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  1. BA, Sam Walton was about making money....that's why folks start their business's.
  2. I'm loyal as long as they are loyal to me
  3. I agree.....why some have to hate on others success is beyond me. Adapt....or get of the way
  4. It's called capitalism................everything u mentioned has been going on for decades in all types of business. Funeral homes, banks, car dealerships, drug stores, grocery stores, law firms, home improvement stores.....etc. Again why the furor over WALMART? To answer ur question...I go to Walmart once a week. The only thing they DON'T have that I variety on things I like in the grocery category.
  5. So u base ur entire argument on a 3 year trend?....mine was based off ur intial statement that goes back 20 years. But yes based on ur 3 year study Walmart net has gone down. Funny I gave you 5 examples of other companies...u failed to respond to those. Why do u hate Walmart so?
  6. Disagree....I stand by my initial numbers don't lie. The only part of your post I agree with is...."internet is killing the rest" Sign of the times.....adapt....or go home
  7. Sorry to disagree.....but sears, Montgomery wards, Kmart, Eckerds, Winn Dixie, Pigly Wigley....etc were on the downhill slide long before Walmart made their impact. Question....why do folks single out Walmart? Anyone ever heard of Costco, or BJ's? Same business model...just not as successful as Walmart.
  8. I think i've found a problem!!!

    "gurus are liars"....newsflash u've told a couple urself. Have u ever bought a car, dealt with a lawyer, or listened to a politician? Chances are.....u've been lied to. Do u troll & berate them as well? I agree with SD...people should be able to spend THEIR monies how they wish...with out being preached to by the likes of you and LOPsters that have come and gone. Not much to ask for really.
  9. Where's the money going to come from???/

    Sounds like many countries worldwide....egads the horror.
  10. Where's the money going to come from???/

    Lot of "if's"......sounds just like a "guru" only in this case a NEGATIVE guru.....Congrats Rockfish u have been dubbed
  11. Mentioned title for B & M Obama show....."The Scamming of a Nation............TWICE" Has a nice ring to it. On a side note...BO has agreed to host a show on the Science channel ....."History of the Teleprompter"....who better
  12. Real sad part about story ....Italian did'nt know he was in Turkey
  13. What is the CBI doing ?

    "confused" & unable/unwilling to comprehend. Nowhere in my post did I say anything that even remotely mentions RV of Dinar.....smh.
  14. NK has played this game a few times before....all to obtain badly needed monies. I say show disable/disarm 1st then come back to the bargaining table & will talk about monies....not before

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