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  1. HCL would be great but how can they when they were over 300 billion dollars short for the upcoming budget, unless. Uhhhh, RV. Wonder if they have thought of that option yet. Is someone keeping track of the money borrowed so far.
  2. My father and mother lived in Baja 17 years I've heard a quite a few stories regarding accidents some good some really bad. I guess it all depends on who you talk to who you know. So fakeness I don't think so. Take care
  3. When I was in junior high about 40 years ago I looked for just a quick second also to see the eclipse. The recommended punched hole in the paper just wasn't working for me. That Crescent shape figure that I now see reminds me of that kidding guess I got lucky. I think it's all a conspiracy theory, they don't want you to look up at the solar eclipse because Trump is launching missiles or doing something terribly bad at the same time as the eclipse, that's what I hear on the liberal media stations.
  4. 430 billion dollars short. Ouch. How much longer can they keep this up.
  5. Thats $70 greenbacks before they start to help you, not after.
  6. Thats like saying all black people are racist. Of course when you are a narcissist then you can only see what others do to you and not what you to do to others. Self pity will get you nowhere
  7. Sheez. All the best. Stay clear of that 🐕.....
  8. I disagree. Obama did much more, but unfortunately it was damage to get back at the Europeans and to bring the US to its knees and flood his own kind in, evil spawn.
  9. And he loves his country, appreciates it for what its given him and does not want to destroy it like the last POS POTUS.
  10. Thank you pattyangel. The nice thing about Trump is you don't want to mess with him. You mess with him you get double it back, so they should be expecting it if they're smart enough. But you know the left when they're losing they double up and loose twice as much. We now are in the know. The CORRUPTION will stop and it will be painful for those that are no longer being allowed to take from the American people. Gooooo President Trump, goooo American people.
  11. Ya, what you said. Bought UVXY, nugget. I Did well until DUST, turned me to dust.
  12. Bump to the top of the other posts. Good luck. I have had to sell and repurchase again myself.
  13. Distraction to the real prize. Maliki's vault. Should be about 300 billion left in it even after all the pay offs.
  14. That pretty much covers all crimes against Iraq, including the ones committed by Maliki. Now just RV already.