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  1. they cashed out, only some gurus can cash out at specific time's.
  2. when did you become the owner of the site eastgeek, freedom of speech and truth is what im saying
  3. This is a joke now they are going to raise the dinar to the dollar 1166... Give me a break, this **** aint ever going to pop. So sick of hearing we are in great shape, great news this week, It has to happen or Iraq will be broke. All lies, no Rv any time soon. F Iraq and its Dinar
  4. Just my opinion, the Iraqi Dinar is worth well more then $1.00, The way i read this article is 1:1. With that being said, i believe they will come out even with the US dollar, where most of us will cash out. Then probably in a year or so they will Revalue it to $3.00 +. They make out on both ends, they know there currency is worth more then $1.00 but pay you 1.00 to get the notes off the street. They saved 2.00 on the flip side. Its Buisness. Also coming out less then $1.00, im sure they know people will still hold onto it, now knowing that there will be a true value at some point. They know we been holding these notes for years at 1.00 they will get most off the streets.
  5. Feb 4th 2015- Feb 4th 2111... Rate anywhere between .01- Terry K's 8.13 But seriously, i feel like March will be the month we will see an RV, at at least 1.00- 2.50. Just a gut feeling, and my guts been wrong plenty of times, so odds are in my favor.
  6. So went into my local WF branch to open a new account. The branch Manager helped me out with the account. As she was doing her thing i mentioned the Iraq Dinar. She told me she just got to this branch in July. Anyway her Regional boss was there also. She called him over and i explained the Dinar. Anyway bottom line is they have no word on the Dinar, If there was any action a memo would come down, and they would make it public. Not like others say, keep it on the low down. They do profit off the exchange so why wouldnt they be upfront. So as many of you know not to listen to any guru, when the banks know we will also.
  7. 1-6-15 TNT TONY: Breaking: Iraq's Central Bank announces plans to implement dinar revaluation by end of January 2015. #wearethepeople Comment
  8. I was on the forum and there was a thread started about a Big Wig caught on video talking about ATM and removal of the 0's... It said I needed to sign in to see if I have authority to view it. Im not VIP so it didn't allow me too...Anyone want to share some info????
  9. http/ Copy and paste this link.
  10. http// im all confused
  11. I cant find it anywhere copied from another link...Mods if I posted in wrong section please move it. Thanks scroll down to The private sector contributes to increase the value of the Dinar blog.htm
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