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  1. We're running out of time..... dirt naps are nigh.... sigh.....
  2. Keep pounding 'em ! Stay on 'em guys ! Don't let 'em come up for air ! Smother the rat basturds ! Using women and children as shields is a clear sign of their cowardice....! We're sorry about the collateral casualties of innocents.... but the world has no choice at this juncture.
  3. We LOVE the NASCAR ! GO FAST, TURN LEFT, GO FAST, TURN LEFT ! Watch 'em go !...and don't forget to Drink your milk ! The only thing that freaks us out is that sometimes they wanna fly and they go airborne and almost give us 2 heart attacks over here ! And sometimes they wanna climb into the stands and eat the fans ! Eeek...! Sure wish those pit crew guys worked at our local tire shop.. ya'll have no idea how long it takes our local guys here to rotate n' balance the Cooper tires on TheGiantVan over here...sigh....
  4. LOL ! NSTOOLMAN & TheMULE.... move to the head of the class !
  5. Forgive him for he knows not what he does..... Apparently he's ill... very ill. How he became a TRAITOR to his Country is a lesson to all on how kommie indoctrination can take over an even once sane and moral mind. Once a man who professed to love our Republic, took The Oath and served under Her Flag, he's now no more than a poster boy for EVIL. It's clearly evident -- he's lost his damned mind. Doesn't even realise he's being USED.
  6. BRAVO ! Well put, LGD ! We must take a stand against these tyrannical despots and the army of domestic Marxist terrorists they've bred right here in our midst ! Call out their lame stream media propaganda machines! Stop them in their tracks ! President Trump is doing it -- and so should We The People ! Stand with our President and deny the usurpers and their evil !
  7. You forgot one, PatriotPATRICK --- NPR. One of their sneakiest footholds in media indoctrination. A place old leftist / Marxist hippies went to disseminate their slow drip, drip, drip of kommie gonorrhea....
  8. Brucie must be using the First Bank of Bedrock, because we've already been able to do lightening-speed transfers. Why, even our Bitcoin flies around so fast ya can't see it with the naked eye ! Guess it's different when you live under a rock, huh, Brucie, ya garden slug.
  9. Yup, WHN.... that's them, alright.... hope they all choke on their red Kool-Aid. But what's even more disturbing is the red army of underlings ho'bummer left implanted all over the place. They're in EVERY agency, especially his pet project EPA.... and his strong-arm machine IRS. Those two agencies are going to kick & scream the hardest and be the first to unleash kommie union lawyers and ACLU thugs on Trump the minute he tries to drain their little corners of the swamp....
  10. There ain't no Chiltons for chicks, guys.... pretty much OJT all the way. GOOD LUCK & GODSPEED, MEN !
  11. Lying hypocrites exposed . Filthy kommie pigs.
  12. DAMN SKIPPY ! GREAT IDEA ! Outta PLUS+1's, GREG.... we'll DEFINITLEY be back after we get our ammo drop !
  13. .........................! the moonwalking bit is too, too much !
  14. Why did ho'bummer decide to open every intel agency to sharing info with one another right before he walked out the door...? So it'll be harder to track the leakers he left in place in every one of 'em. If he truly believed it was for the good of US, why did he wait 8 years to do it...? BECAUSE HE KNEW IT WAS WRONG -- AND REMOVED THE CHECKS AND BALANCES AND WILL CREATE THE CHAOS HE NEEDS TO DO HIS DIRTY WORK AGAINST THIS REPUBLIC IN ORDER TO FINISH HIS JOB TO TAKE US DOWN FOR HIS EVIL GLOBALIST MASTERS. And he left his shadow government operatives embedded in every one of 'em... their job is to pass info off to each other and get it out to his D.C. think tank office so it can be manipulated, released to their propaganda machine msm and disseminated to break the Trump Administration. We're already seeing the results of it in action.... no warrants being pulled by any agency to eavesdrop on Americans (yes, like Flynn), fake news being generated at break-neck speed to inundate the American people.... all whilst ramping up the paid rioters, strikers and indoctrinators... Is it illegal...?... YOU BET IT IS ! But who does Trump go after...? The leftist kommies have polluted the water in the swamp SO much, it'd be a full time job for an army of Patriots to try to untangle. How Trump will identify and eradicate the embedded intel vermin remains to be seen.... as the kommie unions have a firm foothold in these vanity appointments by ho'bummer who will hang on tooth and nail and strangle Trump one lie at a time... one false flag event at a time... And protecting this criminal cartel the left has entrenched..... ?... yes.... the kommie kangaroo courts ho'bummer built whilst in office for just this purpose. Their job is to delay TRUE JUSTICE and tie Trump's hands at every turn.... so he has no recourse as the government collapses around him. It's all by evil design, folks. "how to take down a government 101" ... a real classic we've seen before. Problem is -- How to convince the American people that it is REALLY HAPPENING HERE --- TO US ! And that it MUST be stopped !
  15. And none of these fake "news" outlets has the capacity to even write and deliver a thousand words anymore, PP... they're too busy whining, crying, screaming and lying . Any President who can kick that much kollective propaganda azz in one room is a Chuck Norris-style Patriot !