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  1. I've been enlightening them for quite some time, and informed them, as well, and not with links to marginal news articles. Read 'em instead of whining. You might actually learn something.
  2. Anybody this emotional will be the broke one. Quit whining.
  3. "...The market’s turnover, while promising relative to the recent past, is still low relative to the last five years since the market’s peak... "
  4. Great take on it in-country here.. but the currency has to have real worth, not inflated (overbought/oversold) which means the spread on the forex itself would have to be liquid (tight). How would just "turning on the currency" make that possible? Even when companies go public (I know that's a bad example) there is a run-up...and then a sell-off. THEN the price movement ebbs and flows naturally. The yuan went up over time, is (somewhat) devalued, yet is worth SOMETHING (more), not like it was twenty years ago.
  5. "Sense the vibration of dinar hopium in feel-around."
  6. Oh look, "laughing boy" is still flicking his/her obsessed bic on all my posts. I'll continue to keep people grounded whether you find it annoying or not. Love renting space in your head, pumper(s).
  7. Great thread so far here. Thanks for the article, Pokerplayer.
  8. She's actually pretty negative about the situation. Why spin it?
  9. Maybe this is the private group that Botz was hinting about. Might even get a better rate...
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