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  1. Doubt any of them work so hard as to merit that kind of pay.... Like insurance companies -- jack up the prices, screw the little guy, live large. We'd like to see a list of who / how much went to charities for tax write-offs.... Wonder how many of them are big donors to RINOS and RADICAL LEFTISTS.....
  2. ***/// Gotta watch that first step... it's a real loo-loo ! Poor lil' darlin'... Elephants are SO incredible !
  3. ***/// Brings back some great memories ! Thanks, NSTOOL... you da man !
  4. ***/// LOL !... However---- Wow.... Hardly a healthy relationship...! T'it-for-tat ain't where it's at ! Compromise, yo ! Seriously, nobody really wants to be on top all the time ! Now hug it out and come out fighting ! Hahahaha !!!
  5. ***/// Yuh.... those kommie institutions that over-charge you to brainwash your kids because the cost of hiring those fake affirmative-action professors like Pochahontas Warren ain't cheap.... and somebody has to pay for all those fake foreign students (Barry Soetoro) who come here to further their indoctrination and hang out with radical professors like Bill Ayres and his bunch of terrorists to learn how to over-throw governments... and other foreign students who need funding to complete their socialist education so they can be better Dictators-- like Fidel Castro and Manuel Noriega.... and poor unfortunate kids who can't cut it academically so have to scream fake racism in order to take a spot away from some kid who does work hard and gets stellar grades... and why should these poor unfortunate kids not be paid to undermine the Rule of Law, terrorize and destroy campuses, destroy Free Speech, destroy private property, disrespect Our Flag, violently assault decent American Patriots, Attack our Freedom of Religion, belittle our Military Veterans and Law Enforcement, be taught little Brown-Shirt tactics to terrorize our population and agitate their way across our Republic's landscape..... ???????? Oh hell no. Here's a school for you ===> F.U. .
  6. ***/// So true ! Hahaha !
  7. ***/// Epic cuteness...!
  8. ***/// We still do this.... our old junk still works... like us.... Ol' Sarge's old Reel-to-Reel is still pouring smooth jazz through the jungle nights...
  9. Bump 2.0
  10. BWA-HA-HA-HA....!
  11. ***/// He's Thug-a-licious, ain't he..? ! He's our fantasy 'bad-boy' boyfriend ! .
  12. Why should Patriotic Americans be forced to pick up the tab for these little indoctrinated kommies who are hell-bent on destroying our Republic...? Suck it up you irresponsible little traitors ! If you hate Capitalism SO much, why did you incur the debt to begin with...? If you got a problem with the high cost of your kommie education, why don't you ask all your 'supposed' socialist teachers why THEY act like a bunch of Capitalist pigs by demanding outrageous salaries for brain-washing you....? MORONS. All that money and you're all still a bunch of ignorant tools. .