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  1. Even if they don't LOP, that's what these delete the zero articles mean/describes year after year. Common sense. The three zero currency is ergonomically clunky for citizens and the (e-bank digital) economy. Don't know how anyone can't see it, all translations being (un) equal.
  2. Negs/rubies. Clickbait for drama queens/kings. Great. πŸ˜•
  3. Lol. So Biden's on the take, and y'all talking about burning torches in the streets because he's (almost) won the election. Follow the money, ya dorks. There isn't anyone they (any American political figure besides Trump) wouldn't sell their souls to (think John Kerry). If there was influence and power to come from Iraq, they'd flip that currency on in a second. The CBI could care less who's in charge.
  4. One has to like this. They're trying to branch out from oil, and broaden their economic base with this plan, which is obviously a well thought out one from the video content. And trying to sell their citizens on it from the tweet.
  5. This should be required reading here. Thanks, Carello.
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