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  1. Yup... Moon Unit and Dweezel are the kids names. Zap was a pioneer in the music industry and wasn't afraid to explore even the darkest or strangest corners. I suspect the 1000 Dinar note was being used a lot and was wearing out due to the environment in Iraq. (sand, usage and heat, etc.). Since it may have been time to start replacing worn out notes anyways, why not upgrade the imagery. ?? But it does beg the question why spend the money for a reprint if you are close to doing a shift with the value. ?? The best things in life RV yak
  2. MY apologies: For some reason the last post with "Survey: Emerging market currencies undervalued" didn't load. Interesting article. Thanks yota. The best things in life RV yak
  3. I couldn't help but notice that within the article which is informative, nowhere did I see anything related to "Survey: Emerging market currencies undervalued".... Did I miss something ? The best things in life RV yak
  4. One shall reap what he sows... Me thinks the leaders of Saudi Arabia just farked up big time... The best things in life RV yak
  5. pontiyak

    CBI News 10/09/2018

    My first thought is are our bank notes going to phased out in such a way as to make them null and void, or will we be required to send them back to where ever ??? in exchange for new released notes ? The best things in life RV yak
  6. Countries invest in gold, foreign treasuries, bonds, etc. as these are seen as ways to support or increase the value of their countries own currency. With Iraq, having good sized real gold holdings, US treasuries, oil, gas, and reportedly more gold in the ground, they are doing things to increase the value of the dinar. Should they be using this money on infrastructure and their people. ? Well yes they should, but what increases the value of the dinar faster ? The upgrading of water, sewer and electrical systems, or a dinar that is worth a dollar plus and something solid to back it ?? Tough call. The best things in life RV. yak
  7. If you can't control yourself or your people.... We will ! The best things in life RV yak
  8. Nice color of pink on the walls. I'm sure it has a calming effect. The best things in life RV yak
  9. Money for nothing and the camels are free......( not Dire Straits lyrics). The best things in life RV.. yak
  10. I'm safe for now...No additional tariffs on XXX DVD's The best things in life RV yak
  11. I can think of way better ways Iraq could have spent 21 Billion dollars, and yes where did they have this money hidden ? The best things in life RV yak
  12. I just wish they would all just cool it.... The best things in life RV yak
  13. OH Black Betty , Ramadam... Oh Black Betty Ramadam..... hehehe yak
  14. Another damn Rama-damn is upon us... 30 days to drink beer and engage in other pursuits... The best things in life RV... yak
  15. Iraqis are in a Holidaze.... The best things in life RV. yak

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