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  2. Iran - You'll never hear the USA coming. . . and when you finally do - look at what happened to your next door " neighbor "
  3. "The Commission on Reconciliation, Accountability and Justice in the House of Representatives, that next week will see the announcement of the names of about 5,000 people included in the seizure of funds." What a great idea, giving them a week's notice. Plenty of time to "Get out of dodge"!
  4. He'll plead Poverty at some point and beg for " donations "
  5. This guy is PURE IDIOT. And those morons in Utah are too if they elect him.
  6. Is the shiz about to hit the fan?? Found on another news site, and did Google translate just to verify conversion to English. Let's see if Maliki makes 'The List". ========================================================================================= (2-16-18) COMMITTEE OF ACCOUNTABILITY: ANNOUNCE THE NAMES OF 5,000 PEOPLE INCLUDED IN THE SEIZURE OF FUNDS THIS WEEK The Commission on Reconciliation, Accountability and Justice in the House of Representatives, that next week will see the announcement of the names of about 5,000 people included in the seizure of funds. The head of the committee Hisham al-Suhail told the news agency, "The Supreme Commission for Accountability and Justice ended the names of all those involved in the seizure of funds," noting that there is some delay from the Secretariat General of the Council of Ministers not to form a special committee, calling for the urgency of issuing instructions and the formation of the Committee through an approach The competent ministries shall designate the general directors who shall form the committee. Al-Suhail, who is covered by the decision to hold the money, estimated about 5,000 persons, while the names of tens of thousands will be issued and they can be disposed of afterwards. Article Credit:
  7. When you put God and prayer back in school, That's when
  8. Damn, why didn't I think off it ! Let's send them all on a " CRUISE " Simple solutions are always best !
  9. HMMMM. . . . we need to get a GOOD look inside and out of Ivan's latest and greatest.
  11. From the Media Office of Abadi

    Maybe meaning a 3 - 4 year floating process.
  12. The IRON MAIDEN SONG " Run for the Hills ( Run for your Life ) or PINK FLOYDS' " RUN " comes to mind. I know the I. MAIDEN song references another issue entirely, HOWEVER, if the sandal fits, damn well better wear it ! RUN, BIATCHES, RUN ! ( I do believe what goes around, comes around )
  13. Mazrour Barzani has screwed everything so much during his tenure, it would be easy to place both Maliki and Mazrour in the “Dictator” categories. Neither knows how to rule, but only devicive ways to steal from those they were supposed to serve...
  14. You have thrown soooo much intelligence & common sense with your brief and concise statement - Well, these monkeys would rather argue 24/7 than get down to cases. Nonetheless, well stated fnbplanet ! No doubt the IMF & WB and god knows who else have already made efforts to make them understand this, yet their stubborn, arrogant and epic display of unwillingness to face facts in the face have led these fools to where they are today. It takes REAL talent to paint yourself into this kind of corner, huh.
  15. I could not agree more. At least the cockroaches would start running for the hills instead if sitting on their fat arses in the same positions assumming the Amnesty Law will save them from the gallows....
  16. Lost Cat

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  18. Perhaps if they began with the " executions " first, they might " pick up the pace " making progress ? (just sayin' ) I know, I'm a Baaad Boy ( no Sheep references please )
  19. Ya, they are trying to get accurate numbers I think and a secure way to make sure they real and paid. Agree but I don't know, I just may see this happening.
  20. I wish they'd just give them 14% this year, and hire an outside third party to conduct a census (quickly) for next year. Any cheating or intimidation gets them the 12.67% for 2019. Anyone receiving ANY government payments HAS to show ID and open a bank account for direct deposit. Now, is that so hard to figure out? Eliminate the filthy b*stard, middle-man thieves.
  21. Wonder how much she has been paid for this 'coming out.'
  22. That's fine. I lived in and around Chicago. I've watched the rise of Black Panthers, socalled 'black pride' and black radicals. I have worked security in the PNW and have watched the rise of Mexican street gangs. Big deal on your 'evils of white pride'. Next question please......
  23. Breitling - Everyone Is Running Out Of Dinar !

    I was thinking the same thing, that was the goal to RV the currency.
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