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  1. Plenty of conjecture here! I'm not feeling Abdul Mahdi so far...but like Abadi...he's under a ton of pressure from all sides, more so now from the Nov. 4 sanctions on Iran. There's been a couple high-stakes trips/meetings lately for him and the new president. Anyone remember the other President (Massoum?) meeting big heads of state? I can't recall that. Russia, Iran, Turkey, China, and OPEC want their fair share in what Iraq has to offer, obviously. Oil is at a low price right now...Trump says he wants that and is getting it from whomever. Trump's an "all business" person...he has PLENTY of BUSINESS stake in Saudi Arabia, Russia, and probably China. Iran's got nothing he wants. Definitely nothin', somethin' is some-thing we'll never know.
  2. "...sanctions and years of war have pummeled its value to less than one-tenth of one U.S. penny." I thought Bush, Cheney and his cronies did some de-pegging deal with the PTB... The Daily Beast is an Anti-Trump online site. Carry on...
  3. You guys are crazy. If he's out, the Mahdi/Maliki/Solemaini/Iran/ Hezbollah train got his azz out before real progress could be made. Timing's to coincidental. Hey...Id' love to be wrong but the henchmen are back in charge. The whole Sadr/recount debacle was just a rube.
  4. justchecking123

    Kurdistan’s slow rolling coup d’état

    Yeah...and they're going to all get along suddenly and RV the currency...and make US citizens wealthy? I just don't see it at this point. As long as Soleimani, Iran, and Hezbollah are pulling puppet strings and corruption is still intact, it won't happen anytime soon...I mean.. why revaluate now if the crooks (Kurds included) would just get richer? Kind of defeats the purpose. BRICS is now working out the logistics of funding these countries independent of the US and their money/sanctions. Don't count out crypto and gold as future "weighted" currency these countries would use/have available. Interesting times we live in...
  5. Thanks for this. Many dots connected here for this casual observer.
  6. That Synopsis dude should learn to keep it simple like this. Well stated...
  7. Interesting that their media would release something like this.
  8. justchecking123


    If you look this up this has been debunked numerous times...
  9. Fantastic article. Real truth here, not hopium. Solemani, Hezbollah, and other factions got together with Sadr when push came to shove as has been reported before when nominating the Big Three. One can hope that they have the people's best interest, but Iraq's elite will always carry a ton of stroke. Anyone not seeing that is blind to the bigger picture in Iraq if you follow the news, not just react to it.

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