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  1. Expectations delay the highest judicial authority in Iraq to ratify the election results because of “winners” Twilight News 6 hours ago The legal expert Tariq Harb on Wednesday that the process of ratification of the results of the legislative elections that took place last May because of the blocking of the Federal Supreme Court to ratify the winners who suffered a constitutional or legal defect after the nomination or appeared after him. "The stage of the complaint before the Commission and the appeals stage before the electoral judiciary will be completed within a week by rejecting complaints from the Commission and rejecting the appeals from the judiciary in the Court of Cassation, it will begin the ratification phase of the Federal Supreme Court on the electoral results, Will participate in the parliament session. " He added that "the Constitution granted this court under paragraph VII of Article 93 of the Constitution ratification so the Court will block the ratification or delay ratification until the settlement of the winner who suffered a constitutional or legal defect in the period of nomination to participate in elections that were months before the date of ratification or appeared This is what happened in the previous electoral cycles, especially the media has published some of these issues for the winners or the official authorities have taken legal action against some of the winners. Therefore, the non-ratification or postponement of ratification is a matter of The upper punch as long as it has had the authority to ratify the election results by virtue of the Constitution. " He pointed out that "the lack of ratification of some of the names will not affect that the Constitution requires the majority to achieve the quorum and the majority of 165 of the number of members of the parliament of 329 and therefore the ratification The 165 of the number of winners sufficient to achieve the quorum of parliamentary sessions. " Keywords: http://www.shafaaq.com/ar/Ar_NewsReader/e3324f31-d859-4784-a2e5-6ff599144d50 August 15, 2018 at 5:02 AM | Categories: Uncategorized | URL: https://wp.me/p59rRV-hhW
  2. If the US pulls SWIFT out from under Iran again, they are really in trouble.
  3. Carrello


    Gee, what a man! And you sound so educated and articulate too. What a package you must be. __
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    Stop. There are ladies on this site.
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    You have been able to sell your IQD back to Dinar Trade or XchangeAmerica for years. You completed a form, sent your IQD to them and they sent you a check. Now you can get cash immediately. I don't see what this has to do with an RV. If you walked into XA and wanted to exchange one million IQD, do you think you would get cash? How about 20 of us walk in on the same day and want to exchange $1 million apiece? Cash? Never going to happen. I would be scared to death to walk in and expect cash for any amount unless there were US Marines guarding the parking lot or they were my personal escort to get to the next depository. You couldn't walk into your local bank branch and get $1 million cash out of your own bank account on demand. They don't have it on hand, and a transfer would be handled electronically, unless you waited for the bank to transfer in the cash and then you get to bury it your backyard. I see this cash on request type transaction as a convenience for people that want to cash out quickly. Cash or check? The only difference is 4-5 days. ps Ali sold Dinar Trade years ago and that is when it became XchangeAmerica.
  6. I wish I had the energy you have, and I admire your tenacity because it takes a whole lot to be negative when we have good news.
  7. Thanks, Pitcher! Federal courts are ready to take it to the next step. Progress!
  8. Thanks, Dinareffic! This is great news and more progress for Iraq.
  9. I stopped posting news a few years ago, and this media source, The Baghdad Post, was started just two years ago, so I am not familiar with it and its' bent. Anybody familiar with it? Is it a friend of Maliki that owns it? I can't even get onto the site, but that is probably on my end. Anybody else read the actual article? Personally, I will reserve the accuracy of this headline until I can figure out the source. If I have learned one thing while on the IQD Ride, it is to save judgement on the news until you investigate the source, the actual process, and the political situation at the moment that would fuel news that is detrimental to the opposition or progress.
  10. Thug is okay but he makes too degrading camel jokes. Camels have feelings too! 🤗
  11. Good morning, Yota, and thank you for the news. You are the "King of News" and Buti is the "Queen of News." Thank you to both of you for all you do for the dinar community. I did news posting for several sites for years and I know what it takes. There is much more than just a cut and paste and it takes hours. You have to find the news combing through Iraq media, translate the article, read the article, analyze it for its relevance and strength and make the decision to post or not, then post it (the easy part of the process) and finally highlight and format the article to make it easier for others to read. And voila' we have news. We do what we do because we want to. Nobody makes us do it. But you both deserve a crown and a warm and appreciative "thank you."
  12. Best of the weekend to you too, Synopsis. But I do make mistakes, but I am willing to learn and move on. Who knew anything about Iraq or IQD when they first got into this investment. Certainly not I.
  13. Buti, I completely support your comments. How many times have we heard "where's my money?" Never a care or thought about what Iraqs are going through, always about ME. I find it fascinating that people criticizing Iraq and its people as lazy, dirty, crooks, and morons can't wait to make money off of their country. For eight years it has boggled my mind. This is what happens when people do not regard the IQD and its reform, as a long term investment. There is no research done, no understanding of the processes. Buti is one of the few that research and understand what is going on, and my hat is off to her. I have never seen so many uneducated comments regarding an investment, an investment that will change peoples lives. I make comments and many times I am wrong. But at least there is some thought involved, right or wrong. And how dare anyone here disrespect Buti and her work here. She has been here for years bringing it everyday for all of you, people she does not know. That is selflessness. She has forgotten more about Iraq and IQD than you will ever know.
  14. Carrello

    CBI News 07/29/2018

    Maybe you can help me understand this story from the Wall Street Journal regarding the current IRS director nominee, Charles Rettig, owning real estate in a trump-branded property in Hawaii. You have to admit this is a more compelling story than Pres Obama's friend just buying a private piece of property. Can you help? If not, the Senate meeting on Thursday should help to clear this up. Boy, Hawaii is sure a popular place. IRS Nominee Owns Property at Trump-Branded Project in Hawaii Charles Rettig is likely to face questions about the real estate at a Thursday confirmation hearing By Richard Rubin June 27, 2018 8:20 p.m. ET WASHINGTON—President Donald Trump’s nominee to run the Internal Revenue Service owns real estate in a Trump-branded property in Hawaii, according to a Senate staff memo......... Charles Rettig, a California tax lawyer, had previously disclosed owning residential real estate in Hawaii valued at between $1 million and $5 million without including the exact location. He is likely to face questions about the property at a Thursday confirmation hearing in the Senate Finance Committee TO READ THE FULL STORY https://www.wsj.com/articles/irs-nominee-owns-property-at-trump-branded-project-in-hawaii-1530145219

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