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  1. Not happy but I will accept
  2. Sadly that is what my understanding is as well.......hopefully it's a typo
  3. For those that have been here awhile (dang I feel old!!!!) - This shiiite is straight out of GET handbook...with Terry reporting it.
  4. hmmmm keep the majority downtrodden...throw em a nugget every now and then.
  5. KeepM is a perfect example of a SANE investor/speculator......once divested.....he's moved on in life to possibly other ventures..........hmmmmm what a novice thought.
  6. Ur last sentence is the 1st one I can recall that I agree with............time will provide the answer
  7. Ok I'll try another angle............what is the point of all ur rants? You urself say "I know my musings mostly fall on deaf ears". You say ur not or ever vested (BS)...u say no one listens (not hard to understand)...again what is the point? I would think even you would get bored with ur rants. Man up and really tell all why you STILL hang out here and vent your anger/hate/frustrations.
  8. Hey Dude!!! Howz the world of BMW? Hope u and the family are doing well!
  9. "ONLY HERE TO HELP" LOL!!!!!! For your own selfish reasons......most definitely. Question same as it has always been.....what are the real reasons? My guess as it has always been.....revenge/anger towards those mean ol guru's that embarrassed you and treated you like a bald headed step dinar-son. And good Psych Doc would tell ya......son it's time to grow up....put ur big boy pants on....and move on. You feel u got duped....happens to this case....YOU. Go back to writing your mythical book (the one only you can see) and try to enjoy life.
  10. I was shaking my head cuz, why do LOPsters go out of their way to try to disprove something they aren't a part of with such vigor? LOL only at DV - still SMH
  11. SMH
  12. The "Head in the Sand Gang" are just now figuring this out? - smh
  13. Is there grass ANYWHERE in the middle east?......or do they consider rubble & sand grass?