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  1. This power of lifting parliament immunity suppose to be power of federal court, not Parliament members. Nobody will vote lifting their immunities from crimes. They're joking, right? 🤔
  2. To Mr Barzani Dynasty... People of Kurdistan will be very grateful if your dynasty return back all Kurdistan wealth that your dynasty keep at oversea banks. Thanks a lot.
  3. Perhaps they want to block communication due to this Friday demonstration.... Just maybe....
  4. I think that they try to make jokes. It's not funny when they're supposed to vote and implement hydrocarbon law many years ago. And to make it worse, they failed to RV the IQD and make Iraqi live in poverty to satisfied their greed. It seems that maybe GOI is really dysfunctional government. Well, I hope that Iraqis wake up from their sleep and do something to the corruptors for their next generation sake.
  5. GOI terrorising their own dysfunctional Iraqi citizen by not taking any action to Maliki and gang... That's why Oil And Gas Law so important to voted and implement immediately by GOI
  6. I believe this will be greatest chance so far for Iraqi wake up from their sleep. I hope that all the embezzlement will be stopped and all the Iraq wealth will be returned to the CBI. Than only all the corruptors can be caught and judged. I hope that all Iraqis will read and take action to all corruptors on behalf of their children because the corruptors are more cruel than Mr Saddam Hussain himself.
  7. I think that #Adam Montana doing good job here. But the problem lies at GOI can't move on due to corruption and dysfunctional governance between their Member of House Representatives and GOI itself. Iraq have potential to be a great nation if they really care about their own citizen. As we all can see now, they should focus to legalize and implement all of the important law to make Iraq a better place for their citizen instead of the doing robbery and terrorise their own citizen. It such a pity that Iraqis don't have any choices but to rely help from foreigners to move forward and become a nation again. I hope that all international nations will be able to push GOI moving forward for Iraqis to be able live properly and above poverty-stricken that impose by their own government. I also hope that Iraqis can have good quality live. Its already more than 1 generation Iraqi citizen that suffered from the abuse. Let us hope that international committee can help Iraqis live well. Than we can see IQD doing well as it supposed. It just my 2 cent opinion.
  8. If they seriously want to end corruptions, they must know that as long as Hydrocarbon law and all other finance law not fully implemented, they will never see end of corruption and all the Iraqis money gone forever. They must make something on how to confiscate all money that has been gone through maliki and gang.
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