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    The Department of Defense announced the death of al-Baghdadi, assistant northern Diyala PM: 08: 11: 23/07/2016Khandan Khandan - The Iraqi Defense Ministry on Saturday, killing of assistant organizing "Daash" terrorist leader Abu Bakr al - Baghdadi, and wounding a number of his aides in the process of quality northern Diyala province. The Defence Ministry said in a statement , said the strength of the "first battalion , brigade twentieth Infantry Infantry Division the fifth to lead the Tigris operations, managed to kill the offender Hashim Nassif Jassem al - Hayali Assistant terrorist Abu Bakr al - Baghdadi and wounding a number of his aides in Mukhisa area of the hand of Abu Saida north of the province of Diyala. " she said the Ministry of Defence that the process of pre - emptive quality carried out by formations of the band based on intelligence information minutes, was able to reach the goal, and also "thanks to higher coordination and intense rush" to insurgents , who contributed greatly to the success of the military operation.
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    No..they are setting up for the displaced..housing, food, medical...they are digging trenches to completely surround the area...they expect 2 million displaced once they roll in...from the articles...
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    You show em Snow...put that in its place!!! Am I the only one who misses Nadita? To bad she went over to Dark Side ...maybe we can get Luke and Obi-wan to bring her back to the light? Sandfly Thugs...your a good clown!!!
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    Thanks Yota...Abadi is a true leader and we have the privilege to witness one of the icon of humanity that will grace Iraq's history created before our eyes...Abadi has done more in a year and a half to help create a future for the Iranians than all other leaders in Iraq's history combined...The vision this man has for Iraq is unprecedented...
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    Looks like the ISIL roaches are gonna force the coalition forces to come in after them and be an all out battle royale. I really expected nothing less....they're gonna get all the innocents to die and suffer too. None of these terror organizations are gonna be eradicated until all the nations of the planet band together and destroy Ali Khameini, his Qod forces, and Presidential Guard. The vile nature of this twisted religion and the funding comes from him.
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    ROD you are on a ROLL this morning thanks !!!
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    sooooooo true and sooooooo funny Rod !!
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    I want this guy to be gone from the face of this earth
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    Thanks DT...Got mine in-country '04...If Iraq can just get past the allusive Art.8 issue this time around...We're in the best possible conditions ever since Abadi took command...With the extension Abadi requested to postpone Iraq's annual ruling back in April until the next meeting of the UN, which will be in a week or two, Iraq has cleared several hurtles in the favor of Iraq being compliant since the original date for the ruling back in April...Things seem to be picking up speed again or there's just a sense of electricity surrounding the unknown...
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    what did I miss here ...didn't they already liberate Mosul ???
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    Here's a social experiment for ya!! Go to the Donald J. Trump Facebook page and see how many of your friends have "liked" his page. Then go to Hillarious Clinton Facebook page and see how many of your friends have liked her page.
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    Iraq, July 23, 2016 When factory owner Abdulqadir Muhammad closed parts of his business, making detergent products, in late 2014 following the financial crunch, little did he know that he would soon recover and expand the same business in Erbil. “We had a smaller factory in Binasalwa district, but couldn’t keep up with the demand, so we opened a new larger place in Gwer,” Muhammad says. “Now we want to double our production,” he says confidently. Muhammad’s industry is only one of hundreds of small local factories that went out of business in the heyday of the economic crisis but have reemerged partly after authorities imposed stricter tariffs on imported goods from neighboring countries. According to the ministry of trade and industry nearly 40 percent of the bankrupt businesses have made it back to the market after the new custom regulations effectively stimulated domestic production. The ministry says almost 90 percent of the registered factories declared bankruptcy over the past three years. “Some 3400 works closed completely of the 3800 manufacturing firms that were registered in 2013,” says Abdulrazaq Usman from the ministry. “But now we see a positive trend as nearly half of these businesses have reopened, especially those in the food industry,” he said. Over 75 percent of the domestic consumption in Kurdistan region is based on imported goods with which local production has little chance to compete in terms of price and quality, something the ministry has tried to address. The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has said it will invest in both domestic production and its fragile private sector in a country where almost half of the adult population are dependent on government salaries. The KRG has currently over 1.3 million employees on its pay list. The ministry has taken extraordinary measures to promote domestic production in severe competition with foreign goods with largely lower prices. “We have based our plans partly on the recommendations of the World Bank with regard to stimulating private sector and facilitating long term loans to smaller businesses,” says Usman. (rudaw)
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    Sandfly tell us what you need and we will send it to you. Care pack
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    He's a fool. Refrigerators keep beer cold. Beer does the belly good!
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    So, Lets start fining refrigerator and air conditioner plants and put them out of business, then lets put the coal workers and big oil out of business. Then connect a windmill or solar panel to our refrigerator. ISIS is minor league right? sheez. How about admitting we have a problem first with Islam FIRST. Then put them out of business. KEEP FOCUSED GUYS.
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    As you know, Ron has stage 4 colon cancer that has spread very extensively to his liver. When he had his surgery to remove the cancerous tumor, his surgeon told me she would be SURPRISED if he even lived another TWO YEARS!!! My husband is MUCH better than he was just a few months ago! Ron has had 6 chemo treatments and had a CT scan on 7/14. The doctor was very impressed with the results of his treatment and said that Ron had a much FASTER reduction in his cancer than most patients! As a result of this, they are discontinuing a chemo that caused him severe skin issues and are putting him on only ONE chemo drug every THREE weeks instead of the normal 2 weeks! Ron's next chemo is 8/4, for only about an hour and a half. Also the 48 hour bag that he had to wear is GONE!! He HATED that thing, since it beeps 24 hours a day and it always ruined his sleep for the 2 days after chemo!! GOOD RIDDANCE, and he is SO happy!! They are adding a chemo pill to his regimen. He will take 2 pills of 500 mg each day of Capecitabine. PLEASE pray that he has only MINIMAL side effects from this new pill and that his treatments CONTINUE to work!!! I am SO lucky in that I have SO very many kind folks like you praying for him! This DOES make a huge difference!!!!! Thanks SO much! Have a great week, and God bless ALL of you for your very kind prayers and good thoughts!!! I PRAY the RV happens SOON since Ron will need a special kind of radiation and we may have to travel to NYC for an HAI pump, that pumps chemo directly into the liver!
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    It ain't a CAR key little lady! its muh truck key!
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    The CRIMINAL and The CROOK ticket..... What were the odds 2 lyin', cheatin' thieves who BOTH belong behind bars would end up on the demoncrat ticket simultaneously... Oh, yuh.... what're we thinkin ... DUH !
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    ***/// Thanks JEEPGUY for always helpin' out with this... you n' TheTXGRANNY are a couple of swell eggs! 'OlSarge'sGals are in....! 14 - 27 - 41 - 46 - 50 15 07 - 10 - 21 - 34 - 35 08 GOOD LUCK to all our DV PowerBallers and Good Night Mr. Montana wherever you are ! .
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    ***/// Gittin' pretty bumpy up in here ...! Guess we'd better git over to the thread and post our DV PowerBaller numbers right now ! C'mon everybody... ya still got time to run on down to the mini-mart for a 6-pack, a box of Chiclets and a Ticket ! .
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    CANADA PLANS FIELD HOSPITAL FOR MOSUL BATTLE Iraq, July 23, 2016 Canadian Minister of Defence Harjit Sajjan has announced that Canada will establish and staff a field hospital (or military hospital) as a part of its contribution to the forthcoming battle for Mosul, expected some time over the coming winter. Sajjan noted, “As part of our ongoing commitment, Canada will soon deploy up to 60 medical personnel who will be leading a medical facility alongside coalition partners in northern Iraq.” The move will be welcomed by Iraqi and Kurdish commanders planning for the fight, which is expected to be the most difficult battle against the so called Islamic State so far. Canada’s contribution to Iraq’s campaign has been somewhat peculiar however, with air strikes withdrawn, to Iraqi and Kurdish disappointment, while other assistance, such as CP-140 Aurora surveillance and CC-150T Polaris refueling aircraft have been kept in place. (iraq-businessnews)
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    "Got laid of from work today, boss man says they're shuttin' down the lineSaid the trains moved too slow, they can't keep up with the timeGuess I'll break out the 45's and drop a needle on a phonographI ain't got a nickle to my name but I got lots of Cash"
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    The article is stating al Baghdadi's assistant was killed an a number of his aids were wounded. He is still alive and kicking I would assume.
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    Much appreciated Yota, hopefully he is dead this time and stays dead.
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    Abadi confirms the government's keenness to abide by international covenants and laws prevailing Political Since 23/07/2016 20:24 pm (Baghdad time) Said Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Saturday, the government's keenness to abide by international covenants and prevailing laws to ensure human rights, noting that, the government is keen on securing the basic needs and provide real-time services for the displaced. He said al-Abadi's office in a statement received / balances News / copy of it, "the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Minister European Commissioner for humanitarian aid and crisis management Kristus Stellandes and his entourage received, noting that" Abadi, the price of the EU's role and his commitment to support Iraq in securing humanitarian needs and resettlement operations in the liberated areas. " The statement added that "al-Abadi stressed the growing role hopefully by the donor countries with the increase in the liberated areas and with steady success in defeating Daash that pose a threat to other countries in the world, yet near the city of Mosul, editing and other areas of the Conception Daash terrorist gangs." Abadi pointed out that "the government is keen on securing the basic needs and provide real-time for the displaced services," pointing out that "the government is keen to adhere to international conventions and laws prevailing to ensure respect for human rights, and not to interfere with the judiciary, as well as the pursuit of community reconciliation, to ensure a decent living for the components of society in all provinces, and regions liberated them in particular. " For his part, Minister European Commissioner stressed that "the success of the Washington conference to support Iraq was confirmation of the major role played by Iraq in the fight against Daash on the ground, ending the danger to a large extent," explaining that "the EU countries are looking to achieve victory the expeditious in the liberation of Mosul, to begin the process of stabilizing the ".anthy 29/33 h
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    It's similar to France's army, it only has one gear.............................reverse (re-treat)..................JK my frenchy friends
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    everyone is just that clowns do not
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    What a rack on, a buck...or should we call it a "duck"???
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    I called the neighbor to come get their cat...
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    WAS SHE NOT FORCED TO THE DARK SIDE??..........................
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    ....I always regretted it when the bouncer let the ''Mad-Dawg'' in...
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    lol, thx skeet!
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    Maliki is not visiting Kurdistan because he loves these folks.....he detests them and hates them. Maliki ordered helo crews to drop barrel bombs on the Kurds and was awaiting the delivery of the F-16's he ordered, to deliver the final blow. You can bet that Maliki is in Kurdistan at Khameini's behest. Iran's rotten arse clergy's only goal is complete destabilization, chaos and havoc.
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    Thanks Yota...Kind of like ''Eagle Eye''.... did I miss the part about the displaced, housing, food and medical attention...Don't get me wrong this's great news indeed... Meeting the humanitarian needs of the citizen/displaced that Iraq are responsible for are part of the Article 8 compliance stipulations coming up...The humanitarian issues were some of the reasons Iraq has been denied access to international trade the last several times Iraq has applied...Corruption and humanitarian issue seem to be addressed on every front since Iraq's last rejection to their request for Art.8 acceptance...
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    "Says IMF: that Iraq needs to borrow $ 56 billion until the year 2019, this estimate comes at the top of the current debt of the country , which she mentions the fund amounted to$ 67 billion until the end of last year," Good morning Yota, wow that seems like an awful amount of debt in a short period of time.
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    First Rod and now you my laughter dose this AM already thanks guys !!!
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    Trump 29 Hillarious 2 ...Nuff said, unless your a Clinton and can rig the ballot boxes or have someone killed who will testify against you...but that's none of my business!

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