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House of Representatives: {Oil and Gas} is technical and can be passed


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Iraq today

House of Representatives: {Oil and Gas} is technical and can be passed

The Parliamentary Oil and Gas Committee pointed out that the oil law is one of the important laws that concerns all of Iraq and not the Kurdistan region alone, noting that its draft contains controversial points that need to be stopped, and despite this, the law can be passed.
Committee member Ali Al-Mashkoor explained, in an interview with Al-Sabah, that "there are seven controversial points regarding the oil law, some of which are administrative, some of which are professional, and the law cannot be proceeded with except by clearing it by both parties," indicating that "one of the administrative disputes in the law is the desire to The Kurdish side should have the right to veto the issuance of decisions."
Al-Mashkour added, "The region's percentage in the budget came from the export value of oil, and now there is no export of the region's oil, not even production," noting that "the financial share is an entitlement separate from the oil entitlement that the region is supposed to pay, but it will constitute a future obstacle in the budget." Although it is a fixed share, as it is the right of the Kurdish citizen."
Al-Mashkoor expressed his optimism in passing the oil and gas law, and said that "the draft can be legislated within an understanding and complementary process, but imposing opinions is incorrect," explaining that "the law was returned to the government without revision or amendment, even if there were disagreements on some of its points." ". Al-Mashkoor stated that "the oil law guarantees the rights of all governorates in the available proportion," pointing out that "some governorates are demanding an increase in their share, whether the request is professional or administrative."
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5 minutes ago, Laid Back said:

I think the last Iraqi Supreme Court decision will help to move the HCL forward.


Shafaq News/ The Federal Supreme Court (FSC), Iraq's highest judicial authority, on Wednesday ordered both Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani and Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Prime Minister Masrour Barzani to centralize the salaries of public sector employees in federal banks.


The FSC held a special session earlier on Wednesday to consider two cases: the salaries of public sector employees and the election law in the Kurdistan Region.


FSC Chief Justice Jassim Mohammed Aboud al-Amiri read the verdict on the case of the salaries of the region, which obliges both Sudani and Barzani to centralize the salaries of all employees of government agencies in the center and the region in federal banks outside the Kurdistan Region.


The court also decided to oblige the submission of the monthly budget for the employees of the region to the federal Ministry of Finance, with the obligation of the Council of Ministers of the region to hand over all oil and non-oil revenues to the federal government.


The ruling according to the statement, is "final and compelling".



Go profits sharing 

Go stronger dinar




The words “ Final and Compelling “ gave me goosebumps !!!!

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3 hours ago, md11fr8dawg said:

Don't think you left anything out, though you could've add some more. Were you speaking of Iraq politicians, or ours???

Yep, I could write run on sentences with plenty of expletives with no trouble whatsoever.

For years now I've enjoyed dropping (some would cheap shots, truth hurts), everything from artillery to MOABS at the Criminal elites of Iraq.

Since we assisted in setting up this Shyte Show & plugging in Ole Tater from the get go, yes, consider this a double tap to Iraq & the present Administrations corruption and deeply embedded insanity

Y'all have a good one.

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21 hours ago, dinarham said:

These salaries will most likely be paid via automatic deposit . 

   What's it called when you quote yourself? Needless to say auto deposit requires an account in which to deposit it . Iraq needs to pay Social Security , pensions , government , military , you name it , all with auto deposit , because that is the way the world works today .

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