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  2. 31 Pics From South Carolina That Show How Terribly Social Distancing Is Going On There For the rest:
  3. The belief that the IQD is purposly UNDERvalued is FALSE. The CBI has issued more dinar and the reserves have been depleted by at least 20 Bn USD. They also may have sold some gold. We wont know until the CBI issues the annual report for 2019. They are talking about raiding the reserves again to cover COVID19 stimulus. The street price is up to 1280:$. Sort of proves the autoins have been proping it up for a long time. It will be interesting to see the value when they open the auctions . .
  4. LINK Al-Fath threatens to reveal documents of the President of the Republic of the manipulation of constitutional articles and the nullity of the assignment of Zarfi 13:32 - 03/04/2020 Today, Friday, the head of the Al-Fateh parliamentary bloc, Muhammad Al-Ghabban, threatened to reveal documents that President Barham Saleh had tampered with the constitutional articles and nullified the assignment of Adnan Al-Zarfi to head the government. Al-Ghabban demanded, during a tweet on the "Twitter" website of the President of the Republic, Barham Salih, that "the decree of the assignment of Al-Zarfi be canceled. Al-Ghabban had previously considered that Al-Zarfi’s mandate is an attempt to circumvent legal decisions, stressing that Al-Zarfi’s mandate will not pass and that President Barham Saleh will be subject to legal and parliamentary accountability.
  5. LINK The Minister of Planning announces the allocation of 300 billion dinars to those affected by the Corona crisis 2nd April, 2020 Minister of Planning, Nuri al-Dulaimi, announced on Thursday, the allocation of 300 billion dinars for those affected by the emerging crisis of the Corona epidemic. The media office of the Minister of Planning stated, in a statement received by / Mawazine News / a copy of it, that "Al-Dulaimi reviewed during his participation in the expanded meeting with the Parliamentary Crisis Cell in the presence of the Minister of Agriculture, the recommendations, work strategy and procedures that the committee went through in its first meeting to address the economic repercussions on the affected From the pandemic of the emerging corona virus." Al-Dulaimi pointed out, "The importance of unifying all national and international efforts towards the best investment of efforts and allocations," noting that "the amount of 300 billion dinars has been allocated to those affected by the crisis, who do not receive a salary from employees, retirees and those covered by social care, and work to exempt them from electricity, water and services fees Until the end of the crisis." For his part, the Minister of Agriculture reviewed "the recommendations made by the committee to the deputies with a view to adopting them, the most important of which was to launch all exemptions available for importing food and agricultural materials to meet the full need of the citizen, and to exempt companies, peasants and farmers contracting for the year 2020 in accordance with all laws from rental charges, and postponing loan repayment. The sums due to the borrowers from the Agricultural Bank, and the postponement of the repayment of loans and sums due for the year 2020 for farmers and farmers due to their borrowing sums for the purchase of agricultural machinery, equipment and supplies from the State Company for Agricultural Supplies.”
  6. MM 4/03/2020 27 39 42 48 69 MB 25 PB 4/04/2020 12 40 42 50 58 PB 14
  7. ) - William "Bill" Kelly, a 95-year-old veteran of WWII who also lived through the Great Depression has added another accomplishment to his name after contracting the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, and beating it. "I am doing well," said Kelly. "I definitely feel very good this morning." Kelly's family was there to support him through his recovery, including his granddaughter, Rose Etherington, and her husband, Isaac Etherington, with whom he lives in Yamhill County, Oregon. They joined ABC News' "Pandemic: What You Need to Know" to share their story, and remind people that there "are a lot of people surviving and getting through" the COVID-19 pandemic, Isaac Etherington said. (Isaac Etherington, Bill Kelly and his granddaughter Rose Etherington talk to ABC News about how the 95-year-old veteran overcame coronavirus.ABC News) Kelly said he took steps to care for himself once he started feeling the illness coming. "It's just something that you deal with as you get it. The big thing with me is that if I feel that I'm coming down with something, take good care and get help, find out what to do and do what you're supposed to do, get plenty of rest — that sort of thing," he said. "You generally get through it OK. I was very fortunate that I did. I got through." Kelly said he had "two or three pretty tough nights and evenings where I had problems with my lower [body], my legs and my back — difficulty getting rest — because it was very uncomfortable trying to sleep. Other than that, though, you work your way through it. Do as you're told. And I got some good help here." (William Kelly, 95, with his two great grandchildren in an undated photo.Rose Etherington) He said his family was there to help him. "They stayed right on me," he said. "So we worked it all through. So we're very happy and happy to be here." Kelly, who has kidney disease, a congenital heart condition and high blood pressure, first started feeling symptoms of the infection on March 15, the family told ABC News. "When Grandpa Bill doesn’t feel well, he doesn’t say anything and we have to dig it out of him," Isaac Etherington said. "He said he wasn’t feeling well and he had a fever of 100.7 [degrees]. We called his doctor. He was coughing a little and his legs and body hurt."
  8. Yes, I was listening to that..I pray deeply that there will be hell to pay for this.
  9. Someone from California called in to Rush this afternoon....5th largest economy in the world, 40,000,000 people and they are completely shut down. They have had 250 Covid-19 deaths total or 3 deaths per 1 million People. On a daily average they have 750 deaths from various reasons....old age, vehicle accidents, overdose, murder, suicide and what not. California....closed for business. Karsten
  10. Things are getting crazy. Maybe it is a side effect of cabin fever. people areloosing their sense of logic. The gold standard was a failure. Check Wikipedia. Certainly would not be any different today. IQD part of CBI reserves ??? That's not logical . If a central bank could count it's own currency as a reserve it would just issue a big bond put it in the reserve and call it even it would declare any value it wanted. Just a numbers game. There would be no change in real value in the world market. Only BIS and IMF can state what can be used as a reserve currency. The possibility that a RV of the dinar would solve Iraqs problems is impossible . The only thing that would is a massive increase in oil revenues and that is not likely. The idea that a RV of any amount would cause banks to want to buy dinar is Guru pupu. Banks will buy (i.e. broker) dinar ONLY when they have a customer for it .. WHO would that be ??? The only people who want dinar would be those who would have to believe there would be profit to be made that is better and less risky than some other investment .. Many more would want to SELL than buy.
  11. MM 04/03/2020 19 29 38 44 61 MB 06 PB 04/04/2020 04 15 52 54 66 PB 13
  12. Today
  13. LINK Private banks in Erbil resume work and specify dealing in dollars and dinars 2nd April, 2020 On Wednesday, private banks in the governorate of Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan Region, were resumed at work, and while the reviews witnessed great crowds, the return of patronage and favoritism cases was noted. The "Shafaq News" reporter said, "The civil banks in Erbil today resumed official working hours in the midst of crowded auditors," noting that "the Iraqi Commercial Bank in Irbil witnessed great crowds and according to the instructions, his administration has entered all five auditors with each other." He added, "This created a kind of grumbling, and also witnessed cases of patronage and cronyism, and the entry of some deputies without the obligation to wait until their role comes." And that the bank’s administration spent the sums to the citizens by 75% in dollars and 25% in the Iraqi currency. Private banks have stopped working since March 18, last year because of the curfew announced by the Iraqi government in the capital, Baghdad, and applied by other provinces, as well as in the Kodestan region, due to the outbreak of the Corona virus.
  14. Relax Weegie - Those Blood Suckering Iranian’s Don’t Realize That They’re Dealing With The US Backed ‘Zarfi The Vampire Slayer’ !
  15. The way im kinda reading it is , 300,000 per family , 30,000 per individual that is not getting a gov. salary .. cheers 300,000 iqd = 252.10 usd 30,000 iqd = 25.21 usd
  16. Very interesting article, thanks for posting dear kamelkeeper, A floating currency is self-adjusting to changing economic conditions relative to a nation's external trading partners. Importers must automatically pay more for imports when the country's competitive position deteriorates, ditto they automatically get better prices when competitive position improves. It is not very common to see a country with floating currency, as this may cause a great loss of reserves, a non-controllable increase of monetary supply, etc. What central banks often do is leave a floating currency but intervene to regulate the currency's price. We wait and see.
  17. It may be fake news but on the flip side if it keeping people inside and stopping the spread I guess it could be a good thing. Let's face it, people have shown their inability to act responsibly and not put other people at risk unless they have the s*** scared out of them. I'm not for government bullcrap and fake news but sometimes so called adults need to be treated like little kids. People started whining about being home for 1 week like a bunch of little kids. These are people who have never really suffered, served the in the military or had real adversity in their life. That's about the majority of the US population. They have had inconveniences in their life but that is about it. It's not the crisis that defines the man. It's how the man handles the crisis that defines him. Look around and you will see what I mean. Off my soapbox now.
  18. MegaMillion #'s for 4/3 17 20 36 39 63 MB 02 PowerBall #'s for 4/4 TexasGranny 04 31 44 65 67 PB 04 Jetman 09 12 35 47 59 PB 06 babycakes61 01 33 43 57 64 PB 20
  19. Yota Thanks, DV, Are we talking 30,000 or 300,000 IQD per person because both amounts are given? Any comments to add. GO RV & RI
  20. Just get it done a-holes so I can have a little fun before we start coughing on each other and the whole world gets corona .
  21. No rv movement because the Iranian government would rather drag Iraq down with them. imo Iraq can save themdelves. Lets hope they wise up soon!!
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