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  1. Last I heard no one is mandated to stay at DV or hold onto dinar. Only person that can "keep us on the hook" ourselves
  2. Or how about in the Octagon...let em fight it out till someone submits or gets tapped out.
  3. LOL....Gurus say RV will happen......LOPsters say RV won't happen.....two sets of blowhards spewin their own version of truth. I say we put both sides on American Ninja, and lets settle this!!!!!
  4. Water must be awful murky here in da tank....for you guys/gals (lopsters) to re-visit months old topics.
  5. I understand ur frustration. I respectfully suggest that maybe you sidestep the rumor section....ain't nothing in it true. Just my take
  6. Pretty Couple
  7. perfect example of trying to talk under water
  8. LOL It's been said.......if your going to do it BIG. Rumors are one thing.......vivid unrealistic imagination is another
  9. Some of these BS scripts appear to come straight out of a Monty Python Flying Circus skit.....only difference is Monty Python was funny
  10. Bruce & Luigi catfished each other
  11. Or you can do what other folks that are mentally challenged do...............u can converse with urself. My guess u already do. DV has had other LOPsters that created multiple personas and had chats between them-LOL & SMH at the same time.....LOPsters the gift that keeps on a giving 24/7, 12 months a year
  12. "reputable psychic" there such a thing?