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Possum has boots on the ground...

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Yes, I sent a little possum to Kuwait last week and report. Possum Jr says that his contacts in Kuwait will benefit the most and all are walking around their super malls smiling and laughing with joy. Possum Jr was disappointed that no beer was available but a herb is . The RV rate will be $3.69 and be in place next Monday. Party time!

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Yes, I sent a little possum to Kuwait last week and report. Possum Jr says that his contacts in Kuwait will benefit the most and all are walking around their super malls smiling and laughing with joy

Possum for President!!! (can't do any worse than the current guy!) 

if its $3.69 any time, the first thing on my shopping list will be depends.....

Actually, there's plenty of booze in Kuwait. They just keep it out of sight. The Kuwaiti Times periodicaly will report of Muslims gone wild outside of the town in their desert encampments, partying like it's Spring break in Ft. Lauderdale.


The Herb; they hang drug smugglers over there. Booze they tolerate. There's a heavy Brit & Euro influence there what with all the business ventures. . . as well as the oil & gas. Kuwaitis' are probably the most 'westernized' of all the Arabic nations. 7 malls at last count, McDonalds, Hardees', western clothes. Traditional clothes as well. Young folks listen to rock, jazz, rap, popular etc . . . Marinas with Top of the Line Boats *& Yachts.


Heck, they got tobacco shops with genuine Cuban Cigars-Wow, they are the best. Right off of the Downtown area on the way to the water park as I recall. :)

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Hey, there POSSUM....  how's yer Momma, sug...? :wub:

'OlSarge'sGals is glad to lay eyes on ya here t'nite, son.

Yes, you do  enjoy your "leafy" veggies, dontcha, sweetie!  :cigar:


Listen, here now,  'Lil Varmint.... that young 'un you sent over to the big sand box...

you tell him to be careful not t' git thet there virus they're sharin' around over there, n-kay?  :surgeon:


It'd be just yer luck to git yer danged RV and die of the desert SARS afore ya

got t' spend it all on yer Momma!


God Bless ya Boy. :praying:

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As we approach the 27th and EVERYBODY starts acting CRAZY, as if they ACTUALLY had some kind of super-secret information. . .it reminds me of how people USED to hang on EVERY WORD (regardless of how poorly written) that okie would barff-out to the public.


FINALLY people realised that okie (with his Jed Clampet vocabulary) and 3rd Grade spelling ability, was as full of CARP as the POOP TRUCKS in Dubai (Check that out on Google, by the way).


Now a 70's hippie retread is trying to tell us he actually KNOWS something, when all he is doing is playing on all the NOISE associated with the POSSIBILITY of UN Chapter 7 (That's CORRECT, Frank. . .it is CHAPTER 7 and NOT "CHARTER" 7!) being lifted??


There is a lake west of here called POSSUM KINGDOM lake. It is a very deep lake. THAT is where Possum should go with his lap.

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one more thing.....


POSSUM, hon.... obummer doesn't have millions of DEENAR, sweetie....


what he has is ALL OUR TAX DOLLARS which he shares only with

his muslim brotherhood buddies and his commie cronies.


Jus' so's ya know, Boy, jus' so's ya know....... <_<

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Skybear - now you be nice to possum!  He's one of us (from Texas).   And ya never know, he may have an inside line to the sand box over there.  If possum Jr finds his way around over there, heck, we'll have a good pipeline coming straight back to us.   :backflip:

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Lyndon was a Texan, too. WORSE - - -I finally ran into someone who actually KNOWS okie, and HE has Texas roots (as does Frank - Let-me-sing-to-you-villa) 26! HOW EMBARRASING for us Texans.


But Possum and Possum Jr. didn't get elected by dead voters to be our spokesmen nor did their ballots go up in flames in the basement of a solid rock courthouse when people went to investigated it.


There are any NUMBER of us who have relatives and close colleagues who are FULL TIME in business in the ME - including Iraq. NONE of them that I communicate with daily have heard ANYTHING like Possum reports. To the CONTRARY. . .they say most high-level movers-and-shakers in Kuwait, UAE and Iraq are LAUGHING at the implications of 27 June upon the value of dinars.

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Now POSSUM, watch yer potty mouth or 'OlSarge'sGals will tell yer Momma!


We understand you gittin' yer hackles up over bein' accused of being related to

that filthy trash obummer, but that's no reason to fergit yer manners.


And even if ya was [distant] relatives,

y'know what they say....


crazy relatives are like butt-nuts and cling-ons,

everybody has one sooner or later.... 


sure they stink to high heaven......, "butt" they ain't permanent! 


Carry on, Boy, carry on.....

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