'm excited. Thanks again for offering this discount. Can't wait to see the badge beside my profile name as well as getting that certificate! GO RV!!

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3 hours ago, EagleEye said:

Thanks Adam, so good to hear from you again. Looking forward to the next phase!




Eagle Eye

Good to hear from you too my dear Friend. 😘

Was just thinking about you and your family today. Saw you on my LinkedIn profile and was wondering how you're all doing. 


So @Adam Montana when do we get the Gold pressed Platinum deals 😁😆🤣

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20 hours ago, Highlanderdinar said:

Does Platinum send you a paper certificate or is it emailed?

paper certificate, individually signed and numbered. 


17 hours ago, markb57 said:

@Adam Montanahey, I subbed 2 tickets in support system" rel="">support about my VIP!" rel="">VIP certificate. could you please check?



I’ll take a look :twothumbs:



2 hours ago, coorslite21 said:

This offering would also include access to the Crypto section?



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