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Nadita File – 11/28/2014


Good evening everyone, thanks for watching Nadita File where the spin starts here J


Fighting ISIS : Thriver reported Austrian police arrest 13 people suspected of recruiting young people to fight with jihadist groups in Syria.  Arrest follow police raids on mosques, apartments and prayer rooms in Vienna and other major cities.  Austrian authorities investigating more than 150 people believed to have joined jihadist groups in Iraq and Syria.


Other News : Watercop heard former RB Ray Rice wins appeal of indefinite suspension by the NFL, players’ union says.  Judge found that the NFL overstepped its authority in modifying Rice’s two game suspension after a video of him punching his then fiancée was made public.  Rice was released by the Ravens shortly after the video came out.


A-J516 reported from Austin, TX that investigagors are examining motives of gunman who tried to set Mexican consulate on fire. Gunman fired more than 100 rounds at downtown buildings before he was killed.  Austin police official says it’s unclear whether the man took his own life or was shot by police.  Bomb squad determined that suspicious objects in the man’s car and on his body were not explosives.


Obama admin is preparing to transfer more detainees from Gitmo in coming weeks, according to WSJ.  Transfers follow defense secy Chuck Hagel’s resignation announcement last week.  Hagel has reportedly been criticized by Obama admin officials for moving too slowly to certify detainees for release.  Pres. Obama announced before taking office that he’d close Gitmo.  Gitmo now holds some 140 detainees, down from nearly 250 when Pres. Obama took office.  At its post 9/11 peak Gitmo held 800 terror suspects.  Captl1 finally understood why Hagel was fired.


Iran’s leader says it is America that will be the loser if talks on Iran’s nuclear program do not yield results.  Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Thursday he approves of plan to extend deadline on talks to spring-summer 2015.  Khamenei also warning Israel, saying the country will be more insecure each day, regardless of the outcome of the talks.  US and other world power want Tehran to curtail its enrichment of uranium in exchange for an easing of economic sanctions.


Umbertino reported live from Guinea as French Pres. Francois Hollande arriving in the Ebola stricken nation of Guinea, becoming the first western leader to visit a country at the center of the ongoing Ebola outbreak.  Hollande says France has a duty to support Guinea, a former French colony.  France has pledged $125M to fight the virus in Guinea, with plans to open several treatment facilities and mobile health clinics.  More than 1,200 people have died from Ebola in Guinea.


Treasury Inspector General for Tax Admin (TIGTA) report finds IRS issued $70M in bogus refunds in 2012 to prisoners who filed phony tax refund claims.  Report found more than 137,000 phony returns were filed using prisoners social security number in 2012, compared to 37,000 in 2007.  TIGTA conducted review after reports showed IRS was not doing enough to crack down on fraud and provide updates to congress, as required by the inmate tax fraud prevention act of 2008.


Cook county, IL sues WF accusing the largest US mortgage lender of targeting Chicago area black, Hispanic and female borrowers for decades, with predatory and discriminatory lending aimed at maximizing profit.  Lawsuit is the latest accusing major banks of biased mortgage lending.  Cook county says damages may total $300M or more.


The bull stayed steady on the slippery slope and closing at 17,828.  S&P500 is down 5 points at 2,067 and Nasdaq gains 4 points at 4,791.  Gold closed at $1,175, silver at $15.55 and copper at $2.85.  Crude oil closed at $66.15


Wiljor can’t believe oil prices drop to 4.5 year low in wake of decision by OPEC not to cut production. Brent crude fell to $70.15 a barrel on Friday, the lowest price since May 2010.  On Thursday, the 12 OPEC members decided to maintain production at 30M barrels per day.  As OPEC holds, prices fold in Exxon (XOM) dipped 4%, closing at $90.54 and Chevron (CVX) also lost 5.4%, closing at $108.87.


Solar stocks slump as cheaper oil will taper demand for solar.  Solar plays in electricity affectged by price of coal and natural gas.  Solar stocks closing down big today : First Solar (FSLR), Sun Power (SPWR), Sunedison (SUNE), SolarCity (SCTY), Canadian Solar (CSIQ).  Petrobas (PBR) is down 8%, closing at $9.72.


Boosterbglee is smiling as JetBlue (JBLU) rallied 7.5% today, closing at $14.63.  Walmart (WMT) leads Dow higher today, closing at $87.54, gaining 3%.


Gymrat76541 feels lucky as Liberty Global (LBTYA) shares spike more than 7% , closed at $51.98 at the news of joint venture with Vodafone (VOD) closed at $36.55


From Dinar Land : Chess reported fierce fighting between Iraqi security forces backed by tribal fighters and ISIL in Ramadi as ISIL tried to take control of government buildings which no avail.  Anbar has to be deliverated or at least neutralized because of its proximity to Baghdad and pose a threat to Diyala, Kirkud and Salahaddin provinces.  ISIL cut all cell communication networks in city and that communications will not be allowed to return for obvious reason that their communication will be picked up by US. 


Sandly will begin training a group of 4,000 people comprising of Christians, Yazidis and other minorities expressed their desire to fight alongside the security forces and are waiting to be trained and armed.


Calkid11 reported life from Sinjar that Canadian transport planes dropped Canadian and Australian relief supplies including drinking water, blankets and food rations on Mt. Sinjar where hundreds or may be thousands of Yazidis are still trapped.


Genx4me attends the meeting with members of Human Rights Commission Salamah Khafaji said that political stability and outstanding policies of current government will prove to be the main factor in a military victory against ISIL.  She thanked US led coalition for their efforts in aiding Iraqis especially the displaced families.  She added Iraq needs to rebuild whatever was destroyed by the terrorists as soon as areas are liberated and secured.


Drj was in the meeting with Minister of Oil Adel Abdul Mahdi’s comment mirrored Muna Al Ghourabi’s saying that Iraq must have a balanced strategy of promoting and creating industries and agricultural projects and that private sectors will play a major role in the development of Iraq’s industrial and agricultural projects. 


Council of Ministers will submit a 108T Iraqi Dinars 2015 budget to the parliament as soon as the final touches are approved by the ministers.  House Speaker Jabouri said that House of Representatives expect the budget proposal to arrive on Saturday.


Deputy of Minister of Housing and Construction said that they will build thousands of low cost housing units for the displaced, needy and families of fallen security forces members in Baghdad and other provinces.  The majority of these units will eventually be distributed for free, the rest will be on investment basis.


The Chezh government offered to train Iraqi armed forces and supply the Kurdish peshmerga forces with advanced arms during a visit by Chezh Foreign Minister.  Chezh Ambassador to Iraq said his country and Czech companies are eager to get involved in Iraq’s rebuilding.


French Ambassador also had a meeting with several Iraqi ministries to announce France and French companies are ready to participate in Iraq’s next phase of building.  The French expressed their interest to participate in several sectors including energy, telecommunications and heavy industries.


From Rumor Land : Pepperoni on pizza thinks nothing is going to happen for the remainder of this year.  BGG says cabinet approves amendments to the draft 2015 budget.  Sounds like 2014and 2015 budgets are very close. WMAwhite in his opinion, feels everything is picking up speed.  Stryker believes Shabibi will see this through and has been communicating with the board of directors under an advisory position ever since he was accused.  Tman23 says KRG delegation led by Barzani along with their Finance Minister and Minister of Natural Resources will meet with PM Abadi, House Speaker Jabouri and Pres. Massoum on Sunday.

The spin stops here J send your comments to #naditafile,  Dinar Thug is next, good night everyone J


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Thank You Nadita +1  sure do enjoy the spin - Hope you are doing well  - I feel very blessed  even with what challenges I deal with daily --  November is gone - Christmas will be upon us and gone before we know it - then the New Year Cometh --  I am looking forward to Spring already !!   Take Care Be Well  Be Happy & Be Kind  :) :) :)

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THANK YOU again...Nadita!

Seems like there's more and more support for going against ISIS, both international

and at the grass roots level. People waking up!

We talk about Iraq making good progress on different fronts. This really is somewhat

amazing, considering all they have (and will) gone through.

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Thank You Nadita +1  sure do enjoy the spin - Hope you are doing well  - I feel very blessed  even with what challenges I deal with daily --  November is gone - Christmas will be upon us and gone before we know it - then the New Year Cometh --  I am looking forward to Spring already !!   Take Care Be Well  Be Happy & Be Kind   :) :) :)


Uneek :)


]LOL... we are not in Winter yet and you are already thinking of Spring lol and hopefully Iraq does the same thinking lol 

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Sandfly for another great spin Nadita!!! I hope y'all had a great Thanksgiving and would it be nice if Iraq delivered us an extra special Christmas present this year....dreaming it's so!!! :)


Rod :)


I did have a nice Thanksgiving and I hope you did too.. Wouldn't it be nice if our dream comes true?  we only can dream and hope.  

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