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  1. This visit is mainly about troop removal from Iraq. Al-Jazeera is a superb news organization. No hype, just on the ground reporting.
  2. We need Floridian's input on this.
  3. Navira's burner account. Is it an actual friend, or a friend of a friend? Asking for a friend.
  4. Might need to be moved to different forum. Informative, worth a quick read. The Iraq Oil Law, also referred to as the Iraq Hydrocarbon Law was a piece of legislation submitted to the Iraqi Council of Representatives in May 2007 that laid out a framework for the regulation and development of Iraq's oil fields. Start of process The legislation started when the U.S.-backed Iraqi cabinet approved a new oil law that was set to give foreign companies the long-term contracts and the safe legal framework they have been waiting for. The law ra
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