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  1. Us, too, CHESS ! Hey, stop this thing ! We wanna get off...! .
  2. Silly Smiles

  3. He is called Captain for a reason!

    "Roger has a Ruger"...
  4. And why not. They very easily could attain that 20% goal by taking the illegal aliens off it alone ! Then the career abusers who've been on it since their momma and their momma's momma. Hell, let's raise that number and say we can take 40% or more off...! And quit sending our food overseas... there ARE Americans here who really need it. Haiti...? Aw, hell, no.. KILLary & her "foundation" raised enough "donations" to make every Haitian a millionaire. .
  5. Besides - this weasel has already turned on Comey and is beginning to feed on his own kind. Look at his self-righteous meanderings with every lame shout-out.... He's either incredibly stupid in trying to cover his own azz, or INTENTIONALLY throwing the rest of his vile fellow colluders under the bus whilst he's being taken down ! Based on his public statements since being fired ===> he just put Comey in Federal Prison for YEARS ! Rat. Vermin. Filth. Traitor. Human garbage !! .
  6. More Dems Disavow Pelosi

    You bet they're up to no good ! Look at the kommie party here back in 1921... they were making a huge push then to do exactly what they're doing now. Every kommie take-over we've seen in all our years on this planet ALWAYS starts with co-opting our youth & poisoning them ! Destroy the Teachers unions now ! Remove the partisan hacks from our schools and School Boards where they have weasled their way in to implement their vile agenda ! .
  7. Draining the swamp... draining the swamp.... one by one.... dominoes falling..... Our friends in the Intel Community up there are cheering and relieved they are finally getting some relief from these ho'bummer-embedded monsters in their midst ! Don't believe the kommie LameStreamMedia's propagnada that Trump hates the CIA, FBI, DOJ ! Our friends up there ALL know better ! And are 100% behind the eradication of these traitors ! .
  8. Hillarious Drunk and Falling Down

    Indeed a waste of skin. An evil monster unleashed on the world by satan. Getting her just desserts now for all the chaos & mayhem she has spawned on humanity ! .
  9. Somebody NEGS us for telling the TRUTH about the ho'bummer collusion to elect KILLary and take down the People's choice of President..? Seriously..? Are you daft...? ! If you fail to see what is being exposed now & who the REAL perps are, you should buy a plane ticket for Venezuela or Cuba and hand over your U.S. Passport now. You're too ignorant to live here & claim to be an American Patriot ! .
  10. Silly Smiles

  11. More Dems Disavow Pelosi

    Put her out to pasture ====> on the Border so she can mow the grass all day and night !!!!!
  12. Draining the swamp now officially underway !!!! Don't stop there ! There are SO MANY more kommie-loving varmints embedded up in there !!!!!
  13. Break 'em up ! They are far too powerful ! And using all that leftist power for evil AGAINST US. Amazon, MicroSoft, et al.... the left always wants to tear up our companies... what's good for the goose... these leftist-owned / operated giants need to be broken up, too! .

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