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  1. I don't really see this happening until 2020. That is just my inpatient opinion because I'm tired of this nonsense as well.
  2. Well like Nancy P. Stated, you don't know what's in a bill until you pass it! Lol, I love my (our) America but some people should not hold this kind of title. Now, what they have in Iraq is a whole another story, in fact Iraq sh*#t or get off the pot!
  3. That could take them month's or the entire 2019. They don't like sharing with any other tribe! What they doing with the auction's is lining the elders pockets, then theirs, and maybe to their people. Jmo!
  4. I still believe it will be at the beginning of the year, and as it follows.......
  5. My husband had a dream before we started this $3.48 or $3.84. So we went for it!
  6. Always did me the same, for months. Now, it's fine I don't have any problem.
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