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  1. No bought politicians , Trump all the way
  2. Since Cruz is a Lawyer and a politician that gives me enough reason to go with Trump.
  3. My prayers are with you and your daughter , so sorry to hear that. My daughter rides also.
  4. hmm so I guess you will be voting for Hillarious ,Sanders or Biden or maybe a republican choice that is bought by big money doners im they sure will fix the country , I think I will go with Trump
  5. I wonder which candidates would be controlled alot by their campaign donors ? and now are just giving us all a good sales pitch.
  6. For someone with nothing to hide it sure took O a long time to show his birth certificate hmm?
  7. My virus protection kicks in to block some kind of virus or something on here every time strange ???.
  8. Didn't our great President just aide the enemy and help them to be stronger in their fight against us? Wow it is something new every week with this administration they are the most corrupt ever IMO
  9. Mesopotamia is a great album by the B's , one of my favs . They were all good.
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