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Unauthorized Bank Charges - Is This a New Rip Off Trend?

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Unauthorized Bank Charges - Is This a New Trend?


I know it doesn't seem like much for one person, but I found a $19.95 MONTHLY charge on my bank account for what would pay for something entirely out of my character to be in need of.... weight loss. 


I found this out by looking it up online with the phone number listed on the charge itself...


I called the bank to let them know it was entirely fraud and I had no idea how they had all of my complete information to make the transaction in the first place. Scary! I confirmed they had all of my information to make this transaction when I called to have the charge reversed. They indeed had my name, address, phone number, and of course my bank information.


Here's a big article by the BBB on several weight loss sights showing up on peoples bank charges.... 


Scary huh. I wonder how many unauthorized charges all of these businesses have total as of today.


My bank (US Bank) has no problems backing me up... but what automatically happens when a  fraud complaint goes into the system is that it automatically considers itself resolved when the company issues a credit back to the account. Does this let them off the hook?


It's easy to find out who owns these websites, but why have they not been seized from doing business in this way?  


Do a search for "who is" and you will learn who these folks are. 


From this example I am gathering that it must not be against the law in the United States to make unauthorized charges on bank accounts. 


I'm just saying.... watch your back! 



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