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    The Department of Defense announced the death of al-Baghdadi, assistant northern Diyala PM: 08: 11: 23/07/2016Khandan Khandan - The Iraqi Defense Ministry on Saturday, killing of assistant organizing "Daash" terrorist leader Abu Bakr al - Baghdadi, and wounding a number of his aides in the process of quality northern Diyala province. The Defence Ministry said in a statement , said the strength of the "first battalion , brigade twentieth Infantry Infantry Division the fifth to lead the Tigris operations, managed to kill the offender Hashim Nassif Jassem al - Hayali Assistant terrorist Abu Bakr al - Baghdadi and wounding a number of his aides in Mukhisa area of the hand of Abu Saida north of the province of Diyala. " she said the Ministry of Defence that the process of pre - emptive quality carried out by formations of the band based on intelligence information minutes, was able to reach the goal, and also "thanks to higher coordination and intense rush" to insurgents , who contributed greatly to the success of the military operation.
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    No..they are setting up for the displaced..housing, food, medical...they are digging trenches to completely surround the area...they expect 2 million displaced once they roll in...from the articles...
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    Thanks Yota...Abadi is performing as well as we could ever hope are imagine...Iraq has always been a dictator regime...Everything that is being done is building a new government with new laws/reforms and dismantling of an ideology that has been set in stone since Iraq has been Iraq...Just to get Abadi into the position he's in now was the best thing since sliced bread...Abadi acquired a situation that very few people would have under taken and has done a remarkable job in the process of time allowed...They are weeding out the, so called Bad-Apples, corruption with every ethical law passed...Abadi has to walk a fine line and play a game of political ''Pick-up-Sticks'' in the reformation of an entire government redo...They've had to know which laws to pass first that would support the laws that were to follow, which in turn came to play another game of ''Chess'' to block the religious blocks that have control the corrupt government that has been in place since Iraq existed...Iraq is on the verge of gaining their Article 8 compliance through the reforms of just the past year and a half...Iraq can't go international with their currency until the UN says their compliant with Article 8...Abadi is trying to expose the corruption through the laws passed that support the laws pending...Abadi's time table seems to be coming together as we all see things starting to fall into place...This was done by putting one foot in front of the other and keepin' an eye on the final goal...Rome was not built in a day and Rome had way less idiots to deal with....JMHO
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    Law and Order... Trump's Word Is His Bond! Unlike some people... Chris Christie Succinctly Explains What Just Happened To Ted Cruz… Posted on July 21, 2016 by sundance Say what you will about New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, but he carries a political sense that is highly accurate and in tune with the sense of the electorate. Immediately following Ted Cruz’s epic convention speech implosion, Christie was questioned by CNN’s Dana Bash. Christie succinctly summarizes the event, the audience reaction, and more importantly the reasoning therein. He is 100% spot on. Watch:
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    Luigi -U Deserve A Pat On The Back For This !
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    The most important statement in the Iraqi newspapers on Saturday By Mustafa Curran 5 hours ago Iraqi newspapers Roudao - Erbil dealt Iraqi newspapers on Tuesday, many of the issues and topics of interest to the issue of Iraq, including the security forces isolate spend Sharqat fully in preparation for storming it . I wrote the new morning newspaper under the title: " The security forces isolate spend Sharqat fully in preparation for storming it, " and said: announced the joint Special operations command, on Friday, isolating spend Sharqat, the last stronghold of al Daash criminal in Salahuddin province in full preparation for storming it , while the local government of the province of Salah al - Din confirmed that the area controlled by the organization Daash estimated at 10% of the total preservation area.the spokesman said as the joint Special operations command, Brigadier General Yahya Messenger, " the military operations are continuing to edit Mosul , " noting that "Qayyarah base recently liberated will be a springboard for military operations to be conducted in the future." the Mashreq newspaper wrote the following address: "popular uprising and revolt against the organization in city .. and citizens abandon their Alguendhara uniforms, "which stated: with the approaching battle to liberate Mosul , which is hoped to begin in October next , as most of the security reports indicate, there were frequent local and Western officials statements about fully prepared for this battle by providing all the accessories, in addition to provide support from Western armies , such as France , which announced its President Francois Hollande said on Friday that Paris will provide Iraq artillery to help in the fight Daash, at a time when the international coalition confirmed, Friday, that the liberation of the city of Mosul from the control of the organization Daash "at hand and the question only time ", while US Secretary of defense Ashton Carter, pointed out that" the Iraqi local forces alone can defeat Daash entirely and restore life, "comes the simultaneous developments with revelations the MP for the province of Nineveh, Nahla Alhbabi, all signs of a popular uprising inside the city of Mosul, through the rebellion of some young people to shave their beards, attributed to weak control of the organization in recent times. in turn wrote term "dispute over cabinet bench threatens to return the division to the House of Representatives , " and in it: it is likely to raise the government reshuffle is anticipated, the return of the division back to parliament after a period of "harmony" short, due to sharp differences on the bench nomination. In spite of that confirmation of the prime minister, Haidar al - Abbadi, lack of adherence to government amendment, saying that the liberation of Mosul is a priority for him, but he returned last week to decide whether to accept the resignation of a number of ministers abruptly, and in just two days, Abadi officially accepted the resignation of seven ministers, all of whom belonged to the National alliance, after months on their ad submit their resignations.
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    You show em Snow...put that in its place!!! Am I the only one who misses Nadita? To bad she went over to Dark Side ...maybe we can get Luke and Obi-wan to bring her back to the light? Sandfly Thugs...your a good clown!!!
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    Thanks Yota...Abadi is a true leader and we have the privilege to witness one of the icon of humanity that will grace Iraq's history created before our eyes...Abadi has done more in a year and a half to help create a future for the Iranians than all other leaders in Iraq's history combined...The vision this man has for Iraq is unprecedented...
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    Looks like the ISIL roaches are gonna force the coalition forces to come in after them and be an all out battle royale. I really expected nothing less....they're gonna get all the innocents to die and suffer too. None of these terror organizations are gonna be eradicated until all the nations of the planet band together and destroy Ali Khameini, his Qod forces, and Presidential Guard. The vile nature of this twisted religion and the funding comes from him.
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    ROD you are on a ROLL this morning thanks !!!
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    sooooooo true and sooooooo funny Rod !!
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    Chest: We are the only ones able to move the street PM: 12: 45: 23/07/2016Khandan Khandan - said the cleric Moqtada al - Sadr, he was only able to move the street, while he did not want this position or leadership. Sadr said in answer to a question presented to him by one of his followers , "Yes , we are the only ones able to move the street and that is an honor forus from God Almighty , "noting" Vhabna people love the people we esteem in this world and the hereafter. " He said al- Sadr," but we do not want this position or leadership or any requirement worldly and God for that of the witnesses ... and will prove to you today that. "
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    Greg, has your friend ever mention Abadi going on tv to tell the citizens that he would give them the reforms. The reason I ask is because it's been reported that ....that has happened. But I was wondering your friends opinion on that.
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    O.K....all I can say is "I'm trying"!!!
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    ok in my opinion...France is not one that comes and helps out other countries..... theory 1) with the attacks that happened in Paris they know that they can not stay secluded...they know they have to help if they want help someday theory 2) somehow they know that Iraq will be a leader in the middle east and the Diar will be worth something and now at the last hour they want to help cat curls up on soapbox and takes a long nap
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    July 23, 2016 Hey everyone, the powerball is 390 Million! Please join in - the more that play the better our chances. You will find Powerball in the general topics section. $$$$$$$
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    Black Trump supporter...speaking his mind about Obama and the racial division in this country. Indy
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    Abadi: Some waiting bombings and calls for the elimination of corruption and corrupt foundation History of edits:: 7.23.2016 14:39 • 81 visits readable {Baghdad: Euphrates News} accused Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, views {unnamed}, waiting for the bombings, "to do other work," he "is not the right one community occupancy for basic war, lifting the reform slogan and behavior against the reform, and calls for the elimination of corruption and his institution is corrupt. " Ebadi said during his speech in the first qualitative Educational Conference vassal agency {Euphrates News}, that " the war with Daash war with darkness and backwardness," he said . "There are coinciding between the war we are fighting with terror and build the education system in Iraq , " adding that "we have to win the war by the profit of the people across the generation that believes in peace and coexistence. " He added that the " re - education system and schools of the first steps to restore stability to areas liberated from Daash, it is without re - education system can not build a society right, "pointing out that" more families do not come back , but the availability of schools because they want a proper future for their children and this is an essential part of the reform system. " He noted Abadi" despite the difficulties , the security, military and economic, and the collapse of oil prices , we should strive to provide opportunities for a decent life for citizens, and we are doing now while fighting its fierce war fighting economic and financial reform in state institutions in general. " He continued , " We are busy with the war and the security situation and reform, including the Iraqi educational system reform, and some are trying to marginalize everything in order to battle sees the need for a political battle , "calling the political blocs to leave the conflict political and not to make the electoral cycle over four years of political conflict. " He pointed out that" the security forces that go to the battlefield itself back to Baghdad to protect citizens , where we are working on a way {rotation}, "noting that" the right to claim rights but not the right of a society occupancy for basic war, lifting the reform slogan and behavior against the reform, and calls for the elimination of corruption and his institution is corrupt. " He emphasized , " no one has the right to trade in the blood of Iraqis, when there are terrorist bombings, to carry out the other, and some condemn the statements issued each anything except condemnation of the terrorists. " the new prime minister affirmed that" this year we will eliminate the presence of the military Daash in Iraq remains the presence Daash terrorist, as the terrorism we face today and the whole world. " Turning Abadi to" some regimes in the region and its rulers , saying, "We opened our arms we want Medical relationships where they can not face this challenge {terrorism} but in collaboration, but some still believed that terrorism directed against the other does not draw him. " he continued , " We are in Iraq Make sure our children than others ", he pointed out that" the government is serious in calling to community reconciliation, is not permissible to let the enemy come between us and fighting a war Balgnapeh, do not want to go back to those dark days, but we want to eliminate terrorism and to move forward in this generation educational reform basic overview for comprehensive reform. " He stressed Abadi" the biggest damage caused malfunction in today 's educational system, as the fighter is fighting in the fronts of murder as well as the teacher defends this country and the people to raise a generation, as well as the student who finds the study builds a nation and a generation a favor and we will stay on this line. " he pointed Abadi" what can be had for Daash enter in Mosul and Fallujah, without corruption and weakness in us and this weakness are able to overcome our will and our determination , ".anthy
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    Lawmakers: consensus delayed the adoption of the laws of intelligence and counter-terrorism, interior and defense 7/20/2016 0:00 BAGHDAD - Muhannad Abdul Wahab ills of members in the House of Representatives delayed the adoption of intelligence and counter - terrorism, interior and defense to the political consensus that disrupted in the last period of work of the legislative institution of laws and reflected negatively on the performance of the security services, stressing that legislative term of the third legislative year will see the adoption of these laws. The head of the security and defense committee in Parliament of quitting: The delay in the adoption of the security establishment laws was due to the political consensus, noting that these important laws anti - terror apparatus and the law of intelligence, interior and defense law. He Zamili, in an interview for the "morning", said the committee completed All of these laws, but the delay was due to the political consensus which was a major cause of disabling the legislative work of the Foundation, which had to abandon its politicization, pointing out that the adoption of such laws will organize the work of the security establishment in the face of terrorist attacks. the chairman of the Security Committee in Parliament that most laws security forces were in need of some important paragraphs that remained under the consensus , such as the intelligence service who was hampered item "tapping" button in the law the law, pointing out that the intelligence Service Act had been read a first reading in the House of Representatives. he Zamili determination of the Commission to legislate through the season new legislative, stressing the need for legislation intelligence and security services and other law because it will be able to monitor and follow up on all suspicious elements that are trying to destabilize security in Iraq and the imposition of the power of state and government to protect all citizens. While said committee member Abbas al - Khuzai need for anti - terrorism legislation, interior and defense and intelligence law to support the security establishment that have done well in the battles that took place in the liberation of Ramadi and Fallujah in. He said Khuzai, in an interview for the "morning", he became the duty of the House of Representatives completed in this legislative term of the important laws that preserve the security of the community legislation as well as it enhances the role of our military and the evolution of efficiency because it is the true guarantee for the protection of the land of Iraq and its borders against any aggression It can be exposed by the aspirants in the wealth and destroying the unity of the recipe. he Khuzai on the political system that works on building state institutions by approving a security services laws and get away from the pressures and decisions improvised and monopolization of decision, praising the great efforts of the army and security forces in victories. Khuzai However , it should be laws governing its legislation, and most of her joints mission managed by proxy , a disorder and confusion and clear, expressing fear of reproducing past experience in the leadership of the mission hinges on the government agency. He called Alkhozai political blocs to abandon the quota system and put the national interest on what others because interest must be public for the Iraqi people and the state, explaining that some of the ministers or the political blocs is believed that the ministries belong to the party , and therefore stands against the adoption of these laws because they are graduating from obedience and authority. among the deputy state law , Abdul Ilah Naieli be remiss legislative institution in the legislation of laws that private security establishment concerning anti - terrorism law and intelligence, interior and defense. He Naieli, in an interview for the "morning", that the adoption of this important legislation will make the security apparatus capable of protecting the individual military institutions, pointing out that the delay in adoption of these laws due to differences of political blocs on them .
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    7-22-2016 Newshound Guru tlm724 "IMF News: Can you explain the significance of maintaining the Iraqi Dinar’s peg to the U.S. dollar?" "IMF says no reason to devalue Iraqi Dinar". I found the direct quote by the IMF mission chief for Iraq Christian Josz on July 14, 2016 on the IMF site... 7-22-2016 Newshound Guru wmawhite Article: "Exchange rate and disinformation" "Quote "...repeated calls by some observers to call for the lifting of the dinar exchange rate against foreign currencies, to the extent that some of those claims up by making the value of the dinar equivalent to one dollar..." Again...out of no where calls for the true value of the IQD to be brought forth.
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    Thanks DT...Got mine in-country '04...If Iraq can just get past the allusive Art.8 issue this time around...We're in the best possible conditions ever since Abadi took command...With the extension Abadi requested to postpone Iraq's annual ruling back in April until the next meeting of the UN, which will be in a week or two, Iraq has cleared several hurtles in the favor of Iraq being compliant since the original date for the ruling back in April...Things seem to be picking up speed again or there's just a sense of electricity surrounding the unknown...
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    what did I miss here ...didn't they already liberate Mosul ???
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    Side of the main Council of Ministers and the House of Representatives in the first qualitative Educational Conference, held by the Ministry of Education at the Rashid Hotel in central Baghdad to attend Abadi: no right to corrupt raise the slogan of reform and invest some bombings Author: AB Editor: AB, HH 07.23.2016 13:52 Number ofViews: 513 Long-Presse / Baghdad Said Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, said Saturday that "no right to corrupt raise the reform slogan and his foundation and his aides are corrupt society," and described it as "duplication and hypocrisy," and while some accused of "investment bombings to bring us back to back", called for political blocs to "postpone the conflict" until the elections. Haidar al-Abadi, during the first qualitative Educational Conference, held by the Ministry of Education at the Rashid Hotel in central Baghdad and attended (range Press), said that "everybody has the right to claim rights and the state's duty to protect, but not the right of a society occupancy," returned as "not one has the right to raise the slogan of reform and his behavior hurt him. " He said al-Abadi, said he "is not the right one to raise the fight against the corrupt and his foundation and his aides are corrupt society slogan," describing it as "duplication and hypocrisy." Abadi promised, that "the right of political opponents to say what they want, that does not say a lie," and accused "some people of trying to marginalize everything in order to battle it deems necessary, a political battle." The head of the Council of Ministers, that "no one has the right to trade the blood of Iraqis, even though there was a terrorist bombing," and accused "some people waiting for explosions to do other work and bring us back to the back, where he has published convictions at all, except for the terrorists in pursuit of it for occupancy for the real battle ". He pointed Abadi, that "some of the governments in the region still believes that terrorism directed against the other and not against it," pointing out that "Some people deal with terrorism in the country is dealing with terrorism in other countries." He said al-Abadi, that "the terrorism we face today are facing all over the world," stressing that "this year will see the elimination of the presence of the terrorist organization Daash military in Iraq," He called Al-Abbadi political blocs, to "postpone the political struggle until the election, where there could be an electoral campaigns." The cleric Moqtada al-Sadr confirmed on Saturday (July 23, 2016), that "the only one able to move the Iraqi street, denying that it" in order to demand the mundane, "and with the exception of the" Collection of office and the leadership of the lesser he has Afth goats " he stressed that "if he wants to position got him before." The Sadrist movement led by Muqtada al-Sadr, leads the months since the demonstrations calling for reform and form a government of "independent technocrats", stormed after those demonstrations heavily fortified Green Zone in central Baghdad twice, which is confronted with a broad condemnation of the political blocs.
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    Post RV possibly...this contraption can really haul... ....yeah, that too!
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    What could go wrong???
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    No worries. Got to have a since of humor on this board/investment. It gets crazy at times.
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    The natives are becoming more and more restless!! DO WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE FOR THE PEOPLE, ABADI AND GOI!!
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    IMF agreement test for Iraq 7/23/2016 0:00 Edmund O'Sullivan / Torgomh- Khalid Qasim IMF has developed a tremendous program to rewrite Iraq's ailing economy. The fund issued on July 14 and the current document consisting of 34 pages constitute the most ambitious attempt to remake the economy of one of the Middle East. Paint a document program that Iraq agreed upon to ensure a loan from the Fund valued at $ 4.5 billion in order to bridge the gap revenues of the government resulting from the decline in oil prices . The document also contains assurances demanded by international creditors and who will have to provide additional loans soon. These loans include billion bonds government of the United States included in the billion - euro bond dollars is expected to be issued before the end of this year, and one billion other dollars from the World Bank and more than $ 3 billion in loans projects. Says IMF: that Iraq needs to borrow $ 56 billion until the year 2019, this estimate comes at the top of the current debt of the country , which she mentions the fund amounted to$ 67 billion until the end of last year, equivalent to about 45 percent of the projected budget for the current year. The main objective of the agreement is the fiscal deficit of the government, which has risen to 14 percent of gross domestic product last year. It is likely to increase more during this year, with oil prices so far amounted to an average 75 percent from their level of a year earlier as a whole. Baghdad and agreed on the need to reduce the deficit to 1 percent of GDP in 2021, and achieved part of that goal over the high price of oil which is expected arrival level of $ 70 a barrel by the end of the decade. but the bulk of the settlement will come through spending cuts and government reforms.This includes for the current year to increase taxes and cut salaries of employees and retirees and reduce the capital and the financial allocations for the Kurdistan region spending. The government has promised to complete 85 percent of the president spending the non - oil authorized in the current year budget. Is expected to provide value - added tax and work to increase the efficiency of the 176 state - owned company outside the financial sector employs 550 thousand people, and mentions the agreement with the IMF that half of those Vaidon need. Prepare this program is tremendous, and increases the size of the challenges faced by Iraq because of the military operations against the «Daash» and dealing with more than four million displaced people in the northern areas since June 2014. He fled about a quarter of a million Syrians into Iraq since the outbreak of the civil war there in 2011. the world offers a real help to Baghdad to protect the Iraqi people from terrorism and external threats, but they are in need of hope on their ability to prosper as well. If achieved the IMF agreement this goal is a positive agreement, but there are economic and social costs must be paid before then. MEED
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    Guess this thug never heard Abaidi's decree....."Where Did You Get This ? ? ?
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    Crude Oil and Commodity PricesJuly, Friday 22 2016 - 21:20:27 WTI Crude Oil $44.19 ▼-0.56 -1.27% 2016.07.22 end-of-day Brent Crude Oil $45.69 ▼-0.51 -1.12% 2016.07.22 end-of-day Crude Oil Price by OIL-PRICE.NET © Price Change 2016.07.22 - $ 44.19 -0.56 -1.27% 1 Year Forecast $50 / Barrel
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    " Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold - - - Revenge is the Best Revenge " [ old Klingon Proverb ]
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    I think they have had enough Snow and they are peed off, but revenge is a dangerous game.
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    Catch and release capture!!! From 2/2011 When photographer Al McGlashan jumped into the Pacific Ocean off Port Stephens, Australia, earlier this month, his assignment was to film a textbook release of a striped marlin. But a 10-foot mako shark that had been stalking the shoot flipped the script as McGlashan captured the ferocious attack from a few feet away. Field & Stream got a U.S. exclusive on the photos, video and the story behind them.
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    I hear ya - I'm pretty sure when all is said and done, the barrel will be full of more bad apples than good, that's for sure!! Without accountability the nation was ripe for the picking!! Easy pickings, as they say!
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    I Remember Up hill both ways. 101
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    You can tell it's summer time when you....

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