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  1. They’ve said the at the start of every term over the last few years.
  2. I didn’t notice the kid at first glance 😝
  3. I wish it was good but I shattered my clavicle the day before playing football with the nephews on thanksgiving. I didn’t go. However, here in AZ you can pay a few bucks for point protection if an emergency occurs so I was able to turn in the tag and keep my previous draw points. I now now have extra hardware to ensure I get the full search at airport security when I make the sensors beep.
  4. The other problem is they just don’t sound as cool.
  5. Or hope your finger doesn’t break through while wiping 🙄
  6. It’s all good. Just think aging like fine wine. Although I’d rather be a new cheap bottle of boons.
  7. Well my forehead is bigger. I thought it was from all the wisdom I’ve absorbed here, but my wife says it’s not.... But what does she know:/
  8. She’ll be fine as long as you keep your skivies on.
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