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  1. He did post his story in the right spot....."RUMORS"
  2. LOL seems only a few believe said lies..........MOST SANE let all the BS roll off like water. Some let it bother them WAYYYYYYYYY to much. Some need to re-read definition of RUMORS for better clarity.
  3. Rumors typically aren't considered FACT. Most in fact are OPINIONS. Thus the reason for DV to create a RUMOR section
  4. Is that Ruthie Ginsberg 2nd from the right?
  5. You provide intel to Mtn Goat?...........................ahhhhh that explains it. Playin both sides against the middle. Pumper/LOPster = instant "I told ya so" when something does happen
  6. SG YouTube sensation.....who knew -
  7. SG the Bump Pumper - LOL
  8. LMAO....I heard it differently. 4 Coast Guard vessels were dispatched to pull her off the Beach....they will attempt again tomorrow with 2 more vessels & chains instead of ropes
  9. Good luck!! I hate to see ANYONE out of the workforce
  10. You are soooooooooooo RIGHT. LOPsters & Gurus are so full of themselves it's unreal. Both love to hear themselves speak and really believe everyone else are idiots. They try to prey on the gullible and GregP story is perfect example. NEWSFLASH: Maybe its YOU (gurus & LOPsters) that are the idiots
  11. Yo Johnny Come Lately!!! The statement I responded to was.....IRAQ can't just poof make money (DINAR).....when in FACT it can.......simple. All your other mumble jumbo has been discussed at nausea. You believe Iraq won't Now you can rest peacefull knowing that you too chimed in with your negative the rest of the EYORE LOPSTERS!!!