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  1. caz1104

    Positive or Negative?

    In ANY country other than the US.....if one (or his family) enters illegally & is caught....1st they are detained.....then they are deported. If parents didn't try to bring their families in ILLEGALLY they wouldn't get detained, separated, & deported. Our laws (US) state the same..I'm confused as to where the problem is. We spend more time on this simplistic idiotic topic than we do on 1)Veterans, 2)Elderly, & OUR OWN CHILDREN!
  2. The only thing that is equal is content(right or left). The percentage of MSM (TV,Cable, Satelite) is heavily swayed left 24/7 . Radio is swayed to the right in a higher percentage but has less of and audience & is only on 5 days.
  3. did/nt say that....I said the totality of the left's attempted influence on it's "flock" is tremendous in comparison to the right. I mustve missed ur post mentioning all of the left wackos...or did I?
  4. Rachel MadCow, Obama "hump" boy Chris Mathews, Lil Georgie Porgy Step, Chucky Todd, Bill "elephant man" Maher.......the list is long.....and massively longer for the left
  5. I agree that ALL politicians lie if it serves their purpose. If you had just said that, I think the majority of folks would was one of the examples you gave that I disputed
  6. I'm talking about ONE specific point....there were WMD's. If you disagree I guess tell that to all those that pretended to die. I hate it when dead people lie about being dead.
  7. My ONLY point in all of this is BA stated that GW LIED about WMD's...and in my opinion that was not true, there were WMD's.
  8. So Saddam DIDNT use nerve gas on his own people? And all those inspections agreed upon after 1st Gulf War that Saddam kept skirting were all LIES?
  9. BA not BS.....I argued a point u put forth about a specific statement you made .....then you started to dance around that point saying I was dancing around - smh
  10. I don't disagree....Tho the left & MSM partnership & IMO brainwashing goes back to at least WWII. The right & Fox is relative new & the ONLY voice the right has on standard TV, cable, or satellite.

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