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  1. Thanks for the interest. What is your e-mail? Will correspond with you about selling.
  2. Selfless, tireless newshound, never attention-seeking person here. One the true unsung backbones of this website. Hope he's back soon. Stay blessed, Yota! ❤️
  3. Doesn't surprise me in the least. Trump's an outlier. "Normal" people don't get that, and are terrified of him in spite of the economy zooming into the stratosphere. She's decided to be the martyr for the cause for whatever reason. It'll still be close in November... Just polarized LIFE.
  4. Might want to change the name of the thread. Important developments seem to be going here, just clicked in.
  5. How many Allawi's does it take to get a prime minister in Iraq? Answer... None. To allow an Allawi to allow any Allawi to nominate and allow one Allawi to be prime minister, Iran and Iraq must allow none to be nominated, so none can be turned down by the people, sometimes two, always ending in none. Done.
  6. Yet you started a thread over it. Paradoxical. Wouldn't you agree? You might want to take a break from the site, it's obviously renting space in your head. 🥨
  7. Well-stated. Allawi should just be put under the Iran/Maliki tent here and we can move on from his rhetoric pretty easily.
  8. Abdul-Mahdi's an Iranian tool. The Iraqi people know this. So what's this swerve about Abdul-Mahdi being "no problem?" People want change. Real change. As long as corruption rules the government there, why revalue? Why would Trump apply sanctions on Iran? Why would the GOI deem a hydro carbon law corruption-proof? You need stability in place. Period.
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