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  1. ... the one 'bomb' that doesn't require a pressure cooker.
  2. We've seen several man-on-the-street interviews w/ her constituency - folks who actually voted for her - and they are SO p.o.'d and at their wits end w/ this self-serving little egotistical monster that they'd vote in an artichoke over her next time around....! Stick a fork in her... she be done.
  3. Hard to take them seriously when they can't even remember why or what they're doing it for. Tools.
  4. We thought it was a disinfectant solution right off, but ya know how the left rolls.... Cop-haters gonna hate and they set their evil propaganda machine on 'high' whenever L.E.O.s are involved. They repeat their lies endlessly until their brain-washed masses succumb to their idiot-ology and jump on their kommie bandwagon like the mindless lemmings they are. It's disgusting.
  5. Ya gotta die from sumthin' after all... but does it have to be from THIS...?! BUMMER ! Time to switch it up at Happy Hour, yo.Mas Tequila !
  6. And they don't drink all our beer, take our cars, help themselves to our wallets, leave their underwear on the bathroom floor, pee on the seat.... Yup... cats are okay by us !
  7. This flash-in-the-pan 1-term tool's days in D.C. are numbered. She's so far at the bottom of the swamp food chain even the local swamp leeches won't touch her.
  8. Israel grants her a 'humanitarian' pass to visit her Grandmother so long as she respects the terms which include not inciting a riot or smack-talkin' Israel whilst there... so what does she do...? say's she's not goin' now because her Gran wouldn't want her to travel under those terms. Yuh, right. So now Granny is a terrorist wanna-be, too...? Granny probably doesn't even know what time it is. Hell, probably ain't even her REAL Granny considering all the incestuous lying going on in Omar's circle. LOCK HER UP.
  9. Of course all this B.S. came outta ho'bummer's Oval Office! He, Valerie Jarrett and their slave masters cooked up this whole Trump take-down from the very start! And lamentably, they still have embedded operatives doing their dirty work ! The fact that Trump is still hanging in there against all the crap these kommies have thrown at him is a testament to the will of The American People. Now we MUST follow through and see them all hang for trying to overthrow US !
  10. The REAL DEM Party was hijacked by the kommies some time ago. There are virtually no 'true' DEMS who stand a chance in the current environment of the socialist/progressive/far left/kommie culture. Even serial sniffer/groper Uncle Joe tried to lean pretty far left, fell down & hurt himself. And Pochahontas got caught up in crazy kommie Bernie's backdraft, got burned and is calling herself a 'Capitalist' now a days. 'Moderate Democrat' is an oxymoron... emphasis on the 'moron...' and oddly enough, completely unacceptable to the morons of the far left loon base.
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