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  1. my drink will be a splash of hawkeye whiskey and diet coke...…...a smooth drink, so good
  2. who cares what china thinks. they gave the world covid 19 and were suppose to listen to them. cmon weegie you cant be serious...………..
  3. thanks yendor, we need a laugh once in awhile. If this ever rvs we will have to have a drink or two at the rv party.
  4. yendor, just when I thought something good might be happening, you brought me back to reality...……..
  5. a lot of naysayers just didn't have any money to invest. some of them knew they should and bought some dinar later on. oh well, its looking good right now and if it rvs I will help a lot of my friends and relatives, the red cross and my hometown church. comeon lets rv right now...……………..
  6. frankie is focusing on the reer, my advice to all guppies is stay clear of the blue couch...…………….
  7. trumps spot on, at least a year or five would stop desecration of our flag.
  8. really, pretty unbelievable, luigi, really???
  9. if anyone can figure out how to make it all work and the finances work its president trump. everyone should back him now when it is crucial.
  10. why wouldn't they love obummer. send me 3 jets full of money and I will be visiting the white house and be a buddy...…...
  11. maybe dinar sales are down and a little hopium from frank and delta will bring renewed sales...….....
  12. when you want the unbelievable, just listen to frankie.
  13. try to relax. I speak from over 15 years of waiting and hoping for this rv to happen.
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