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  1. As a Sistah myself, I'm gonna call her out as I want, when I want. I ain't no late night talk show host who gets pass....? I ain't no white comedian man hollerin' like a card-carrying member of the kkk...? She a dog. Deal with it.
  2. Get out of healthcare gubment... it ain't nunya dam bidniz.
  3. A human silver bullet to The Fed everywhere. Right on target , Honey. Global Fed is a ruse being perpetrated against humanity.
  4. .... ...!!
  5. Those who donate their time to others, are sharing one of the most precious gifts there is... Especially when done so for those who gave so much that We The People may enjoy our time... Volunteer with a Veterans organization today.
  6. BRAVO story, FOUR TWO NINER -- Loved it ! (we know a Black Lab that saved a man who was going into a diabetic shock.... they're great dogs!) Your analogy is right on. The tools of the msm doing the bidding of their deep state masters has left them SO FOCUSED on one thing, that they are rendered of no other use to the public whatsoever. A cog in an evil wheel that just grinds on and on in one direction building up a momentum which will eventually over-heat and burn itself down... kinda like what's happening to them now, actually. They're not even as smart as a dog... they don't know when to stop.
  7. We watched it again... yup.... STILL funny as hell ! HAhahahahahahaaaa...!
  8. Now THAT ain't right ! Just don't wear a red bathing suit and maybe nobody'll notice.
  9. ***/// You busted biatch. You deceitful, Lyin' LowRenta. Consistently throwin' "the team" under the bus ain't gonna save yo' hag hide. You Hillarious's house n---a, ain't ya. What dat Clinton Cabal got on you dat you won't roll over on dem.... c'mon now, sistah... Dem Clinton's gave you dem jobs bcuz dey knew you would do their biddin' jus' like a good ignorant tool oughtta, right...? You a fool, LowRenta.... you been used by yo' Clinton massahs.... ain't you got no pride, girl...? You looked da fool, you sounded da' fool, you is a fool. We saw you shakin' n' dodgin'.....Musta been hard to keep yo' alligator mouth from over-ridin' yo' hummin'bird azz and lynchin' yerself, you moron. Lock her up.
  10. We Love You, Canada ! Best neighbor ever !
  11. Sigh... as soon as they hit a milestone, IMF & UN raise the bar... again.... so it seems from where we're standin', anyway... double sigh.... We thought they'd already struck a deal with Kuwait re: reparations and had that paid off long ago.. and received their blessing from UN to move to next stage.... and here IT'S back in the news this week... WTF...?!
  12. ..................