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  1. Bump. I hope someone can help.
  2. At least you are honest. I like that. You have my vote.
  3. They will need to make it's safe when they're climbing over or else they may get hurt and Sue the US government
  4. I want to see the body and then DNA test. And a second and third and fourth opinion and not by fellow government politicians either
  5. Disappointed

    Did you get help yet or at least solve your problem.
  6. Disappointed

    John, if there truly was a double purchase you should be able to contact your bank and ask them to cancel one of them. I'm truly sorry about your wife. A lot of us have lost a loved one since we joined this venture. I wish I could help money-wise I am cash strapped myself and still loaned out $160 to a co-worker and then he was fired. There has to be someone that will help you out.
  7. Ya, that Iraqi politicians are a joke that's for damn sure. It may or may not RV but the way I figure is I'm getting by barely. The only great hope for the future is if it does RV. If it doesn't at least I had hope for some potential wealth in my life. We all know Social Security is not going to cut it and unless you work for the government you going to be struggling when you retire.
  8. Alleged puerto rican cop calls radio station and says Democrat mayor is sabotaging relief effort to make President Trump look bad.
  9. Sorry your beat up. Glad you got a nice bunch of fish.
  10. Prayer request friends!

    Prayers up.
  11. " I think a lot of Iraqis found it very tough to be in Europe as refugees" . And I would say vice a versa I think most every place found it difficult to live with them besides being blown up.
  12. Paul Ryan

    This guy is a rhino. I would say he is not on Trump's side which only leaves one other side. I'm sure that bill they signed had plenty of pork in it to pass around to all of his buddies.
  13. If they found nothing of substance, Im waiting for a major apology. Lol.

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