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  1. I hope the Iraqee people are saying the same thing.
  2. It reads ground turkey, but really it's ground rat from China. Probably not even meat, organ meat, gizards and glands.
  3. How about the "hands up don't shoot" movement. Unfortunately the media is part of the corruption.
  4. Impact of Iraq 2018 elections.
  5. jg1

    CBI News 05/16/2018

    ATMs have been available in Iraq for quite some time ago. I think just recently just added a payment system,. Like a Visa card that gets loaded maybe, assuming that part. Kinda like unemployment now a days.
  6. If they don't go for Maliki, why even go. The one that killed the most, took the most, isis, Iran. He's a regular Hillarious.
  7. jg1

    The US Election Fix

    I would say there is corruption on both sides. That's why I am with the Trump party. Even Trump is not perfect but it's the best thing going for us right now. well I think first of all for the society that we now have, a corrupt past sitting president would have to put in his people, the right ones the ones that will do whatever it takes including massive corruption Superior Court FBI CIA you name it. You have an agenda a way of thinking be politically correct global warming conquer and divide you name it anything for the cause. Saddam Hussein did it by paying off all his people, to spy on others and get rid of the people against you. Make back door deals, pay to play, legal ways and not so legal ways over the table under the table. You Brainwash the people into doing what a lot of other countries have done like Venezuela Cuba Mexico, any country that does not understand socialism and communism very well including our own love to think that free things are a great way to go. Unfortunately people don't understand things are not free they have to be paid for by people that have money and if you spread the money out enough eventually you run out. I have a hundred bucks and everyone wants a piece pretty soon you'll have nothing like the rest because everyone is getting free, why work. So if the unions are part of the money/ vote machien and the schools and other countries the media it's very easy to brainwash people including our kids from a young age up to the school college years also all the people you let in illegaly, and give free stuff to them too. And you wonder why, how did we elect Obama twice almost Hillarious and Sanders. It's because we have all been brainwashed to a point. Thank goodness there were enough of us left to understand we were being lied to our children were being lied to the government was no longer for the people but for themselves and we were left to defend ourselves. Without a gun LOL. While we are struggling, the government is raking it in. Trump was our knight in shining armor he was the one that wants to stop the money train the brainwashing the corruption and boy do people want to stop him and there are a lot of people on the take. Trump is right when he said we are going to win so much we were going to be tired of winning. All those billions and billions and billions trillions of dollars being money laundered would be going back to the people. The kids being taught the right thing understanding the truth and God back into our society. The scary part is even we do fix 25% 50% it will eventually happen again where people are going to want free stuff and that's who they will vote in and we will fail. And bounce back and fail. I guess that's the human side of us. So all we can do is our best, love and hold those who we love and cherish close to us and help those people as much as we can.
  8. jg1

    Alaska - Bears - Hunting

    Nice. I have a nephew living and going to college in Fairbanks. When school is out he counts fish for work in the rivers. Dont think he wants to come home now.
  9. Yep, construction, gardeners, housekeepers, cooks, sanitation, you name it. Where do you think the 20 million illegals work? I say what ever the number its not what the government is telling us.
  10. jg1

    Is it too late???

    Bump. This guy needs some help. Any input will be appreciated.
  11. jg1

    Is it too late???

    No RV yet = Not too late. Buy a million Iraq dinar minimum to start. Should cost around 750-800 bucks. Then buy a few more million. Don't buy with sudam on the notes. Your dad should help, what the heck.
  12. Umbertino is a master baiter. He has to know by now that the majority here are concervitive, and not sure what his neritive is here. Just seems like he loves to bait people with outlandish articals/ statements and sit back and watch people get all excited, pissed and exploding their tops. Like water off a ducks back, he's back to do it over and over again.
  13. jg1

    How do we handle the dreamers ?

    I love this guy. Perfect. If Hillarious won, at the end of her first term we would have been looking more like our neighbor Mexico. GOD bless our president Trump. Keep him healthy and safe.

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