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  1. Febuary will make 13 years for me, a lot of people have come and gone. I used to get on the site everyday, now I just drop by once in a while. Don't know if it will ever happen, got mine tucked away in a safe place, always thought if it didn't rv, it would look good on the bathroom wall. If the pressure gets to you, take a step back, continue to enjoy life. It is, what it is, Happy Thanksgiving!
  2. Are we going to get a visit from Adam today?
  3. Praying for your husband to have a complete painless recovery!
  4. So sorry to hear, RIP Bondlady!
  5. Luigi took okie's place, always spewing lies!
  6. No problem, it will happen when it happens. No one has been right yet.
  7. Thats Luigi, stirring sh*t, should have to lick the spoon!
  8. Sounds like somebody's knotted up. I know how you feel, hang in there, something will happen someday!
  9. He is a JOKE, if you can't see it you are blind!
  10. No he does not, and thats varified!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Like Adam, I don't agree with everything Trump says, but hey look at the last 7 years. The current administration is a total joke. With the choices presented, Trump has the ability to undo some of the damage that has been done. Almost as bad as a racist almost black guy.
  12. easy

    What I heard

    You didn't really believe all comments would be positive, did you. Grow a thick skin and you will survive. Over time people get frustrated, going on nine years myself, we have heard all kinds of stories, i don't think anyone is calling you a liar, at least i hope not, thanks for the info. Luigi is the primary source for bs rumors on dv.
  13. Why don't you be honest with yourself, somewhere else, or you could simply drop in less. If you don't believe it will happen, fine, life is hard enough, don't need negative nellies like you!
  14. Don't see Obama crying over any of these people, this is just more action from a corrupt administration!
  15. Not questioning you or your friend's character, just get tired of luigi posting downright bs. Yes i know this is the rumors section, there is a difference in a rumor and a lie though!
  16. There isn't one line of truth in the whole page, Luigi likes to stir the pot.
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