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  2. ht tp:// Murd11- I try to remain objective in regards to the speculation surrounding this 'exotic currency.'; by that I mean I follow news articles that are sourced and extrapolate the financial progress and developments as best as possible that pertain to a country that appears to be transitioning from a dictatorship to a capitalistic society. I base some my interpretation on the experience I have from working in financial accounting as a mutual fund accountant. Because this his is such a rare event in 'human terms' and one that takes place in a part of the non- western world, I am unfamiliar with what you apparently seem to know or imply that you know in regards to the 'RV'. Simply put, please tell me what a I am missing, besides increased security and other relations between the multiple factions in and around Iraq, as it appears to me that vast progress has and continues to be made against corruption as well as the development of airaq's technology via international/worldwide investment and interest. ~peace~
  3. Do I purchase more Dinar???

    I bought more..
  4. Today
  5. Iraq exports natural gas to Kuwait

    Kuwaiti dinar $3.31 and Iraq is 10 times richest than Kuwait. Go CBI Go new monetary policy Go former glory
  6. Iraq exports natural gas to Kuwait

    Iraq has soooo much Natural Gas it's coming outta their . . . .Well, they don't need to Burn $$$$. Folks from all over use natural Gas.
  7. Adam Montana Weekly 20 Sept 2017

    auskay - and any others that this may pertain to: If you aren't using gmail, then that is probably the main reason Adam's email didn't come thru. I highly recommend getting a gmail account & editing your profile here on DV with that new gmail address. I went for several years, determined to not go to gmail, but receiving Adam's emails was hit & miss. Sometimes I got them, sometimes I didn't. I FINALLY switched over to gmail, and haven't had a problem since. Adam highly recommends everyone use a gmail account. Put some serious thought into doing that.
  8. Megaball 9/22/17

    From MegaMillions numbers drawn for 9/22/17 are: 5 39 54 63 66 MB 15 Megaplier 5X. 15's were cheap tonight. We had four winners tonight with matches on Megaball #15. Congratulations!! due for melaustin58, Jeepguy, trakkr, and myself. I saw no other winners. Good Luck everybody for tomorrow's Powerball drawing.
  9. 10 Years, I know nothing about the Flat Earth Society.....I will stand my grounds as a Conservative and hope this Country gets back on track.....As for Religion....I was always thought to stay away from that issue. I don't push my beliefs on other, O don't and wont teach ramble or quote scripture unless maybe it Came from the John M. Brown book of the 1911, John Garand and the M1-M14 or the BAR and who helped who do what to get it done. Maybe some chat about Duntov and early corvette Designs and what was better C2-C3-C4 or C5....I don't like the C-6 lights myself. I will debate a lot of things but I also have forum to go to for those issues and discussions....I don't come here to chat about 1911 vs Glocks, I don't come here to talk Mustang or Corvette....We are here to learn just what is going on with one thing....The Dinar. If I want a Sermon I will go to Church on Sunday and listen to them Preach....Sorry, not Sunday. I am honestly thinking I would rather banter with Shab's and B/A over Trump. Debate....Glock Vs 1911 9MM vs 45 ACP Hummer H3 vs Jeep Merc Vs Evinrude or Johnson I will discuss anything....Just don't force You Beliefs or Me and I wont do the same either. Karsten
  10. If This Rumor Is True...Good News.

    sorry.. english are not my native speaker . I learn many language and many things so sometimes i got confused. But i dont care .. Lol . I just talk what i wants. If you understand ok .. if you not understand forget it . Stop stalking me .
  11. Iraq exports natural gas to Kuwait

    The cool portion of this, is that natural gas is seldom used in the valuation of Iraq's wealth when I have looked at the viability of this thing. At one time they burning it off and it appeared that they did not even care. The natural gas alone could bring the infrastructure into being ready to support advancement.
  12. I thought it was up your wazzu religion.
  13. Silly Smiles

    When was the last time you saw a FULL service anything? even the professional lady's encourage "self service"!
  14. Megaball 9/22/17

    PB 15 17 19 31 56 pB 09 MM 12 19 20 71 73 MB 15
  15. Megaball 9/22/17

    MM 9-22-17 : 11 37 50 59 74 MB = 01
  16. Megaball 9/22/17

    pb 9/23 02 10 22 31 56 pb 08
  17. Indiana PSA

    Turn signal broken. watch for finger!
  18. Get up on the wrong side of the bed there B/A? there there shh go nighty night! 🎵rock a by babies in the tree top's🎵
  19. Iraq exports natural gas to Kuwait

    That is a pretty big statement. I am hoping it is enough to push this over the top.
  20. If This Rumor Is True...Good News.

    I took no offense. Just was thinking out loud. ♡
  21. If This Rumor Is True...Good News.

    No worries, just trying to make a light hearted comment is all. No malicious intent. Guess I failed :O( pp
  22. If This Rumor Is True...Good News.

    I understood it so that's all I care about. English is a difficult language to learn when it's not your first.
  23. If This Rumor Is True...Good News.

    So different yet the same
  24. If This Rumor Is True...Good News.

    Glad to see I'm not the only grammar police on here. I tried to correct the misdirected several times and, well, the Shiite hit the fan. Since then....nada.
  25. Iranian Rial

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