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  1. by those huge callouses on her hands you can tell she earned every red cent.....................
  2. in reality, i feel Pelosi set herself up. She is blaming someone else again, it surprises me she didnt blame Trump, she usually blames him for any mess, riot, looting, you name it.........
  3. nancy is quite a piece of work. she has one standard for her and another standard for the american public. her and shifty schiff along with omar and aoc have chased me to the trump america great cause. hope she enjoys her hairdo............
  4. lets see, if russian collusion didnt fly maybe we could try chinese collusion, Maybe polosi should know, then we could go through another 4 years of hoaxism.................
  5. weezy, you have out done yourself this time. where do you dig these stories up at. even frankie cant top these bank stories. amazine!
  6. luigenius, please dont pass this misinformed bovine information along. try to be a little more positive, thank you...............
  7. we need peace and order. the country we live in has people begging to come here. maybe we shouldnt try and destroy something this good. down with looting and burning...I will vote trump i used to be a democrat but the dems are to radical and i believe will destroy a great country that we already have. wake up and smell the coffee........
  8. luigi, im a little disappointed, this is sort of a frankie, pull the rug out from under your feet post. next time show me the money....................
  9. used to be a staunch democrat and then I saw trump bring jobs back, factories back that other presidents said go ahead leave if you want cheap labor. Then I saw a far left movement led by aoc, omar, illiad and I knew I had to switch parties, Defund police and dont detain looters, wake up folks....................
  10. utah crock and fiockin sports car how can the greatest president who has done more for minorities since abraham lincoln get such bad reviews. Our president deserves respect not what you concoct.
  11. as I read thru all the post, the one post that sticks in my mind is about praying for peace. this country seems to need a lot of praying with all the rioters and looting going on.............let us pray that all the senseless unrest stops now...........
  12. fiokin sports car, theirs plenty of people on here that have seen a concerted effort to block progress for president trump. overall, after all the episodes of russian hoaxes etc. the president done a marvelous job.
  13. another window of opportunity, for the ten thousanth time bring it on Frankieeee
  14. the way i have heard is if someone passes on with no insurance to pay their medical, then the doctors turn it in as a covid 19 death because the government will pay for that.
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