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  1. SgtFuryUSCZ

    Silly Smiles

    ***/// Looks like we may be here for quite a while this time. And not for fun, sorry to say. May have to send you down bushwhackin' solo... ***/// Still sassy n' brassy ! Just a bit under the weather so to speak. ***/// Hey, FOUR TWO NINER ! ***/// Draggin' eachother's sorry carcasses through The V.A. & the Moffitt Cancer Center. We're fightin' back like devil dogs ! Glad ya'll been keepin' us in yer Prayers coz the debbil's got us by the toe ! .
  2. SgtFuryUSCZ

    Army Madness

    ***/// Ooh-Rah ! He's why we get kicked out of local gyms... we don't work out... we're drooling spectators !
  3. SgtFuryUSCZ

    Silly Smiles

    ***/// Man, oh, man did we ever miss you guys ! .
  4. SgtFuryUSCZ


    ***/// Bravo ! KRISTID ! Thank you for the post !
  5. SgtFuryUSCZ

    Holy moly!

    ***/// We're thrilled to check in and see less kommie propaganda. We may even return to recommending this website again ! .
  6. SgtFuryUSCZ

    Pervert (Clinton) Alert

    A senile old hangdog with a delusional wife who drinks too much box wine & wanders in the woods.. .
  7. ***/// Loved the article YerYOTAness ! Thank you ! .
  8. ***/// The epic lying of these 'false-narrative' tools of the left is being exposed ! These self-victimizing morons are only hurting themselves with this ignorance of Truth. Keep crying "wolf" and soon everyone will stop paying attention to them when they whine & cry. These idiots set the Black movement for Equality back 100 years. .
  9. ***/// Plantation / Slave mentality endorsed, enforced & perpetrated by the leftist ilk is being exposed more and more every day. One Diamond & Silk is worth 10 Oprahs...! Candace & Kanye need to continue their education campaign against the REAL racists & haters ==> the left ! .
  10. ***/// Now we have liberals opting for their daughters to date /marry MS-13 Gang members over Conservatives. Proving once again that 'liberalism' is a serious mental disorder. Agree 100%, BOHICA. . .
  11. SgtFuryUSCZ

    Silly Smiles

  12. How is it that Rosenstein even still HAS a Law Licence...? WTF...?! That guy oughtta be in a Federal Pen somewhere. .
  13. SgtFuryUSCZ

    Urgent...On Iraqi TV.

    maliki vs abadi... Iraqi version of klinton vs Trump... evil vs good. Iran is their version of the left's deep state here. And we all know how THAT turned out. the evil maliki better get used to walking in the woods and swilling wine by the box. ee

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