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Mosul Bank selects CR2 to Accelerate Digital Banking


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Mosul Bank selects CR2 to Accelerate Digital Banking

10th March 2022 in Iraq Banking & Finance News

Mosul Bank has selected Irish-based CR2, one of the world's leading software vendors in the digital banking and payments market, to accelerate its digital banking transformation strategy in the Iraqi market.


This latest win for CR2 will see Mosul Bank offering a more advanced digital banking service to the Iraqi retail and corporate banking market, across both mobile and internet access points. New and existing customers can expect to enjoy a more enhanced digital experience with an engaging UX, digital onboarding, easy payments and an array of banking and personal support services that meets the demands of today's digital customer.


Built upon CR2's award winning, highly configurable and flexible platform - BankWorld - Mosul Bank will roll out a range of off-the-shelf functionality and can further drive local innovation with the ability to easily design and launch new products and services to meet local requirements. Offering a market leading digital service will drive digital adoption of their existing base, attract new customers and better serve their expanding corporate/SME customer segment.


Mr. Munaf Salim, Chief Information Officer of Mosul Bank commented:

"Mosul Bank has signed a definitive agreement with CR2 that will help our ambition in becoming the market leader in the Iraqi Banking industry. CR2's BankWorld platform allows us to carve out a new digital experience in Iraq that has not been seen in this market before.

"The capabilities of CR2's platform will drive our digital adoption base, reduce the cost of customer onboarding, provide more comprehensive digital services to our retail and corporate customers and overall offer a more enhanced user experience that meets the rising demands of today's digital customer with digital transformation throughout the financial services sector."


Chief Executive of CR2, Fintan Byrne added:

"CR2 are very pleased to have been selected by Mosul Bank and are proud to help them lead digital banking transformation in Iraq. We are supporting a growing number of banks across the Middle East region and Iraq, like other countries in the region, represents a market where there is a real sense of urgency for banks to advance their digital offerings to compete and remain relevant in the face of intensifying competition. Succeeding requires innovation, adaptability and selecting a suitable software vendor who shares their vision and ambition."


(Source: CR2)

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