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  1. If u had said 71 virgins, I coulda helped. 72 out of my paygrade
  2. This same Shiite has been regurgitated over a 1,000 times over the years by many different dung salesmen
  3. IMO- If any portion of what's presented is makes all a lie. While it's sometimes fun to read "guru" constipation....remind yourself these are just folks behind a computer keyboard who for the most part are looking for attention. And they are no more informed than you or I. Side note: I saw Frank's Blue Couch for sale on Ebay...beware it has a LARGE brown stain from years of spewin shiite
  4. Where's the money going to come from???/

    Agreed....IMO it's up to the individual investor/ one else. Not JJ, Rockfish,...etc. Losing value on most anything purchased is nothing new....most sane folks understand this
  5. CBI News 11/08/2017

    & British Sterling or High Karate
  6. Where's the money going to come from???/

    Kev Rockfish knows the answer.....his trick is to engage in senseless regurgitated garbage so as to start an argument...then tell you how dumb you are if vested. Been there, done that, with reborn ex pro RV'er that now is a foreign currency expert.
  7. Where's the money going to come from???/

    LOL...I asked a very simple & specific question that most 3rd graders could bad. Next time I'll do so in crayons & pictures to help u out. If u go's an exercise I've use with very young the question very slowly so as to let ur underdeveloped brain comprehend...also brake it down by syllable sometimes that helps. Now try it again...u can do it...I got a cookie for u if u can answer coherently.
  8. Where's the money going to come from???/

    Well RockPaperScissors, I don't understand why you don't condemn JJ for attempting to make a profit off Dinar unless your in cahoots with JJ. Hmmmm when u first arrived at DV you claimed to be a writer (LOL), who wanted to learn about Dinar (BS) JJ writes a book about Dinar.....sound like u two might be in cahoots. Spewin hate on those that have vested created a market (albeit a small one) for you & JJ to try to capitalize on the misfortune of others.....shame on u & ur brother JJ. U should never ever speak about others and their motives till u come clean.
  9. Where's the money going to come from???/

    LOL U & FR "pump" JJ book ......but question others ability to profit from Dinar.....How is that NOT the same thing? Either your for or against both.....grow some gonads and make stand. Your wishy washy "I'm ok if JJ profits...but damn anyone else" reeks of hypocrisy.
  10. Could 2017 RV Hopes Be In Trouble?

    Simple answer: Yes, most likely not happen in 2017....sorry JMO
  11. Where's the money going to come from???/

    LOL....did not answer question. I'll help u out my little JJ minion....yes JJ is profiting off Dinar,plain & simple. Of course because they follow said cult leader like good minions, you wont hear any LOPsters say anything negative...funny how that works. LOPsters = hypocrits

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