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Nadita File – 12/15/2014


Good evening everyone, thanks for watching Nadita File where the spin starts here :)


Other News : Survey estimates as much as 22% of the world’s undiscovered and recoverable oil and natural gas resources are north of the Arctic circle.


NFL Players Assc files fed lawsuit over league’s suspension of star RB Adrian Peterson.  Union asks court to dismiss arbitration ruling upholding suspension, contends arbitrator acted outside scope of his authority.  Commissioner Roger Goodell suspended Peterson without pay through at least April 15 as a result of a child abuse case.  Peterson pleaded no contest to injuring his 4 year old son, while disciplining him with a wooden switch.


Three people, including the gunman killed after police raid ends 16 hour hostage standoff at Sidney, Australia, Lindt’s Café.  Police say they stormed the café after hearing gunshots from inside.  Authorities have identified the gunman as a man Haron Monis, an Iran native, who was once prosecuted for sending offensive letters to the families of Australian troops killed in Afghanistan.  Two hostages were killed in the raid, though it’s not clear if they were shot by the gunman.  Four other people were injured.  Australian PM Tony Abbot calling the hostage situation a brush with terrorism.  Adding the gunman had a long history of violent crime, infatuation with extremism and mental instability. 


Suspect remains on the loose in shootings at three suburban Philadelphia locations that left six people dead and one other person wounded, police say.  Suspect in Monday morning shootings identified as 35 year old Bradley William Stone.  Authorities say all victims have a familial relationship to Stone.  Police conducting extensive search in and around Pennsburg, about 30 miles NW of Philadelphia. 


Secy of State John Kerry meeting with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu in Rome monday to discuss draft UN Resolution, that would set a two year timetable for an Israeli-Paletinian Peace Deal. Netanyahu says he expects the US to veto any security council resolution mandating a peace accord.  Draft resolution backed by France still hasn’t been formally induced and cites the 1967 Mideast borders as the basis for dividing the land.  Secy Kerry is also set to travel to London Tuesday to meet with Palestinian negotiators and representatives of the Arab League.


Fed Immigration authorities urging qualified illegal immigrants to apply for Pres. Obama’s exec action that grants a reprieve from deportation.  Citizenship and immigration services Dir. Leon Rodriguez says immigration officers do not share applicants’ info with law enforcement unless an applicant has a disqualifying history or is a national security threat.  Exec actions could give work permits and deportation protection to nearly 5M immigrants who are in the US illegally.  At least 20 states have sued to block the immigration measure. 


Dow slipped 100 points at trading today, closing at 17,180. S&P500 lost 12 points to 1,989. Nasdaq also slipped 48 points to 4,605.  Gold closed at $1,196, silver at $16.11, copper at $2.87.  WTI crude at $55.60 and Brent oil at $60.81.


Oil prices have gone down dramatically from over 100 dollars per barrel to 60 dollars per barrel.  But airline stocks have been flying high such as : Delta Airlines (DAL), Southwest Airlines (LUV), Jetblue (JBLU) and Spirit Air (SAVE).  Even though oil price is dropping, airlines is not in a hurry to lower the fare. Airlines makes money by charging fees.


BC Partners buys Petsmart (PETM), the largest pet stores in the US for $8.3B, price at $83/share cash. Petsmart gained 4% at $80.97.  Thomas Ravo also buys Riverbed (RVBD) for $3.6B with price offer of $21/share cash.  Riverbed closed at $20.31, gaining 8%. 


Bank of Russia spikes its key interest rate to 17% from 10.5% in an attempt to boost Russia’s currency, which has been plunging along with oil prices.  Ruble has shed roughly 50% of its value since January due to western sanctions imposed over conflict in Ukraine and huge drop in oil prices.  Russian government recently downgraded its growth forecast for next year, predicting economy will sink into recession.


Bill Gross, former CEO PIMCO who left in September to join Janus Financial said in interview today “oil determines currency movements, currency movements determine the spread market, risk markets, high yield markets, the potential for bankruptcy or solvency not only with companies but countries.  For more of his interview, please click this link :


From Dinar Land :  The Pilgrimage event went smoothly in Anbar province.  ISIL stormed a town and several villages, taking scores of tribal members of Abu Nimr as prisoners and killing many.  ISIL has killed more than 700 tribal members since October.  The head of Abu Nimr Sheikh Naim al Gaood said Iraqi security forces and US airstrikes have not protected them as they were outnumbered and outgunned.


Iraqi Foreign Minister Dr. Ibrahim al-Jaafari stated China offered to train Iraqi security forces and join the coalition in the fight against global terrorism.  In the meantime, German Ambassador has also voiced their willingness to train police forces. 


Even though it is denied by US coalition about some coordination with Syrian army to conduct airstrikes on the same air base controlled by ISIL in Eastern Syria.  The airstrikes were one day apart and killed scores of terrorists and destroyed their equipment.


High ranking officials from Ministry of Finance and Planning met with members of parliamentary Finance Committee to discuss 2015 budget and ways to cover deficit due to falling oil prices.  They have lost almost half of their revenue since they peaked in summer.  The meeting took place late Sunday evening and discussed ways to generate revenue from non oil related sources.  The falling oil prices may reach a level where the cost of oil production may exceed the crude oil price in some Canadian and US shale oil productions.  This is a dilemma OPEC countries did not agree to lower their production and exportation.


PM of Economic Advisers Mathar Saleh said Iraq is facing temporary crisis because of sliding oilprice.  He said the government is finding ways to cut expenses.  He added PM Abadi is the first high ranking official to take 50% paycut in salary, which was followed by his entire cabinet and parliament members voluntarily.  They are looking at ways to cut the high ranking officials without disrupting the lives of lower grades people.


KRG said some news media are purposely spreading false information about issues that may disrupt the latest oil revenue sharing agreement with GOI.  Both governments warned people not to believe these rumors designed to create confusion and unrest.  The statement said all Iraqis are united in combating ISIL.


A member of parliament who remains anonymous said the zero deletion project is alive and will take center stage in debates early next year.  He added dinar is undervalued and deletion of zeros project has more benefits than previously thought.


From Rumor Land : OOTW says we are looking at end of February if this is true. Tlar thinks it will be foolish for Iraq to wait another year. Stryker says PM Abadi’s office has confirmed that the committee in charge of 2015 budget draft will present to the COM on Tuesday.  Millionday says Iraq is talking global so we will wait to see action.  Sczin11 say all float. Poppy3 thinks the budger and completed HCL will be place no later than Jan. 01.


The spin stops here :) send your comments to #naditafile,  Dinar Thug is next, good night everyone :)


Well… I am taking a break for the rest of the year to celebrate Christmas and spend time with my family.  I wish you “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year”.  Hopefully Santa doesn’t forget about us as we all have been good.  If he forgets the rv, it’s okay.  We have been blessed as we have made it so far and still here to celebrate with our loved ones :)  Merry Christmas.. He is the reason for the season :)

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