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  1. Highlanderdinar

    Adam Montana Weekly 16 January 2019

    Our resident clown is back!!!!!!!
  2. Highlanderdinar

    2nd Amendment Humor Thread

    Now THAT’S gun control I will support!!
  3. Highlanderdinar

    CBI News 04/24/2018

    De ja vu
  4. Highlanderdinar

    CBI News 04/24/2018

    Just make sure said “under” pants are clean.
  5. Highlanderdinar

    Silly Smiles

    Psst ... can anybody spare a square?!
  6. Highlanderdinar

    Silly Smiles

    Braking only on one wheel to start the drift! Gotta go back old school with us.
  7. Highlanderdinar

    Silly Smiles

    Now that will do some HELLACIOUS doughnuts in the drive!! Where’s the hand brake for the rear wheel?
  8. Highlanderdinar

    2nd Amendment Humor Thread

    Toolman you are rocking it tonight!!!!
  9. Highlanderdinar

    Iraqi cash reserves fall by half in 2021

    Spidey senses are tingling!!
  10. Highlanderdinar

    Silly Smiles

    Shocking humor!!
  11. Highlanderdinar

    Do you still believe that we went to the Moon?

    What do the Star Ship Enterprise and toilet paper have in common? answer: They both circle Uranus looking for Cling-ons!
  12. Highlanderdinar

    Which cup fills up first...

    Oh $&@“!! Should’ve had my readers on! Thanks toolman. Would Tim have caught that? Or would Al have to have shown him?
  13. Highlanderdinar

    Which cup fills up first...

  14. 1kg=2.2lbs. I'd have suspicious movements too!!

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