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  1. President Barham Saleh is trying to take steps in this direction by introducing legislation that would eliminate the current system of party lists and allow voters to vote for individual candidates. But in essence, it asks parliament to adopt a system that costs many of its members seats. The last president didn't do or say much, in retrospect. This guy's out there trying to shake it up, at least.
  2. This is a great op-ed article. The bigger picture financially is well laid out here. Thanks, Yota.
  3. This one's pretty good, as well. Thanks, Ron. Good link. Corrupt governments and the path of collapse Insights from the ideas of Imam Shirazi Print Theme 521 Mohammed ShiraziInsights from Imam Shirazi IdeasGovernmentInjusticeJusticeTyranny Nothing will immune the corrupt government from collapse, and with all the repressive measures and methods of tyranny, the tyrannical ruler will not survive the inevitable end that lies in it, and the inevitable end of every corrupt and authoritarian regime will come. Because, by nature, man is keen on what is good and in his interest. On the other hand, the people revolt, get angry and protest when they feel that the ruler or the regime is surrounded by injustice and corruption. Rightly, they are illegal spoils because they fall under the banner of injustice and come at the expense of the rights of the common people. To make matters worse when the ruler claims Islam but does not adhere in his policy and administration to the principles of Islam, but may be farther away from this commitment, and in this case, public outrage is overwhelming and energetic, as soon as the mass protests against the ruler, who declares his affiliation to Islam and rule people by tyrants So the people do not care about the ruler saying that he is Islamic, but they consider the actions and management of the interests of the people.If his claims of affiliation to Islam apply in his actions, decisions and policy, then, if he claims affiliation and rule tyranny, corruption and discrimination, people will repent Counting him then arise until it drops it. The late Imam, Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad al-Husseini al-Shirazi (may Allah have mercy on him) affirms in his precious book entitled (Shura in Islam) that: "When people see that the Islamic ruler has not applied the law of Islam, they shake off around him and then revolt against him until he is overthrown." Therefore, we note that the masses who thirsted for Islamic rule, and gave it the opportunity to rule with justice and in accordance with the principles established by the divine justice, when it touched the indicators of tyranny and signs of corruption of those rulers who claim Islam and do not apply its teachings in the rule of the people, quickly diverged from them, and stopped their support and then The phase of undermining them and their fall from the helm of government, and so some of them fell evil fall, and others are still in the process of falling down. This is acknowledged by Imam Shirazi in saying: (The governments in the present era, which in the name of Islam did not pass until a little time until the people around them broke up, and then worked to undermine them, some of them fell and some near the fall). Stolen rights and stolen gifts When the squares are rife with massive protests and gatherings because of the cheap policies of the rulers who seize power and its advantages, and give gifts to their relatives (sons and brothers) and their friends and supporters, we note the escalation of the revolution against the corrupt tyrant, and is haunted by the voices of the people asking him: Why tyranny and corruption, and where is the Shura Governance, and why this injustice that makes people's lives like hell ?. Usually, the answers of these rulers are deceptive and falsely aimed at calming the anger of the masses and absorbing their resentment. The rulers' answers are lame, false, misleading and full of falsehood, all until the angry protesters of corruption have calmed down. The rulers say that we are not tyrannies. Words in the air lie to the actions and policies of corrupt rulers. Imam al-Shirazi says: "The first question people ask the rulers is: Where is the Shura? We consult, do not you see we have a Council of Nation and a Council to lead the revolution and a Council of Ministers and the like ?!). One of the open methods of such rulers is that they lavish the nation's money on their aides and supporters, and think that they will stay forever in power, and do not consider or advise the despotic experiences of the recent and distant history, so corrupt rulers resort to bringing clowns and clowns At the same time, they remove the competencies and open the gates of the cells to the intellectuals and the good opinion. The rulers of such a repressive method will protect them from their fate to fall inevitable. Imam Shirazi says: (At the same time as the rulers talk about democracy and Shura, we find them lured to cheerleaders and clowns and mercenaries and luggage with the nation's money to praise them in the media, and we find them open the doors of prisons for the owners of thought and opinion, and woe to those who opened his mouth with one word, thinking that the prisons will suppress the voice The reality of Islamic regimes abounds with such unfortunate facts that we hardly see the same mistakes of rulers being repeated without deterring or advising those who oppress people with their policies, decisions and corruption. The tyrants are even breaking their minds !! What is even more surprising is the strange and bizarre insistence of rulers who are more concerned with stealing the people's money, exceeding the wealth of the nation, and plundering the rights of the masses, using the harshest methods of repression that amount to the killing of live bullets to anyone who raises his voice protesting or demanding his legitimate rights. The known method of corrupt dictators, oppression, murder, besieging and doubling the number of prisons, while ravaging the country in all areas to the point where people become humiliated frightened by the oppression of the ruler and his forces, which are only interested in the implementation of the unfair decisions of their lord who bestows them And Awardees. Imam Shirazi says: (That is why you see the rulers more in the robbery of money, and the killing of innocent people, and the proliferation of prisons, and sabotage the country, and humiliation of slaves), and compounded by the misery of these rulers that they support even their minds, as the more people reject them and their anger on them become more clinging to tyranny Corruption, they rely on their repressive apparatus to brutally fight protests, but at the same time they are raising ashes in their eyes by their ranting statements of democracy and freedom as they are the most distant creatures. The masses know the methods of dictators and corrupt officials, forgetting and neglecting those historical lessons that plagued all the miserable rulers, even the owners of the great empires that were overthrown by the tyranny of the sultans and their corruption, as the pages of history mention about the Umayyad terrorist tyranny, the tyranny of the Abbasid rulers, all the way to the Ottoman Empire that fell under The barrage of corruption and injustice inflicted on the nation. There are corrupt officials who do not read history, and do not benefit from the repressive experiences near and the fall of their thrones, they are very close to the edge of the fall, because they are blinded in their corruption and injustice, Tngtn the gifts of power and magic and forgotten that for the great people, such as Imam Ali peace be upon them, and although they declare their affiliation to Islam and some boast By belonging to Imam Ali, peace be upon him, but they continue on their way to fall as other corrupt autocrats fell. Imam Shirazi says: (The Umayyad Caliphate has disappeared and is no longer because it practiced terrorism and tyranny. As a result, no one remembers the tyrants and the corrupt except when the remembrance is defamation and reason, because their black history blackened their faces in the world before the Hereafter, so the corrupt tyrants of officials and rulers to preach before those who reach the moment of collapse that await them at any moment to come !. P
  4. Boots on the ground reporting as usual from Al-Jazeera. This is actually a very informative video. The woman explains the situation in detail. Thanks for this. If anyone's wanting economic and REAL political change, there needs to be tangible upheaval in Iraq. Thanks, Butifldrm.
  5. Great news reporting here lately by Yota and Butifldrm. Thank you both for your tireless work on this site. Promises AND warnings. 😮 The truth probably lies somewhere in-between.
  6. It's spelled "stopping." If you read through my posts you'd come across a TON of economically sound statements/facts about how money flows in the world (micro and macro). But you won't. And I don't look for validation even if you took the time to do so. I actually live and breathe market conditions daily with what I do for a living, and have posted about it numerous times here. What do YOU do for a living? Look for attention with...followers? Followers? Really? Maybe if you had some actual basis of fact followed by research and posted it occasionally, people wouldn't think you come off as pandering and banal. That's what Adam does. And Yota. and Butifldrm. 👌
  7. This must be the hopium/BS section. Navira's "expecting" the CBI to "make an announcement..." so we must be "close." Really? Secret intel, maybe? Part 8 of the "story?" Can't wait for the next... chapter. 💤 .
  8. Start posting on corruption and demonstrations et al as opposed to skewing news to your own liking. Maybe a thought or two of your own on these world events? I unblocked you to give you a chance, I'm an open-minded sort. You've yet to surprise me. Including this post. Carry on...
  9. Notice how the "bro" twins conveniently disappear when real news comes around? 😉 Appreciate real newshounds. You'll be glad you did.
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