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  2. Breitling - Everyone Is Running Out Of Dinar !

    At my age .10 will keep me in umbrella drinks and styling for the rest of my life..... pp
  3. Breitling - Everyone Is Running Out Of Dinar !

    At .10 I’m good, but hoping for more.
  4. Breitling - Everyone Is Running Out Of Dinar !

    This is a biggie for sure. Thanks for your reply. Hell, I dare Iraq to come out at ten cents! Get the ball rolling.
  5. Watch the Gurus heads explode with this one
  7. Dr. Clarke on a roll

    Thanks BA. +1. Mount Clarke. Thar she blows ! All that pent up intel.
  8. LINK Dr.. Jawad Kazem Al-Kaabi *: For the benefit of those who knocks the drums of organizational disputes in the draft federal oil and gas law? BY DR.. JAWAD AL KAABI - PUBLISHED ON 19/02/2018 Introduction Since 2005, the country's constitution has limited the ownership of national oil resources to the people of Iraq in all oil-producing regions and governorates not on a territory, and has decided to entrust the management of oil resources to federal government, regional and oil-producing provinces and the principles of justice and equity in the distribution of imports. The performance of the strategic policy-making function to develop the wealth of oil and gas to achieve the highest benefit for the Iraqi people, and defined the mechanisms to achieve this standard using the latest techniques of market principles and investment promotion, and decided to organize all these constitutional provisions Wen is prescribed for this purpose. On the basis of these constitutional provisions, a law establishing the birth of a new regime for the management of oil resources in the country should be enacted, including the active participation of all persons entrusted with disposing of oil resources (the Council of Representatives, the Council of Ministers, the governments of the oil-producing provinces, ), And according to the locations, organizational roles and administrative functions of these persons at all levels of strategic, operational and operational management of the desired management system. This system has not yet been seen in the beginning of 2018, despite three legislative initiatives for the so-called Oil and Gas Act. To continue reading please download a simple PDF printable file. Click the link below Jawad Kazem A gesture to the benefit of those who are knocking the drums of organizational disputes in the draft federal oil and gas laws
  9. The Recovery Of The Iraqi Dinar !

    Laid Back Om sai Ram Yo Snap - Hammock Boy Is Stuttering In His Sleep !
  10. Today
  11. Randy Crawford's hit....I like this version better. I think Richard also composed song
  12. Iraq's Abadi plans for meeting to follow up on Kuwait conf. pledges February 20 2018 11:27 PM Haider Abadi Iraqi PM Haidar Abadi said Tuesday his government plans to call for a meeting next month for countries that participated in Iraq's reconstruction conference in Kuwait in order to follow up on their pledges, KUNA reported. Abadi told a news conference his government met with ambassadors of countries that made pledges at Kuwait's conference and proposed a meeting next month to pave way for the rebuilding process. He said Iraq sought to achieve "economic leap" following the investment pledges made in Kuwait. The reconstruction conference in Kuwait was not the final phase but the first one to attract investment, he added. The conference "was an amazing and unexpected success," he said, because the number of companies that attending the meetings was "higher by two or three folds than originally planned." The February 12-14 reconstruction conference in Kuwait succeeded in collecting USD 30 billion to Iraq. link
  13. The Recovery Of The Iraqi Dinar !

    You got that right my friend, thanks for your input.! Go RV this year.!
  14. The Recovery Of The Iraqi Dinar !

    You got that right my friend, thanks for your input.! Go RV this year.!
  15. UN: 52% of displaced persons in Iraq don't want to return home February 20 2018 06:25 PM Military operations increase suffering of Anbar displaced civilians UNMAS has been working in greater Mosul clearing explosive hazards since November 2016 and has recently commenced survey and clearance operations in the Old City in western Mosul to complement the work already carried out by the Government of Iraq. During operations, the complexity and variety of items recovered can only be described as staggering and previously unseen. Items recovered include a range of conventional ammunition, IEDs, air-dropped munitions and stockpiles of ISIS-manufactured munitions abandoned in buildings that had been converted and used as bomb making factories. Clearance activities have been further complicated because the majority of contamination in Mosul is mixed in with or covered by rubble from damaged and destroyed buildings, UNAMI reported on Monday. UNMAS and implementing partners working in the Old City have received many reports of explosive hazard contamination, especially in or near houses, as those displaced return home. The presence of UNMAS clearance teams in the Old City has provided an opportunity for residents to report suspected dangerous items directly to the teams for removal. However, it is anticipated the proportion of households reporting explosive hazards will increase as families return. European Union Ambassador to Iraq, Ramon Blecua said: "This illustrates in tangible terms the EU's commitment in addressing explosive hazards. Their clearance is a pre-condition for stabilization, as the presence of such hazards will continue to impede security and stability efforts if not properly addressed. As chair of the Coalition's Explosive Hazard Management Sub-Group, the EU is determined to tackle this scourge head-on and support Iraq in strengthening the government's strategic coordination mechanisms. All these efforts will contribute to facilitating the safe returns of the Iraqi people, who have suffered long enough". “We eliminate the explosive threat along roads, under bridges, from power and water plants, from schools, from critical infrastructure, so that those displaced by conflict can return to their homes, begin again to work, to educate their children, to contribute to society, to live a normal life. This would all be impossible without the support from our donors. We are outmost grateful for the generous support from the EU,” stated Pehr Lodhammar, UNMAS Senior Programme Manager. UNMAS, with support from the European Union as part of a broader programme response, continues to facilitate the safe, dignified and voluntary return of families to Mosul and other liberated areas. Since 1 November 2017, UNMAS teams in Mosul have assessed and cleared over 2.1 million square metres, conducted more than 650 assessments and found and rendered safe approximately 30,000 explosive hazards. link
  16. it surprises me sometimes that I’ve retained my sense of humor with all the we’ve gone thru with this investment. - fingers crossed we can all decompress in style no later than the end of the 1st quarter ‘18.
  17. Railways: The introduction of a pre-booking system on all major stations Localities 21:33 Last updated The time now is 09:57 PM 427 Watch Baghdad / Al-Ghad Press: The State Railways Company announced on Tuesday the introduction of a pre-booking system on all its main stations for passengers wishing to travel on its trains. "This comes within the directives of the Minister of Transport, Kazim Al-Alami, to promote rail transport services in the country through the development and provision of means of service that will assist citizens in booking and moving through modern railway trains," said Salam Jabor Saloum, director general of the company, . "This is a continuation of the achievements achieved by the company through record high figures last year in the transfer of passengers to reach more than 400,000 passengers were transferred from the central station in Baghdad to the Basra train station and vice versa through the southern governorates of Nasiriyah and Samawah and Diwaniyah and Hilla to be the size of revenues achieved 4,390,154,600 dinars. " He stressed that "this system came down to the desire of citizens to facilitate the task of travel through pre-booking on the trains ascending and descending," pointing out that "where the departure from Baghdad daily and the first two flights will start at 7 pm and the second at 8 pm, Basra train station by two flights also, the first at 8 pm and the second at 9 pm. "The railway is always seeking to upgrade the status of its rail services in the country."
  18. What can you buy for 500.00 a month? An inexpensive car, 500 a month a new TV several real nice dinners out 120 Starbucks Caffe Latte 26 car washes at 18.95 per was 1 month of child care 10 My Pillows 568 Snickers Candy Bars at .88 per etc etc etc. Feel free to add to the list. Terrible idea imo. Just what America needs, people buying 568 Snickers candy bars every month. That’s over 125 per week!! Yikes!!!!
  19. Abadi: We will not allow the exploitation of Iraqi territory against Iran by NATO From 2018-02-20 at 18:17 (Baghdad time) BAGHDAD - Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said on Tuesday that the various border crossings in all the world, however, federal governments, indicating that the lifting of the ban on international air traffic to and from Kurdistan will be when the conditions of the central government. "I reiterate my sincere condolences to the families of martyrs heroes of the popular crowd and ask God to grant them mercy," said Abadi at his weekly press conference attended by Mawazin News. He said he called for "an immediate investigation into the reasons for the martyrdom of a number of members of the popular crowd inside Hawija, And we must get to know the circumstances of the terrorist incident, and punishment of the criminals and issued an order to leave this force without the support and coordination. " "Iraq was the only successful experiment in the defeat of the bright and brilliant, which was admirable and was impossible in the eyes of the world leaders in our presence," said Abbadi, "terrorism is a perverse thought that we must always warn. Iraq is leading the face of terrorism in the world. Munich Security Conference ". On the current crisis between the center and the Kurdistan region, the Prime Minister "to extend the federal authority throughout Iraq and achieve stability and provide a safe environment for investment and future companies on Iraq," noting that "an executive meeting between the government and representatives of the supporting countries in the reconstruction of Iraq." Abadi stressed that "the continuation of procedures for the status of airports and ports of Kurdistan under federal authority will be completed soon," noting that "domestic flights are open but the ban was on foreign flights, and we will open these airports when our conditions are fully met." International air traffic stopped from and to the Kurdistan region since last September after the central government imposed a ban in response to the region's vote on the referendum on independence.
  20. I have my fair share of these Evil Black Rifles the Left Hates so badly and not a one of them has ever hurt me or anyone in the area. That said I have had AR-15's for close to 20 years and I have never seen a need for a Bump Stock or Slide Fire device. Sure I know people that will do a mag Dump and waste 20-30 rounds just because they can and really don't care. I feel one that is trained can put down the same amount of ammo with Accuracy without side bump Stocks. Anyone who has fired the M-16/M-4 or any other firearm with the Happy Switch has the training to do so and keep to manageable bursts or you are just wasting ammo. Anyone that remembers the Clinton Assault Weapon ban has to know that Banning Features such as Collapsible stocks, pistol grips, Bayonet Lugs or flash Hiders never accomplished anything. they can do another Ban on High Cap Mags and everyone will buy up what is on the Market or they already have more Magazine than they will ever need. I know all to well as I bought up all the butt ugly 20 and 30 USGI mags I could during the Clinton years and just rebuilt them....They were known as Pre Ban Mags, Pre Ban Rifles ( have one of those as well) Honestly a Pre Ban AR-15 doesn't look that much different than a Post Ban Pre Ban Post Ban with a fake looking A-2 Flash Hider. Or Post Ban that never had a Flash Hider. AR-15 after the Clinton Ban Sunset where anything is legal like before......Like 14.5 inch barrels with 1.5 inch Vortex Flash Hiders with Tungsten Tips for Braking Glass They're all scary rifles that have never done anything to anyone on their own or even when in my possession Karsten
  21. Social welfare benefits are paid to more than 1,000 beneficiaries in Nineveh Date of release: 2018/2/20 21:15 • 86 times read (Baghdad: al-Furat News) Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Mohammed Shiaa al-Sudani, announced the release of social welfare salaries for more than 1000 beneficiaries in Nineveh. A statement issued by his office, received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it today that "the salaries were paid to the 1000 and 242 beneficiaries in Nineveh after the completion of security verification procedures." He called on beneficiaries to "check the outlets for receipt"
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  23. Nunes Demands Answers

    You're getting really good at calling people names and making unsubstantiated claims. Yes we all remember how much you screamed and yelled about all that when Billy Boy was raping interns in the Oval Office. And you think President Trump is delusional You really think that President Trump would be guilty of just one of those thinks and not have already been run out of town. REALLY
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