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  1. It sucks that currency is soooooo far down the priority list over there...
  2. So is this the famous HCL oil law we've been waiting on for so long? Or is this getting accomplished just like another step towards that happening?
  3. I don't know if you're familiar with Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin etc. But there are a lot of people who have good reason to believe that it will be the neutral world currency of the very near future. More specifically I've heard that this will replace all forms of currency worldwide among other major changes... I'm wondering if you have any thoughts about how this could effect our investment?
  4. That sucks... "The coming days" doesn't that mean in like 12 years in Iraq?
  5. I don't know why people still think they can't or won't say they're raising the value before actually raising it. They say this type of stuff all the time. There has yet to be millions of people bombarding them to buy all their dinars up... There isn't nearly as many people paying attention to them as you all think, and they prove it time and time again. "Keep up with the dollar" "Reevaluate the currency" Blah Blah Blah etc. etc. They can speak freely and say whatever they want. The masses of investors still haven't jumped into this with all their money
  6. I'm done reading long Iraq articles... I just skim to see some of the responses you guys have to find out if it's good news or not...
  7. I wish i could postpone stuff the way they do... Sorry T-Mobile. I have to pass this bill to my girlfriend to look over... We'll get back to you in the next session...
  8. I wish Iraq was waiting on me to do something important for them. I'd keep dropping unclear hints and quotes leading them to speculate and be hopeful while I never actually DO ANYTHING!
  9. When they revalue it, no matter what number it goes to... Let's say it's .10 cents hypothetically. I think everyone pretty much agrees it will still rise from there. If that's true, will they announce to the dinar holders that there is a certain amount of time to exchange yours? Or will that time limit be a mystery to everyone?
  10. Has "the coming days" ever come for anything yet? Maybe those words don't mean what we think they do...
  11. I don't mean to sound negative, just an innocent question... Why is the budget important at all to our investment? What is there to be so hyped about with this? They passed a budget last year too...
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