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  1. I think that #Adam Montana doing good job here. But the problem lies at GOI can't move on due to corruption and dysfunctional governance between their Member of House Representatives and GOI itself. Iraq have potential to be a great nation if they really care about their own citizen. As we all can see now, they should focus to legalize and implement all of the important law to make Iraq a better place for their citizen instead of the doing robbery and terrorise their own citizen. It such a pity that Iraqis don't have any choices but to rely help from foreigners to move forward and become a nation again. I hope that all international nations will be able to push GOI moving forward for Iraqis to be able live properly and above poverty-stricken that impose by their own government. I also hope that Iraqis can have good quality live. Its already more than 1 generation Iraqi citizen that suffered from the abuse. Let us hope that international committee can help Iraqis live well. Than we can see IQD doing well as it supposed. It just my 2 cent opinion.
  2. If they seriously want to end corruptions, they must know that as long as Hydrocarbon law and all other finance law not fully implemented, they will never see end of corruption and all the Iraqis money gone forever. They must make something on how to confiscate all money that has been gone through maliki and gang.
  3. As long that Supreme Court or POTUS himself don't intervene, they still playing with citizen future. What's the different between GOI and all other terrorise if they don't want to legalize Hydrocarbon law and finance management law? I think when we compare ISIS governance and GOI governance, ISIS is better. Even many country that don't have any earth resources are better in governance then them. For example, Singapore. Or maybe we can compare them with other Southeast Asia countries. Or with Kuwait itself. Or maybe with Russia with heavy embargo impose on them. Well, they really don't have any excuses because they are not responsible to their citizen + dysfunctional citizen. They should wake up and arise against these type of government.
  4. What we can do? They have dysfunctional govt, dysfunctional Court and dysfunctional citizen.
  5. Do GOI really care about their citizen? With this kind of antic problematic member of Parliament, I don't think so. Its better that supreme court take over the country, put all the corrupters in jail, then do make over election. That is the best solution for Iraqis.
  6. looks like that someone want to rule iraq illegally.... why they cant accept election result and change govt?
  7. thanks for the news. if mr. haider abadi do what he suppose to do, he will win a land slide winning. now, they have to recount back the ballots.....wasting iraqi time to move on... he cannot blame anyone but himself with this result. if al sard win, its hard to see any progress in iqd. i'm not said that he is not capable but can he not make same mistakes like abadi n maliki? time will tell.
  8. IN National Iraqi might reject loans offered during Kuwait conference: Source by Nehal Mostafa Feb 15, 2018, 1:02 pm Baghdad ( An informed Iraqi source from cabinet has said that Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi might reject the loans offered to the country during Kuwait conference as the government is unable to burden more debts. Speaking to Alghad Press, the cabinet source said, “Abadi will discuss during the meeting today the loans offered to Iraq during the Kuwait International Conference for the Reconstruction of Iraq, estimated at US$ 27 billion. Rejecting the loans is possible.” Iraq, according to the source, “can reject the loans, in case it depended on foreign investments. The loans will be tackled in the meeting today.” “World Bank previously urged the Iraqi government not to get more loans, including the facilitated ones. However, the participant countries offered Iraq loans that threaten its wealth in case of not organizing the investments. The central bank said during the conference that the government cannot afford more loans after reaching the maximum rate over the past four years and that it will pay back for them over the coming six decades, the source said. Iraqi officials previously said that the reconstruction of Iraq, in wake of a three-year war against Islamic State militants, requires US$88.2 billion and giving priority to the housing issue.
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