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  1. If you post all the internet rumors you can possibly find (which Luigi does very well), it leaves nothing but first hand accounts or jokes for anyone else to post. Prior to the arrival of Luigi, Thug was one of the primary rumor starters. I love Thug's rumor filtering with only the most relevant tid-bits being well presented, but not all sources. Thug allows others to have a few alternate sources to add to the thread. Now the rumors section is largely everything Luigi can dig up and Thug making jokes to liven up the threads. Thug has kept me coming back since 2007 and I appreciate Luigi's fortitude to keep bringing it while being a good sport about the jokes. Thanks to both of you for bringing daily hopium, silly gifs, and giggles to the rumor section. I will miss this after the RV, and I'm excited for the change. GO IRAQ!
  2. My browser redirects to Will LocalBitcoins also trade Electronium or should I try a different connection to attempt to connect directly to Cryptopia?
  3. Last week I had a dream that I had lots of money and quit my job. It was around the time of my sisters birthday in MARCH. I just "hopium" it is done BEFORE March 2015.
  4. There has been a great deal of propaganda about the evils of E. coli. General Escheria coli (E. coli) are a normal part of all animals digestive systems. Only a few strains are dangerous. If the dangerous strains of E. coli are able to multiply (usually a semi-sanitary environment like food) then a danger exists. If any E. coli is found in food it is an indication of fecal contamination because they are normally in feces. Most E. coli are not dangerous and are beneficial to digestion. With fecal contamination come other things besides E. coli that you may not want to eat. Thus if E. coli are found in food it is best to avoid eating it (poop). As a side note it has come to my attention that Afghanistan has a very high rate of fecal dust and anyone that has been there should do some detoxification with a holistic health provider. Detoxification and digestive balancing has resolved physical, mental and emotional issues in many individuals. Our digestive system is full of nerve cells and may contribute to our consciousness. HARMLESS E. coli can be found on toothbrushes. IF the E. coli happen to be the 0157 strain (unlikely) they are not generally able to reproduce to significant levels. Belt buckles are also a source. That being said I keep my toothbrush in the cabinet instead of on the counter. I also close the toilet before flushing to reduce airborne contaminates. I am a man and believe everyone should put the seat down before flushing. A ring to seal in the vapors or a fan to suck them away would help even more (free invention ideas). Of course a house with dedicated toilet rooms are great (outhouses are cold). Go RV!
  5. I took a nibble, looked at the html code and observed the hopeful rate is a heading typed in the code. For it to change the web admin must type something new. This does NOT seem to be a valid rate, especially since no text came from Adam. Thanks for the daily dose of hopium - I for one needed it to get my positive energies going again.
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