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  1. Groundhog Day.... The US and Iraq have been down this road before. The US pulled out and ISIS wrecked havoc in Iraq, and the US had to come back in and save the day...AGAIN !! ISIS was partially funded by Iran...DUH,!!!... even though certain segments of Iran's military helped to defeat ISIS. Iran is playing both sides of the equation in an attempt to take over Iraq. Iran has wanted to own and control Iraq for over 50 years.... Have we all forgotten the Iran/Iraq wars ? The more things change the more they stay the same... The best things in life RV. yak.
  2. Want to really drain the swamp....? Kill the creature from Jekyll Island !! They/them own the CBI. Only a few will understand that. The best things in life RV. yak
  3. Two steps forward... and three steps back.. And then you do the hokey pokey, and you shake it all about.... The best things in life RV. yak.
  4. Parliament clearly has no trouble waiting to pass gas.... The best things in life RV. yak
  5. jg1: There has been talk on many forums that a countries currency should or could be valued on it's provable resources, it's gold holdings, it's trade balance, and a few other factors. It sounds good in principle, but the implementation might be problematic. The value of some countries currency might actually go down. The best things in life RV yak
  6. Iraq does not have the reserves to RV to $3.20. It's not going to happen. Iraq could easily RV to .10 cents to start and then increase gradually. They could also RV to $1.10 but would need to restrict how much you could convert over a period of time. Think of it this way.... if a basic Iraqi family has 1 million dinars stuffed under the mattress and the Dinar RV'd to $3.20, that family would now be worth 3.2 million dollars. It isn't going to happen. It's to destabilizing to the economy and Iraq can't foot the bill. Now bear with me as I give you all a Yak hug.... I believe the Dinar is worth at least $2.00 and if Iraq stabilizes it could close in on $3.00. But that is going to take time. Yup...more time. Iraq reportedly has more oil than Saudi Arabia and look at the price of the Saudi currency. Iraq is going to be a major player in the region and the value of their currency will reflect that. In time. If Iraq does small RV's or goes to the Forex at some point, which I don't see happening just yet, we will do pretty good. If they do an RD then we wasted a lot of time for a very small return. This is turning into a very long term investment and I'm frustrated too. But common cents seems to be a rarity these days. The best things in life RV yak
  7. At some point the IMF and International Bank of Settlements (IBS) have to declare or accept the Dinar as a convertible or exchangeable currency which will open the doors for Central banks around the world to do the same. Currently the IQD is Iraq's official currency but it's not officially recognized by the core financial system yet. IMHO. It is this news I look forward too. Whether it happens before, during or after any possible RV is anyone's guess. Just a few pontifications... Happy 4th to all my American cousins. yak
  8. Two thoughts. One: I thought the US was now self sufficient with it's own oil, This article runs counter to that proclamation. and two: does Western Canada have rabies ??? We already ship oil south from Alberta to refineries in the Gulf states. And the US has been getting it dirt cheap for some time now. Too cheap in fact. We have an abundance of oil and need to find more international buyers. We are trying to get pipelines built to ship our oil to foreign buyers but if the US would pay us a decent price. we would be happy to sell much more to our southern cousins. The best things in life RV yak
  9. The Creature from Jekyll Island. This is who Trump is really going after, ( drain the swamp), and why he's being attacked from all directions. The best things in life RV yak
  10. I can’t see Iraq integrating much more into world finances with out a recognized and convertible currency… The best things in life RV. yak
  11. Pitcher...agreed. and in regards to the first 1/2 ton EV pickup truck with at least a 200 mile range.. That manufacturer will absolutely clean up... The best things in life RV yak
  12. Canukistan at # 3... Great ! Now we're gonna have to put up a wall. The best things in life RV yak
  13. A test copy or work in progress... If so, somebody at R & D is in double hump poop... The best things in life RV yak
  14. Ya...Ok... this is really gonna help matters in the Middle east. As much as I agree the families that are forced out are entitled to compensation, Israel is not gonna find peace by doing things like this. The best things in life RV yak
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