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Washington extends Iraq's exemption from US sanctions on Iran for another 90 days

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US sanctions on Iran have caused the closure of 200 hotels and restaurants in the province of Najaf, the newspaper The National reported on Thursday.

"The city of Najaf has been economically damaged by the re-imposition of US sanctions against Iran because 85 percent of the foreign visitors to this city are Iranians," the paper said in a report.

"The number of people traveling abroad fell by 30 percent in the first nine months of 2018, falling to 5.9 million, while the city's religious tourism workers feel the impact of the drop in money as a result of Number of visitors ".

For his part, Director of the Hotel Association in Najaf Saeb Abu Ghanem, said that "200 of the hotels and restaurants of the city have been closed, especially those that provide Iranian cuisine."

"The Iraqi authorities should cancel visa fees and facilitate access to foreign travelers' entry documents, with some exceptions to the terms of the visit, where Iranian tourists pay a visa fee of $ 40 per person," the paper said.

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The drill is expected to have four stages and see submarines, warships, helicopters and surveillance planes take part in the drill which will also include missile launches from the naval vessels.

 FEBRUARY 21, 2019 16:22
2 minute read.


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Military personnel place a flag on a submarine during the Velayat-90 war games by the Iranian navy i

Military personnel place a flag on a submarine during the Velayat-90 war games by the Iranian navy in the Strait of Hormuz. (photo credit: ALI MOHAMMAD/REUTERS/IIPA)



With tensions high between Israel and Iran, the Islamic Republic began an annual week-long naval war games in the Persian Gulf and strategic Strait of Hormuz.
The Commander of Iran’s Army Navy, Rr.-Adm. Hossein Khanzadi was quoted by Iran’s Mehr News Agency as saying the large-scale maritime drill, dubbed “Velayat-97,” would begin two kilometers from the Strait of Hormuz in the Gulf of Oman, and continue to 10 degrees north of the Indian Ocean.
The games “aims for training naval plans to deal with any external threats, displaying power, assessing the equipment, the level of preparedness and accountability of the navy, and declaring readiness to achieve collective security in open waters,” Khanzadi was quoted as saying. 
The drill is expected to have four stages, in which it will see submarines, warships, helicopters and surveillance planes take part in the drill. The drill will reportedly also include missile launches from naval vessels.
Iran has been working to upgrade its navy, acquiring new vessels and submarines to bolster its aging fleet. Last week, the Islamic Republic of Iran Navy announced the launch of its first indigenously developed submarine capable of firing cruise missiles.
“The Fateh is entirely a homegrown submarine that is designed and developed by experts of the Defense Ministry and is equipped with the world’s modern technologies,” Iran’s Defense Minister Brig.-Gen. Amir Hatami was quoted saying Saturday by Tasnim.
According to Hatami, the Fateh-class submarine weighs 600 tons and is outfitted with a guided-missile system capable of launching cruise and anti-ship missiles, and torpedoes.
The Fateh, which also has an advanced sonic radar system that can identify enemy vessels, was also said to be able to dive to a depth of 200 meters for up to five weeks.
A comparison between Iran and Israel shows that while Iran has significantly more ships than Israel (398 versus 65), Iran has a total coastline of 2,440 km. compared to Israel’s 273 km.
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The FATF resumed Iran


Political /
Event ID: 450908
FATF reintroduction to Iran

The Special Financial Action Task Force extended the suspension of counter-measures to Iran.


 The financial action task force (FATF) today (Friday) announced that as of June 2019 (July 98) that the deadline for Iran to expectations in the fight against terrorist financing and money laundering are met .

According to Reuters, the group has given Iran another four months to approve laws to combat money laundering and the financing of terrorism .

This means suspending countermeasures of the Special Financial Action Task Force (FATF) against Iran.

International agency Group for Financial Action (FATF)  earlier in 2016. It was suspended countermeasures against Tehran .

The Special Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has announced that there are still inconclusive cases regarding the demands of this group of Iran and expects Iran to correct its policy as soon as possible .

The group further stated that if Iran does not comply with FATF standards by June 2019, this group will enforce   its regulatory oversight of branches and institutions affiliated with Iran's financial institutions. / ISNAمهلت-دوباره-ایران

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Editorial date: 2019/2/22 14:38  72 times read
Iran begins major maneuvers and test submarines launched for the first time
Iran has launched a large-scale naval exercise at the entrance to the Gulf, which will include the first cruise missile launch from submarines, at a time of increasing tension with the United States.
The Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) said that more than 100 ships will participate in the three-day military exercises in a wide area stretching from the Strait of Hormuz to the Indian Ocean. 
"These exercises will include addressing a number of threats, testing weapons and evaluating the readiness of equipment and personnel," Admiral Hussein Khanzadi, commander of the navy, said in remarks broadcast on state television. 
"Missiles will be launched from submarines, in addition to the launch of helicopters and aircraft from the surface of the destroyer (Sahand)." 
According to official media, Iran will test its new submarine (Fath) homemade and armed with cruise missiles. 
The submarine was launched last week. 
Iranian officials have already threatened to close the Strait of Hormuz, a major oil route, in response to any US hostile move, including efforts to stop Iranian oil exports through sanctions.
US President Donald Trump withdrew from the nuclear deal with Iran in May and re-imposed sanctions on Tehran. 
Tehran has expanded its missile program, especially its ballistic missiles. 
Iran launched the destroyer Sahand in December, which officials say has characteristics that allow it to avoid radar monitoring. 
The US ship John Stennis entered the Gulf in December, ending a long absence for US aircraft carriers in the strategic waterway. 
Iran has reviewed new surface-to-surface cruise missiles with a range of 1,300 km earlier this month during celebrations marking the anniversary of the 1979 Islamic revolution.

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