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  1. Warning !

    can they also punish our American CNN ,,,, and the tabloids !!!
  2. Google the rate! Big change!

    I think they are testing the system , it would be interesting if members from other countries noticed the same thing .
  3. Thank you , I hope it is true for them and all peoples .
  4. It is for WHEEL OF FORTUNE ,,,, right now they are trying hard to find a Vanna white that is the hold up on the news.
  5. View of southside of yard looking West.JPG

    Congratulations , it looks very nice !!! and your yard looks ready for a bbq grill
  6. Issue No. 4430 Dated 9/1/2017 !

    it says Luigi is always right with his rumors
  7. The Moment The Truth Approaches Iraq !

    Very interesting language in these final sentences , also it is intriguing on the phrase , let us redouble our efforts, both of them 1. We all missed a golden opportunity in 2003 to rebuild Iraq to become a land where every Iraqi can truly feel his citizenship in a country where he is treated fairly regardless of ethnic and sectarian affiliation. In the Japanese example we say that the third time is fixed, so let us all redouble our efforts, both of them, to make Iraq a better place where the people of the country can achieve all their capabilities as they deserve
  8. I was in Asia several years back , and it was difficult to exchange dollars. As I found out outside the united states some countries are flooded with bad currency. I went to about 4 banks before I could exchange.
  9. New CBI announcement 07/24/2017

    maybe this is one of the first steps to stopping the sales of dinars gradually , so they can ,, tighten up the loose ends so to speak.
  10. what this means to me is they can get started on reconstruction faster for the country as a whole as the money can flow companies and people can get paid , imports and exports can take place and so many other factors. so a economy can start again and a quality of life can begin again. this is really a great article.
  11. Thanks Yota , this is actually really big news . if they are going into real time processing this leads to a means of rapid expansion in banks all over , so I believe a great many things are going on behind the curtain maybe faster than we think at this point in time.
  13. oh mio babbina caro

    Thank you , !!!
  14. oh mio babbina caro

    hello everyone , I hope you like this one my daughter sings rock and opera she did this show for a retirement center this is her natural voce without a mike . she is 16 . her led zeppelin videos are on page 3 she is trying to get more subscriber's on her channel and views so I hope you all can help . thanks Steve
  15. led zeppelin no quarter

    after you click on the video link , please restart it for some reason it skipped ahead a minute or so. sorry .

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