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  1. Cranman you won’t be first in line ... I’m going to have the Cheetah, Tyreek Hill, carrying me on his back as he races everyone to the bank doors!!! 😂
  2. ISIS target believed to be Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is killed in Syria: sources
  3. Just make sure said “under” pants are clean.
  4. Psst ... can anybody spare a square?!
  5. Braking only on one wheel to start the drift! Gotta go back old school with us.
  6. Now that will do some HELLACIOUS doughnuts in the drive!! Where’s the hand brake for the rear wheel?
  7. What do the Star Ship Enterprise and toilet paper have in common? answer: They both circle Uranus looking for Cling-ons!
  8. Oh $&@“!! Should’ve had my readers on! Thanks toolman. Would Tim have caught that? Or would Al have to have shown him?
  9. How's this for ultimate (& awkward) red neck hangout?! Where else can you get authentic Uranus fudge?
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