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  1. I wonder if these two are going group up and hang out at Davos and International Conferences now like G-5, G-20 (whatever the hell the are) like Abadi was doing lol anyone remember that?
  2. The biggest Obstacle I thought I would never see them talk about. Baghdad never wanted to talk about this ever and now look at them, just wow.
  3. This is actually a great accomplishment and great sums of money and revenue. I am impressed.
  4. US Troops in the region are already getting Playing Cards with Iranian Equipment ie. trucks, weapons, missiles and playing with them.
  5. like I said good luck, should be interesting (also drop your attitude with me for stating a fact)
  6. the purchase of Iranian currency or goods remains illegal, and that also means exchanging, good luck
  7. Kurds go from Referendum in July 2019 to this now, wow. What a turn around or they are calling Baghdad's bluff.
  8. newbieDA


    Throw out everything you ever learned from so called gurus. First, we talk about Iraqi Dinar, everything else has no merit until you prove me other wise. Iraqi is that unique to us all. And second, do not be afraid to ask a question in the right place, under an article or in the proper forum RV & Dinar Questions. And third, if you ever share anything make sure it is from a credible news organization with a link and none of that garbage about Tier Banks, NDA's, 1-800 #'s and humanitarian projects unless in the garbage Rumor Section please. List of forums here. Welcome and Good luck! Don't put the cart before the horse, it is a long ride.
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