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  1. Ya...Ok... this is really gonna help matters in the Middle east. As much as I agree the families that are forced out are entitled to compensation, Israel is not gonna find peace by doing things like this. The best things in life RV yak
  2. Can you take a camel through a car wash ? The best things in life RV yak
  3. I use my 50 dinar notes as coasters. I'm only seeing updated artwork and perhaps security features on the new notes. Seeing Iraq spend the time and money to issue updated notes with no change in the zeros doesn't make me all warm and fuzzy. The best things in life RV yak
  4. I'm sending my brain to absentia.... Sounds like the place to be... The best things in life RV yak
  5. This pizzing match between the US and UAE has got to stop. They are using oil as a weapon and it's causing unprecedented economic pain around the world. Canada (Alberta) ranks anywhere between 4th and 8th in world oil production, but once again current world prices for a barrel of oil have dropped to around $60/bbl. The reason now is because the UAE is flooding the market. Sadly oil from Alberta is only selling for $10/bbl. I have no idea why ? It has decimated our local economy and all but wiped out my business. All have left is the glimmer of hope that the Dinar does some sort of small RV. The best things in life RV All the best. yak
  6. Did Maliki just say that Iran and the Palistinians need to stop picking on Israel ??? Naw.... The translation must be off. The best things in life RV. yak
  7. I remember the article, but I am also aware that the value of the Dinar was dictated by Saddam and was an arbitrary value based somewhat on what surrounding countries currencies were at , at the time. I don't believe the Iraqi Dinar back then was properly traded against a basket of other countries currencies. Saddam just thought it was worth that much and other countries sort of went along with it. I know that the value of the Kuwaiti Dinar and the currency of Saudia Arabia were both up in that level and that the Iraqi Dinar was around $3.21. That said....The value of the Iraqi Dinar is WAY undervalued, and the real question and debate is do we profit from how Iraq restructures it's currency. I see a lot of people saying they are invested in the future prosperity of Iraq, by owning Iraqi Dinars. And I ask this question... Who do you think is going to pay for all those riches you are hoping for when The Iraqi Dinar goes up in value. ? It will in the end come from the country of Iraq. Do I want my slice of the pie ? your darn right I do, but I need to remain pragmatic and use common sense as to how it affects other people and countries, and how that might effect my return on investment. The best things in life RV yak
  8. Keep something in mind. The value of the Dinar cannot be different outside of Iraq than it is inside. if we all make it rich out here and in Iraq the people don't, there would be hell to pay. The value of the Dinar must be treated equally everywhere. IMHO The best things in life RV yak
  9. RD and we are fooked. RV and we are golden. That is the bottom line. That said, Mr. Montana has postulated a dinar worth .10 ( ten cents), to start. If we get some sort of combobulated RD/RV and end up at ten cents I would be happy. Anything more would be icing on the camel cake. But I keep going back to my early pontifications... If the average family in Iraq has a million dinar tucked under the mattress right now. Which is only about $1000 dollars, and we see an RV of 1:1.... Then every family instantly becomes worth a million dollars. Do they deserve that windfall After all they have been through?... perhaps, but.... Making everybody in Iraq instantly wealthy could be very disruptive to the social/economic stability of the country. At best I hope for some sort of combination RD/RV that starts us out at ten cents, with the potential for future gains as Iraq increases the values at fixed rates/times and finally entering the Forex market. Just my .08 cents worth. The best things in life RV. yak
  10. Yup... Moon Unit and Dweezel are the kids names. Zap was a pioneer in the music industry and wasn't afraid to explore even the darkest or strangest corners. I suspect the 1000 Dinar note was being used a lot and was wearing out due to the environment in Iraq. (sand, usage and heat, etc.). Since it may have been time to start replacing worn out notes anyways, why not upgrade the imagery. ?? But it does beg the question why spend the money for a reprint if you are close to doing a shift with the value. ?? The best things in life RV yak
  11. MY apologies: For some reason the last post with "Survey: Emerging market currencies undervalued" didn't load. Interesting article. Thanks yota. The best things in life RV yak
  12. I couldn't help but notice that within the article which is informative, nowhere did I see anything related to "Survey: Emerging market currencies undervalued".... Did I miss something ? The best things in life RV yak
  13. One shall reap what he sows... Me thinks the leaders of Saudi Arabia just farked up big time... The best things in life RV yak
  14. pontiyak

    CBI News 10/09/2018

    My first thought is are our bank notes going to phased out in such a way as to make them null and void, or will we be required to send them back to where ever ??? in exchange for new released notes ? The best things in life RV yak
  15. Countries invest in gold, foreign treasuries, bonds, etc. as these are seen as ways to support or increase the value of their countries own currency. With Iraq, having good sized real gold holdings, US treasuries, oil, gas, and reportedly more gold in the ground, they are doing things to increase the value of the dinar. Should they be using this money on infrastructure and their people. ? Well yes they should, but what increases the value of the dinar faster ? The upgrading of water, sewer and electrical systems, or a dinar that is worth a dollar plus and something solid to back it ?? Tough call. The best things in life RV. yak

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