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  1. To add a little; While the people that were there to protect and serve the people of Iraq robbed its people blind and sent them into the abyss. Then they RV'd, The end.
  2. Hard to believe. The world of crazy continues.
  3. Amen. I prayed that god would heal her immediatly.
  4. He gets it from the guru sites. Even THE gurus gota get it right 1 out of 100. People keep posting to his topics, and keeps his topics above the others. Get used to it.
  5. Same place the rest of all the funds/slush go. Pay to play, vote buying, pentions. Same place the new gas tax for the roads is going and the money that was suppose to go repair the dams in northern california that broke. Its all a big scam. Iraq is a good example of what the US is.
  6. Well, We now know your not a democrat. I hope these people are paid retroactive for the HCL not being passed all these years.
  7. Enough to fill your bath tub¿ Then when you have drank about half, you can invite her in to help finish it. But then again I hear they dont take a whole lot of baths over there.
  8. Ahhhhh, hells bells. Can we call it smoke, like the last 14 years of political _ great smoke out.
  9. next, soon, next chapter and accountability must all be like mañana in spanish.
  10. Why kick him, he's just another luigi. Kick one kick all. People think its funny. You must be aa little slow or just dont know when to give it a rest. Just as long as those dinar sales commisions keep coming in why not screw with people and see if any people will buy some more, kinda heartless.
  11. Ya, your right. Better to put bounty on ISIS HEADS or send you in to take them out.
  12. The regurgitated guru stuff these people think is funny and welcome it. Peronal first hand experiences keep to yourself, got it. At least you got over 50 posts for it . And we all learned a valuable lesson from it.