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  1. Thank you,for all you do. Blessing to you, and yours!!!🎸
  2. Thank you DT, don't get on here too much, I appreciate you taking the time to reply.
  3. What is going on with the HCL?
  4. No offence Artitech, if you don't believe it will RV, why are you here. Just asking. Believe me, I get discouraged my self, but, I keep coming back.Hope you do the same. Been on this ride 14, almost 15 years.
  5. We shall see, 14 years and counting, I'll get excited when I see the new rate.
  6. If you walk away from God, over an investment, your faith isn't in God, but the investment. Secondly Kim Jong in isn't dead, nor is he sick, but there is still time, for that profecy to be fulfilled. And lastly it is not funny to joke about someone's death. As for a revaluation, that remains to be seen, talk is cheap.
  7. Been in it going on 14 years, ready to see something happen. Trying to stay positive, gets harder with each passing day.
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