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  1. I hear ya RainMan.. We are riding on a rotating Mary go round of madness and we keep getting on expecting it to take us to somewhere new. I got involved in this thing about 7 or so years ago and I probably took longer than some to believe that the familiarity in the reciprocal cycle of deception was fabricated. I've learned through the years to keep my optimism with that in mind, I think it would be advisable if we all raised our future standards for optimism to the level of...5 SOURCES! Lol Thanks for sharing the Germs....
  2. Then, no doubt many a mouth have been in contact. That's how you germs you know.
  3. It's seems like there's always a prediction longterm in the midst of the common everyday RV frenzy. Those pass to no avail as do the others but, I think there might be something different about this one as I have a feeling inside ....... Oh, whoops scuse me ..... I think I must ate dinner too quickly.. Sorry, carry on.
  4. Through the science of sound vibration and frequency comparison study... they have discovered that the tone and inharrent resonance created from these "Gurus" combined, identically match those produced from the bowel.
  5. Nice!Now we know the origin of chemtrails.
  6. Well... that's alright I guess but, don't do it on karaoke night! On second thought..........
  7. He believes in the three Rs .....rates, rings and rubbers.Rubber checks of course.
  8. Exponential damage report JayLay waisted a minute reading the original post, Francie wasted two minutes reading the original and jayLay....Now, I waisted 3 minutes with the original, jayLay, Francie. I apologize in advance for whoever may follows by reading mine as
  9. YEARS!!!!!!!That would suck, I can't imagine waiting that long. LMAO! Signed, Junior member MOTO.
  10. Sh!t!...there went my last brain cell.
  11. Alms for the poor. My heart just goes out for some of the less fortunate dinar sites....sad....
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