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  1. Oh boy 2 pages of a steaming pile on. Lets keep posting so it stays on top of all the less important stuff. Soooo, was anyone surprised that luigi posted more gurupoo. He will continue to post as long as people read it.
  2. Thanks you guys. I think we all need constant reminders of everything we should be thankful for. I hope an RV will be added to that list soon.
  3. While remaining respectful of everyone, can you please share with me and other DV'ers a positive impact you feel has happened since Donald Trump became our President. How many people have had a door open for them, or saw something positive for us as a whole in the USA. For me it was, after about 10 years of working as a temp I got a direct hire job with a small US company that actually payed my bills with a little extra left over. Who else now works for an American company.
  4. He pointed out that "the Iraqi economy is mainly loaded and tied a lot of restrictions on international loans, adding that he can not decide oil prices in the future in Iraq."
  5. Ok, The ones that didn't want to fight for freedom and had other countries do it for them, Time to send all the refugee's back home to rebuild their country.
  6. Like puttin makeup on a pig. Just barriw more money, then have it forgiven.
  7. Hallerious. Watched them all.
  8. Could be trying to crash us, anyone brought in by the Obama administration I trust them as far as I can throw them. But then again, anything obamma had his hands in was doomed. Then there's President Trump, they see the good deals he is making for us all and know we are going to be America the great, rich, powerful and beautiful once again and they are adjusting rate accordingly. you think the dems could connect the dots and see the connection of the rate increases, but as we know liers are deniers and thieves. Go President Trump.
  9. President Trump wanted to work with the Russians, I think he should get some credit for this. Should he go to jail for it,Naaaaa. Obama wanted to work with Iran, just think where we would be now if he got another term.
  10. Stop the auctions to stop corruption. Keep them up and your going to collaps anyway.
  11. This is my take on it. Just work for free. Take our word for it. Your going to be very happy.
  12. I skimmed through it. Thank you, LOVE OUR PRESIDENT.
  13. Stop cutting up babys and grinding them up for dog food. One of the many ways bulk frozen baby parts are now used. Could not figure out how to sign the petition.
  14. Massive numbers of people that died off in the war probably help the unemployment figures. Obama would have loved something like this scenario.